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Targeting the under butt! Really worked hard all week so today's booty routine included concentration moves of 3/25#booty🍑#highreps#underbutt#fitnessgirl#lift#growyourglutes#bubblebutt#concentrationmode#glutesworkout#resistancebands

For years, swimsuit shopping was stressful. When you think tanning on a beach, you think SEXY. Well for someone who only fit into unflattering children’s suits...my outfit screamed more “cute” and “I can’t swim”.

Then last summer came, and I had finally gotten a hand of my fitness. I gained weight, I filled out, I could finally fit into those cute bikinis you find online. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS FLAUNT MY GAINS. Which bathing suit cut matched my legs, which would make my arms look, two pieces only because ABS duhhhh!

And here I am, prepping for summer 2018, and I can honestly say THIS is the summer body I have always wanted. No more hating my options because I was 91lbs. No more trying my hardest to find the bathing suit that showed my sexy new womanly body. This year, I have found COMFORT in my body. Not only am I happy with my physical health (thank you 80 day transformation), but my swim suits SCREAM me! No more trying to be who I’m not or who I want to be, this summer I am me and I am loving it! No tie ups, no thongs, no box fits, I’m soaking up the sun in my unicorn one piece and absolutely THRIVING.

If you thought our Fit BFF was solely based on weight loss, think again. My fit babes and I are transforming our bodies and our souls. Self. Love. Overload.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
#summerbody #lovemycurves #underbutt #rainbowsprinkles #unicornclothes #onepieceswimsuit #sexyandweknowit #confidencelevel100 #comfortableinmyskin #summerimcomingforyou

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Underbutt~ the right is a couple months after I applied advice given from @primalpowers “Don’t neglect the underbutt.” He said. ———
DB single leg stiff deadlift X12 per leg
2 sets
BB good mornings X12
3 sets
Right or left
DB reverse lunge with kick X12 per leg
2 sets
Leg curls with balance ball X15
Ohh! And leg press! I don’t know what to call this but I shift all my weight to my heels when I push out and well 😏 with the right angle 🍑 🔥🙌🏻. I do 3 sets of 8 reps.

quick sketch while Megan took a loo break ❤ One of the best advice I've gotten for #croquis/figure drawing is to remove myself from what I know the figure to be. It basically meant for me to train my eye to approach a leg as a cylinder, attatched to a pyramid, attatched to 5 spheres. 👣🍇 My own advice is to ditch precision and accentuate the most beautiful line(s) you see in the subject. It is only then that someone will see what you saw. #duh #underbutt

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Great glutes session tonight. Well done everyone and hope you can all still walk tomorrow! #yogainbredon #underbutt #thesnowdidntstopus

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