La creatività è un opera d'arte.
Impariamo a guardare le idee degli altri, rendiamoci pensatori e crediamoci artisti....l'arte può svelare la vera bellezza
Non prendete impegni! #quattordiciluglio
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Beef tartare with confiated quail egg yolk - amuse bouche 👍


Our cosy place is almost full tonight - People who appreciate good food and a different dining experience. Pop up dinner no 5 😍

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Sometimes dinner during the week is a little unconventional. The past month has been pretty hectic for me, starting a second job, training for a half marathon, building a house. Lately it’s hard to get a decent meal on the table, (or any meal at all). Tonight I worked 8 hours and after work did an 8 mile run. I was NOT in the mood to go anywhere after that! I just wanted to go home and didn’t care what I had to eat at that point! Anyone else ever have one of those nights? 🙋🏻‍♀️ .
Well this is what I came up with from what I could find in the fridge/freezer!! I made myself a salami sandwich (a treat since I earned 19 smartpoints on my run tonight! 😱) with a side of Bird’s Eye Veggie Made Cauliflower fries, and a smaller, simpler version of my Asparagus and Beet salad.
For this version of the asparagus salad I blanched the asparagus cuts, then added 1 chopped beet, freshly ground pink Himalayan sea salt and black pepper, some lemon juice and topped with 1oz fresh ricotta salata and gave it a toss. Super simple and easy! I was able to assemble my sandwich and make the salad before the fries were finished (15mins)! Just one question.....since I created this meal by cleaning out my fridge, is this considered “clean eating”? 🤔 😂

Auguri a tutti di una serena Pasqua...intanto vi lasciamo in compagnia di questo meraviglioso scatto notturno che la dice un po' tutta
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Man, Skittles advertising has taken an interesting turn lately... 😩

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Need a refresh on this Monday? Stop by the artful @unconventionaldiner for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Your tastebuds will not be disappointed 👅🥐💚

Napoli velata. La vera Napoli! #unconventionaldinner #naplesandfriends #newprojects

C'è dell'incredibile nel colore bianco.
Tiriamo fuori il fascino e la magnificenza che il solo ci può offrire, in una serata dove tutto sarà possibile.
#nessunlimite #fuorileidee
#quattordiciluglio #unconventionaldinner

·Viviamo di ispirazione, di immaginazione... pensiamo con i respiri del cuore... Progettiamo...catturiamo..lo sguardo di cena in bianco sa quello che cerca·
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