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There are many benefits with scalp messages; It prevents flakes, dry scalp, enhances blood circulation to speed up hair growth, relaxing for he mind, etc. I do my scalp messages regularly. It's also important to choose which oil is best, I've been using @tropicisleliving's aloe vera JBCO on my scalp & using lavender JBCO on my body for a bomb ass massage and a perfect glow! 👌🏽✨ I notice these two oils are not as thick as the original JBCO which is nice especially with rubbing on my body. .
. Side note: I love my back & foot massages, but he's a motha fucking keeper on these scalp massages. I love my hair being played with too (I know probably not the healthiest for my curls but idgaf, it feels bomb 😂). I'll massage his scalp too but he's too ticklish for body massages so I just massage his face. McKinley definitely gets his baby massages after bath time with his baby lotion, sometimes he just lays there & enjoys it & other times he wants to kick so that's when I just throw the lotion on him & get those jammies on quick 😫
. Song: Sweat by Inner Circle

PRESS PLAY ▶️: it's been a while since I did a crochet tutorial so #TBT to these Real Goddess locs at MT1B/AQUA (7 packs) from @urbanbeautyhair. What did you think of these and what kinds of videos do you want to see next on my channel? l EDIT: sorry about the last 3 seconds

✨How I make my DIY deep conditioner for dry hair✨This is great for the summer when my hair needs moisture. I include honey 🍯 which is a humectant. I love to use the @aussiehair aussie moist conditioner when doing this treatment because it has lots of slip! I leave it on for 30 min - an hour & rinse it off, then style it😊 #HairVideo #VoiceofHair #NaturalHairstyles #naturalhairdreams

What video should I record next? 👀Comment below 👇🏾

Gold cuffs 😍
I got mine from a local hair & beauty store. You can also find them online on eBay & Amazon. Just search 'gold hair cuffs'.

@treasuretress you're TOO good to me!! This is the 💣
Cannot wait to see how my hair turns out once its dried, but i can already tell this is going to be an amazing wash and go😍

This styling gel from @mielleorganics smells sooo good! It reminds me of battenberg cake soo yummy🍰🍰
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@belle_anoir completely breathe taking! #serenitibbylove #morethanskindeep

Call 5624503247 👌👌-Must have Sisterlocks(r) in order to take this class *You Learn to retighten your own locks *Must be locked (No Exception)
* Non-refundable deposit
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After your moisturize and use the LOC or LCO method. What is your go to style? #returnofthecurls

In Chinese crisis also means opportunity.
Train your mind to see opportunity in every situation. Decide if you will have a great day or a challenging day.
No matter what aim to have a learning and growing day! 🐛🦋
We don't have "bad" days 'round hurrrrr!!!

Get the #product #hairofnature #moisturesealpack and trust the process! Shout out to my #bossbabe @lalutte_empire for supporting @hairofnature! Get your #hairgoals meet today! Shop www.hairofnature.org

Do you have a Natural hair routine/regimen? What does your Natural hair routine/regimen look like? Please share it below.
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