I’m so thankful for the love from everyone surrounding my 27th birthday! For those who weren’t there, let me elaborate on why this day was so special.
. . .

Four years ago I was in the hospital from a dog bite to the face that took 20 stitches to sew back together. The incident itself was traumatic but what was more traumatic was the anxiety I developed around dogs. Something I wanted to work through.
. . .

I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd, I love how smart they are, loving but active due to our crazy lifestyle.
. . .

One of our friends brought their puppy to the gym and she was hands down the prettiest shepherd I’d ever seen.
. . .

When they talked about breeding her, we had always talked getting one of her puppies. We watched training videos together and had planned that when ever we got one we would together devote a lot of time in to its training.
. . .

When she had her litter, we were both super involved because we had decided in three years we would get one.
. . .

I had actually already named him because when we were snuggling one night I asked him if he would ever bite me and he licked my face. So I said “That’s right, you’re a Titus dog, referring to the biblical instructions of being “good”.
. . .

Little did I know, my husband had his own little surprise up his sleeve.
. . .

Billy collaborated with the bar owner for my 27th birthday and created a scavenger hunt for me to find 6 clues around the brewery. The sixth clue leading to me bringing him a beer and TITUS in the bed of his truck.
. . .
. . .
We get to take him home next week after his last appointment.
. . .
Let the sleepless nights and training begin!

When your only Valentine looks just like your best bud! ❤️

I can’t believe you left me for the night.

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Have you met Titan? Gorgeous boy...we are helping him learn how to live life OFF a chain! #gsroc #gsdlove #gsdpage #unchaineddog #adoptagsd #adoptadog #rescuedogsofinstagram

Have you met Titan? Gorgeous boy...we are helping him learn how to live life OFF a chain! #gsroc #gsdlove #gsdpage #unchaineddog #adoptagsd #adoptadog #rescuedogsofinstagram

Not ready to commit.

Mr. Dopey living his best life @pamperedpetsdaycamp

I swear these dogs leave the couch.

Couldn’t find my new foster cat in his room this morning. Right when I was on the verge of panic, I spotted ears in my @CrockPot!

Still raging.

We rage on Sundays too.

On Saturdays, we rage.

Cricket made the top nine! Check out @thehowsproject and see all the pups they help!!

Wyatt at day camp!
📷: @pamperedpetsdaycamp

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