Thank you so much @joanne.mcarthur for your inspiring talk yesterday and your great work. @unbound_project / Women on the Front Lines of Animal Advocacy https://unboundproject.org/#JoAnneMcArthur #unboundproject #animalrights #animalliberation #weanimals #vgt #reallyblessed #animalrightsactivist #animallovers #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #photojournalism

"By standing strongly right there with these animals we are openly acknowledging for all to see that what is happening to them is wrong and needs to stop.” ~ Patty Mark, the founder of Australia’s Animal Liberation Victoria, pioneered a form of activism in the early 1990s that we now know as “open rescue." Mark's contribution to the movement has helped to change the dialogue surrounding activism and on how nonhuman animals are treated in modern society.

Read more about this remarkable woman and her fearless efforts to make the world a better place for animals on @unbound_project! #pattymark #openrescue #animalliberationvictoria #unboundproject

This morning our Chef, Will, has some local school cooks from the Valoyi Trust with him for the day. Will will be teaching how to cook nutritionally balanced plant-based meals which will improve the children's diets and lower costs for the school.
The kitchen at the VMF has been vastly improved through funding from the Unbound Project Grant. Through this we were able to expand our kitchen facilities, which is a huge help especially during peak times where we can have up to 40 volunteers. It also gives Will the space to hold workshops like this and spread his knowledge on plant-based cooking.

Today is the first in a series of teaching days with the school cooks, we're excited to see how it all goes!

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📸 “I’m always trying to make people care and sometimes is really easy, it depends on the person, and sometimes is impossible and you wonder why.” This is how photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur started the trailer of #theghostsinourmachine documentary 6 years ago. I remember watching the trailer and falling in love with her voice and her work (why do I always fall for the photographer? 🤔 I’ll remember to work that on therapy). Anyway, she keeps saying: “people need to think about this, these are sentient beings, not objects for our use”. The trailer ends with her patting Maggie’s head (a rescued Beagle) and saying to her: “it’s a good life now hey, Maggie?” 🐶 Her pictures. How she shreds a light to what is being kept from us. Her strength and kindness. You should run to your nearest bookstore and look at the stories this books portraits. Stories no one dare to tell before 🖤🌻 (Editado en español por @plazayvaldes para que el 100% de los beneficios vayan a @igualdadanimal 😉)

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Bunnies are not a novelty 🐰
Every year, over the #Easter holiday weekend, rabbit sales sky-rocket as the #EasterBunny novelty excites children around the globe. Many of these animals end up in shelters in the days and weeks after the holiday is over.
Rabbits are sociable, intelligent, and inquisitive animals. They require ongoing care, just like any other companion animal.
Awareness of this issue is on the rise, however, with many large pet store chains banning the sale and adoption of rabbits over Easter weekend this year – instead running educational workshops to help encourage responsible pet ownership.
📷: Two rescued rabbits at Tuulispää Animal Sanctuary. Finland, 2015.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@unbound_project

Yesterday was a beautiful day in #vancouver. @vancouverchickensave’s morning chicken vigil was so inspiring, the attendance was HUGE! Then we attended @joanne.mcarthur’s talk hosted by @furbearers and @bcspca. If you don’t know about Jo, do check out all her projects: @weanimals, @ayearofcaptivity and @unbound_project. • She was also the beautiful subject of @lizmarsfilm @theghostsinourmachine. • ALSO, go check out www.weanimalsarchive.org • all of Jo’s images are there to be used for all things animal rights and advocacy! #joannemcarthur #weanimals #captivethebook #unboundproject #weanimalsarchive

Yesterday after our #chickenvigil, some of us attended @joanne.mcarthur’s talk; ‘@weanimals: Fifteen Years of Photojournalism and Animal Advocacy’ hosted by @furbearers and @bcspca. It was unforgettable, heartbreaking and so so inspiring. There is hope. Change is coming. ❤️🐓❤️Thank you Jen, for these pics! #weanimals #joannemcarthur #furbearerdefenders #bcspca #unboundproject #captivethebook

Tänään oli viimein se suuri päivä, kun tuleva koulutustilamme laitettiin yhteen pakettiin! Rakennus on vielä melkoinen rumilus, mutta puhkeaa kukkaan vähitellen. 🌼 Videota sisätiloista tulossa piakkoin. 🤸‍♀️📽🔜 #tuulispää #koulutuskeskus #educationcenter #unboundproject #animalia #soon #inprogress

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted for Appolinaire and Pikin, to the @natural_history_museum, and to @apeactionafrica for their tireless work to protect animals. We're filled with ❤ right now!

This is a huge honour for Jo and our team. We Animals exists to tell the stories of animals like Pikin and humans like Appolinaire and it's beyond exciting to see them highlighted on such an important stage.

From the @natural_history_museum and @nhm_wpy: Jo-Anne's intimate photograph of a lowland gorilla and one of her rescuers depicts conservation in action and highlights our connection with our fellow apes. Pikin, the lowland gorilla, had been captured and removed from her habitat to be sold for bushmeat, but was rescued by Ape Action Africa. Jo-Anne took her shot as Pikin was being moved from one enclosure to another. The gorilla awoke from sedation during the transfer but remained calm for the bumpy drive, resting drowsily in the arms of her human companion, Appolinaire.
(Graphic from @apeactionafrica)

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Rp @unbound_project
Today we're resharing an excerpt of our short film, The Machine, which tells the story of Lina Lind Christensen who rescues battery hens from the brink of death. She runs a small sanctuary, where life begins again for the hens. .
"I reach out to a worker and receive five panicking birds. The five in his other hand get stuffed into a machine. Five set free, five for the machine. And so we continue to work, side by side, the machine and me". .

Film produced by Jan Sorgenfrei for the Unbound Project. See the full film and story at Unboundproject.org

Oh! What an awful, heartbreaking experience for a ten year old! And what an amazing lady!! 🙏 People like her make the world a better place. Fantastic that she is featured in this most wonderful project!! Rp @unbound_project
Jo photographs Dr. Aline de Aluja in Mexico City. Dr. Aline was one of the first women in Mexico City to study to become a veterinarian. She continues to work for animals at age 97!!! She became vegetarian at age 10 when her favourite goat was served for dinner at the boarding school she attended.
#unboundproject #unbound #draline. #MAC4 #mexico #UNAM #veterinarian #animaladvocacy #animalrights

Jo photographs Dr. Aline de Aluja in Mexico City. Dr. Aline was one of the first women in Mexico City to study to become a veterinarian. She continues to work for animals at age 97!!! She became vegetarian at age 10 when her favourite goat was served for dinner at the boarding school she attended.
#unboundproject #unbound #draline. #MAC4 #mexico #UNAM #veterinarian #animaladvocacy #animalrights

A Note from Jo: We Animals / Unbound Project team member Anna Mackiewicz and I had a blast interviewing and photographing the brilliant Candace Laughinghouse for Unbound at the Minding Animals conference in Mexico yesterday. Candace is a prof, feminist, womamist, scholar or religion, vegan animal rights activist and mother of three.
#unboundproject #unbound #animaladvocacy #feminism #womamist #feminist #vegan #animaladvocate #theory #change #MAC4 #mindinganimals #mexico

Just hit the bottom of my @lushcosmetics charity pot...guess its time for a Lush haul. 😍❤️
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Of all times.... Rp @unbound_project
Around 1870 Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, witnessed an act of compassion that deeply touched her. She had been on a train journey, and near Fitchburg her train pulled up alongside another train at a station stop. As she waited for her train to continue, Alcott passed the time by looking out her window at the sights — a beautiful waterfall caught her attention, but she also noticed that in the train next to hers were several cattle and sheep crammed in to rail cars.
It was a hot, sunny day and Alcott recognized that the animals must have been scared, uncomfortable, and thirsty. As she noted, “how they must have suffered in sight of water, with the cool dash of the fall tantalizing them, and not a drop to wet their poor parched mouths.” She was troubled by the very visible distress of the animals in the next train and was pondering how she might best help them when she noticed two young girls come up beside the train. The girls had been out picking berries and, upon noticing the animals in distress, one of the girls dumped out her berry pail, ran to the water’s edge and filled her bucket with water. She returned to the train and offered the water to the sheep “who stretched their hot tongues gratefully to meet it.” She repeated this numerous times while her companion picked grass and clover to feed to the animals. Alcott was touched by this kindness and wrote that she wished she “could have told those tender-hearted children how beautiful their compassion made that hot, noisy place.” ✌️ #feminism #feminist #compassion #animals #animalrights #animalliberation #animaladvocacy #animaladvocate #unboundproject #pigtrial

See Lek Chailert in action with her rescued elephants in Thailand and be in awe of what she says. For example: 'Elephants don't forget but they do forgive.' ♥️
Link to Facebook video in my bio.
#elephant #unboundproject #rescued #captive #sentientbeings #animalrights #animalwelfare #freedom #notoelephantrides #thailand #changmai #lekchailert #animalfreedomfighter #elephantrides

#throwback to when this beautiful human was in Vancouver. Jo-Anne McArthur is so beyond spectacular and spilling over with humility, grace and strength. All that she has done for animals, and continues to do, inspires me so so much. @weanimals and @ayearofcaptivity ~ two of the most haunting books I’ve ever owned. @unbound_project ~ I have no words... And let’s talk about the WeAnimals Archive website, a place where Jo-Anne invites all to use her images for all things animal rights, to spread the very obvious truth that all animals are individuals, able to feel joy, fear, happiness and pain... weanimalsarchive.org ❤️🙏🏻❤️ #weanimals #captivethebook #unboundproject #weanimalsarchive #joannemcarthur

A note from Jo: it's the last day of the Asia for Animals conference in Kathmandu. Sayara and I have been here learning about the great work being done by organizations and women. We're just blown away.
We've photographed and interviewed many inspiring women, including Pei F. Su, founder of ACTAsia, whom you see here. We look forward to sharing these many stories with you 💓
#afakathmandu #unboundproject #actasia #womentoknow #animaladvocacy #unbound

A note from Jo: just finished world renowned climber, wingsuit flyer and base jumper @highsteph Steph Davis' autobiography, Learning to Fly. If you want to learn about her life, her beautiful relationship with her dog Fletcher, and the pursuit of mastering these extreme sports, all while on a vegan diet (gasp! But how does she get her pro...nevermind), this book is worth a read. (Not a new book. About 8 yrs old now)

#stephdavis #unboundproject #climbing #heights #tombstonemountain #castleton #learningtofly #autobiography #base #basejumping #wings #wingsuit #flying #humanflight #vegan

It's all the same really.. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to meet and hear so many inspiring and compassionate people. #dontturnaway #unboundproject #carevie2017 #inspiration #compassion #tearsandjoy #visions #heartwarming #humaneeducation #animalrights #vegan #plantbased #dowhatisrightnotwhatiseasy @unbound_project @weanimals

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