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Back up and running with an awesome meeting of the minds business meeting this morning. #UNBOUND 2.0, new events and brand revamp, #theMoreChallenge Feels good to be back up. Been sick since New Year's but the #workneverstops. Bizcoachlife

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9/24 Imperiali de Francavilla, Caterina (1926 - ) ‘Call me Katie.’ Donna Caterina Irena Helen Imperiali di Francavilla was born into one of the grandest of Italy’s aristocratic families. As a teenager, after being expelled from four schools and running away with an older man, her father had her locked up in an asylum. But her British-born mother helped Imperiali de Francavilla escape, and despatched her to London, where she married Richard Bentick Boyle (9th Earl of Shannon, Viscount Boyle, Baron of Castlemartyr and Baron Carleton of Yorkshire). Instead of resting on her pile of titles, though, the young bride began to pursue her own career — on stage and screen, using the name Catherine Carlton, and in the pages of fashion magazines as Katie Boyle.

Over the next four years, Viscountess Boyle enjoyed considerable success, both in London and Paris. She became the face of Ponds Cold Cream, and was chosen by Vogue (alongside Jean Dawnay and Della Oake) to show British fashion on a three-month tour of Australia. And on her return, she became one of a handful of models recruited by the BBC to act variously as continuity announcers, game show panellists and comic foils. She quickly became a household name, thanks to shows like ‘Quite Contrary’ and ‘The Name’s The Same’. (Although she quickly experienced celebrity’s flipside, when she began to received anonymous death threats; one letter, from a Chesterfield coal miner, ran “Because I hate you with all the integrity that a man can hate a person. I loathe everything about you: your supercilious attitude when you appear in front of the cameras. I hate all so-called aristocrats.”) But Boyle stuck to her guns, and became one of the grandes dames of British television. She was a regular on ‘What’s My Line’, ‘Jukebox Jury’, ‘Call my Bluff’ and ‘Blankety Blank’, wrote a long-running advice column in TV times, and became a late-life camp icon when she hosted the Eurovision Song Contest a record-breaking four times.

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Year of the dog? Nah, year of the bitch. We're taking the world by storm by being more real than ever before.
Let's rise @unboundbabes !
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💎Some pretty shiny sequins! 💎
First semester is over and now to prep for my final semester at Fanshawe College's Fashion Design Program! This semester my wonderful classmates and I are working towards our final collections for @unboundfashion Fashion Show, which is our major final project.
What is my collection all about? Well I will start to tease it now! These sequins will be hand sewn onto a few of the dresses in my collection, and in a way to resemble fish/mermaid scales. Expect a watery and mermaid like theme from me- but without a single mermaid silhouette gown. I want my dresses to flow and cascade like waterfalls 💙💜
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Yes, that is ice on the lake. Yes, that is John in the icy water. Yes, he is crazy.

I was really excited to be able to get my hands on the third book of the Magic Ex Libris series. I have already read the first chapter, and I can tell that it has been a while since I last read these books, as it took me a while to remember exactly what happened. I do have issues with the series, mainly his romantic relationship, but the adventure is amazing, and better than most other books, really tapped in to the adventure that you get as a book lover. Because who hasn’t thought about what they are reading about, and thought about what would be like to have items in the book.

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Video is one of the most powerful tools in education. @hisgraceproductions recently put together an informational video for @unboundnow which features who they are, what they do, and highlight stories of survivors and their families in our local area. Unbound is an anti-human trafficking organization that educates the community, advocates for victims, partners with law enforcement/medical professionals/attorneys, and so much more. Please take some time and check out their website at unboundnow.org


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