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#efygoals ?? More like bae-goals!!! #efy2017provo5a #unbound

Buen concierto este finde 😍 #Unbound #Gibson #Heavy #Music

버스정류장 분위기의 흡연구역 완성. 대충만들려고 했는데, 더 대충만들었다.

#unbound #언바운드 #흡연구역 #smokingarea

Working On A Dream #unbound #unboundorigins

Lapping mammoth with @bobbypinz_ today. The jump lines are on 🔥🔥 rite now!!|| 🎥/📲: @jtwoehler | @elus1ve | @686 #summerriding #front9train #jumpline #unbound #airtime

"God wants to bless you. Ask Him what your gifting is and just RUN with it." -Pastor Craig 🏃

Thank you for joining us this morning! Also if you haven't heard, Church Two42 is going on a church wide vacation this week! That means that all ministries will be shut down for one whole week. We believe in taking a break and resting, so we'll be up at Carpinteria until Wednesday and you're all welcome to join us. 🙌 .
We'll be resuming regular family business on July 2nd. We love you all! #churchtwo42 #unbound #family

Another brilliant, if a little sweaty, #unbound #pledgeparty @gowerstwaterstones


The Replacement Girl 25/90. Derujinsky, Gleb. Miami Beach, 1955.
One of his contemporaries once called Gleb Derujinsky a ‘road-show Avedon’. But it’s hard to imagine Derujinsky minding too much — not when he was busy racing round the planet, pushing the still-young discipline of location photography to wildly ambitious new heights. He wasn’t the first, of course; both Vogue and Bazaar had been shooting the couture collections on the streets of Paris since war’s end, and pioneers like Toni Frissell and Louise Dahl-Wolfe had shot memorable editorials in Peru, Sicily, Jamaica and Southern Spain in the early Fifties. But Derujinsky, pushed by Bazaar, went beyond — to India, to Turkey, to Acapulco, to Thailand, to Japan. And where his predecessors had deployed exotic locations as colourful backdrops, to models whose poise still screamed of studio artifice, Derujinsky was part of a wave of names whose work reinvented the genre, immersing his subjects (and the viewer) in believable, exciting activity.

But he could be just as effective at conjuring magic out of nothing (a skill honed by years spent on basic studio set-ups, doomed to languish in Bazaar’s back pages). In 1955, he flew to Miami Beach to shoot a Greta Plattry campaign with Barbara Mullen and Ruth Neumann — a close friend of Mullen’s, and Derujinsky’s future wife. There would have been no shortage of glamorous Moderne settings to choose from, in the booming midcentury resort. But the campaign’s strongest image posed the two side by side against a flat white wall, their arms angled to mirror each others. Mullen, in a halterneck and pleated trousers, stares down the barrel of the lens; amused and defiant, her eyes and lips are compressed to dark slashes, her mannish stance offsetting Neumann’s gracefully feminine pose.

#BarbaraMullen #TheReplacementGirl #Unbound #HarpersBazaar #GlebDerujinsky #GretaPlattry #1955

버스정류장 분위기의 흡연구역 완성. 대충만들려고 했는데, 더 대충만들었다.

#unbound #언바운드 #흡연구역 #smokingarea

Day 6 in Paris
Jewellery collection "UNBOUND"
Rubber band bracelet K10PG with Rope Necklace K10PG.

#dantomimatsu #unbound #jewellery #craftjewellery #pinkgold #lebergerPR

#efygoals ?? More like bae-goals!!! #efy2017provo5a #unbound

"In some cultures butterflies are thought to be the spirits of departed loved ones. The Spirit House celebrates this mythological aspect of the butterfly. Constructed from cooper sheet, bog willow, mirror glass and cedar and with each façade facing into the four directions, this sculpture symbolize the natural world. If you stand in the 'right place' the Spirit House will twinkle at you from one of its many openings."
By Feir Mill Designs
#spirithouse #🦋 #unbound #justflyaway #birdschillheretoo

This ride that takes me through life. Leads me into darkness but emerges into light 😊.
#unbound #wildride #young #explorer #kediri #alone

Emily Schiffer is installing her "Haul: Gift to My Daughter" piece in the gallery today. UnBound6! here we come! @emilyschiffer #unbound #candelagallery #rvaart #sculpture #familynarratives #familyphotos

Another brilliant, if a little sweaty, #unbound #pledgeparty @gowerstwaterstones

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