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Don't forget ny sista @shesyourmajesty
When you stand agaibst systemic oppression and racism, youre public enemy number one.

Really is there any other choice but to be radical and a nationalist.(rhetorical)
#KORRYNGAINES was slaughtered by #domesticterrorist let's be real here, if you knew her real story. You would say her name too.

Such a wonderful experience working with Dr. Umar Johnson yesterday! Powerful talk! Thank you for everything you do and are doing for our brothers and sisters, keep on keeping on!

Been reminiscing on the hard work I pushed in order to make Strickly Queens a great event for everyone- I ain't doing this for my self I'm doing this in aid of our black female foundation #unapologeticallyafrikan as we are such powerful Devine, magical women that work better together. I'm just trying to trigger that growth within each of us. I love my beautiful nation. - can't wait to share what's new next year 💫👑

The student with the teacher @drumarjohnson #UnApologeticallyAfrikan

Love, honor, respect, protect, cherish, nurture, elevate the black/afrikan union by any means necessary. #darkpoet



Tired of trying to reprogram your child when they come home from the public fool system?
Tired of seeing the eurocentric nonsense in your child’s textbooks and notebooks?

What are you waiting for? Take back their minds. We can help. KamaliAcademy.com KamaliAcademyStore.com Courses.KamaliAcademy.com #Homeschool #BlackHomeschooling #UnapologeticallyAfrikan #UnapologeticallyBlack #eachoneteachone

Great Lecture by Dr. Umar Johnson!
#unapologeticallyafrikan #princeofpanafrikanism

Great New Rising Universe. Tapping into your inner guidance will aid you in comprehending your soul mission, soul purpose and reaching your higher self. #UnapologeticallyAfrikan #SpiritualQueens #Meditation

I'll always support a soldier no fellow General spreading positivity an awareness in my blind community. If we can support certain music artist an actors poisoning our children minds with garbage attending they shows an buying they products. We can start listening to those who love an care about us not just you, but US the people. Say what you want about him I know I don't doubt his word an that's off research not just today. #unapologeticallyafrikan #thegeneralspeaks #drumarjohnson 📣🔖💚❤💣✊✔#foodforthought


The arabs started a slave trade of Afrikans 1000 years before the europeans did, which means they were slave traders BEFORE islam came into existence. The arab slave traders taught europeans how to trade slaves. The arabs, in all of their history, have been misogynistic womanizers and prejudice toward Afrikans.

The rise of islam was a result of the destruction of North Afrika under euro-centric christianity by use of the roman empire. The Afrikans saw Islam as a way to get the romans off of their hides. Little did they know the arabs would not only replace them as oppressors, but they would be even more ruthless.

When the islamic arabs rose to power, they purposely prevented the Afrikans they ruled over from becoming muslims. The quran states that a muslim cannot enslave another muslim, so they couldn't enslave any Afrikan muslims. They instead encouraged the Afrikan Kings they traded with to convert to Islam and to sell them the Afrikans that refused to be converted. The famed king #MansaMusa reached the status of being "the richest man in history" off of the arab slave trade. Many Afrikan muslims took there christian servants with them on their hajj, to be sold as slaves.

Unlike the United States, in other countries in the world, if you are mixed with Afrikans and another race, you are considered NOT to be Afrikan. This system has been used by foreigners since ancient times as a way to use mulattoes as agents against Afrika. It was common practice for invaders to rape Afrikan women and impregnate them, and then teach th child their mother was inferior, as all European and Asian cultures deem women.

The Afrikans and arabs mulattos, known as moors, and the arabs from mauritania and morocco, went into South West europe in 711, and conquered, ruled, and educated the europeans. The moors themselves trace their ancestry to the hassaniya arabs of yemen. Although the hassaniya have had a major influence on the moors, the moors are probably more Berber and Afrikan than they are arab. With the knowledge they received from the moors, they went and educated the rest of europe and brought them out of what was known as the Dark Ages.

#MoorsBeLike #ArabSlaveTrade

I remember the day I left home as a teenager to start a new life in a foreign country many miles away from home, my mother said this to me while in tears, she said :
Where ever you go, what ever you do, never forget your Orijin and Culture.

I never forgot Home, even after she passed on i still haven't. -@archyn.orijin

#mondaymotivation #loveyoumama #thankyouforlife #alwaysinmyheart #forevernumberone #ripmama .
Just my #mood today. #staypositive .

Hikes through the Spring
(1 of many)
Heights through the Springs

Link up with your mate/partner/King/Queen/potential keeper & Join us for heavy vibrations. -See over 5 waterfalls in the same location.
-Journey right here in Essex County
-Connect with Nature
{inbox for specific details)

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