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Gambia's president said that he wants to implement a policy change that would shift the country's language from English to a local language. "We no longer subscribe to the belief that for you to be a government you should speak English language. We should speak our language," President Yahya Jammeh said during the swearing-in ceremony of Gambia's new Chief Justice that aired on state-run Gambia Television Services on Friday.

The announcement comes months after the West African country announced it is withdrawing from the Commonwealth, a collection of 54 nations made up largely of former British colonies, saying it would "never be a member of any neo-colonial institution." #Afrikanfirst #StayWoke #Babylontricks #Blackfirst #Racefirst #Decolonize #Amerikkka
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If your life's purpose lies within another person,you are LOST...#shorthair 😊#unapologeticallyafrikan, in love with my new lookπŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ’ž.

Love, honor, respect, protect, cherish, nurture, elevate the black/afrikan union by any means necessary. #darkpoet


#BLACKLOVEMATTERS πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜— #❀β™₯πŸ’š

Shoutout to Brotha Ifatunde. #NukariBox has his closet filled with that #AfrikanFlyness.
Are you ready? Join at Nukari.CrateJoy.com

Ain’t no harm in looking Afrikan Fly.
Sistas, we got you, too.

Great Lecture by Dr. Umar Johnson!
#unapologeticallyafrikan #princeofpanafrikanism

I am proud Sangoma through & through.

Had the pleasure to meet one of my faves @drumarjohnson! #unapologeticallyafrikan

Been reminiscing on the hard work I pushed in order to make Strickly Queens a great event for everyone- I ain't doing this for my self I'm doing this in aid of our black female foundation #unapologeticallyafrikan as we are such powerful Devine, magical women that work better together. I'm just trying to trigger that growth within each of us. I love my beautiful nation. - can't wait to share what's new next year πŸ’«πŸ‘‘

(read her post) What kind of "Blacc" people be around this, this, ummmm... Shit if she blacc I'm glad I identify as Afrikan y'all"blacc" people accepting everybody..... #NotBlacc #Afrikan #UnapologeticallyAfrikan


Lately China and Tanzania have taken on up to more than 19 projects worth of billions of dollars in Tanzania.. Just to mention a couple of them; a 1.2 billion soft loan transaction for a 523km line connecting Dar-es-salaam and Mtwara gas fields. Also between 2001 and 2011 our "rich in minerals" Tanzania received funding worth of $ 4.6 billion from China.. They claim that they want to create employment opportunities to lift up ordinary Tanzanians from extreme poverty.. Now tell me how is an ordinary Tanzanian going to get out of extreme poverty by moving bricks out on a construction site??? And ask yourself how is all that money getting paid for???? They keep on making us poor and we let them. All this done in the name of "bilateral relations" while all they let us do in their country is teach "Swahili". Its all nothing but pure #BS and we as the black Community sit and watch as we let it happen. Its all for their own benefits. From the beginning of black Civilization, Africans had always used their hands to make the tools and infrastructure needed.. Which would have gotten Africa 'as a people' far ahead than the so called developed Community (white people).. Who killed our industries and forced us to adopt the so called intellectual Systems which provides us with knowledge for Jobs that are not even relevant to our Community.. They simply wanted us to work intellectually while they build our offices.. Its all nothing but "modern slavery".. We were the chosen people. The very "first civilization" but cursed by God because we did not and still do not love one another. Their is a need for African unity.. We must unite so as to eliviate poverty.. If this does not make sense to you then at least try thinking about your fellow black people starving, lacking proper schools for education, lacking Medical attention and have 100% no hopes for a better life in the villages, while a homeless white man in America still gets paid. #UnapologeticallyAfrikan #blackunity #love #pan-african πŸ™

If your version of woke ain't for this purpose. You're still sleep. #message #unapologeticallyafrikan

Racism in China
While we busy letting China teach Chinese in our educational institutions, e.g our very own known University of Dar es salaam and allowing more than 20,000 Chinese business people operating in different sectors ( i.e agricultural, industrial and socio-economic sectors) that is how people of Afrikan descent and Afrikans at large are treated in China.. "Racism is practised openly". This means they have no fear of the consequences and they actually do not care.. So why are we as the black Community so welcoming to "these people", who do not do the same for us on their land. This basically implies that we still "slaves" as in a modern form of it. We out here today talking about Ali Kiba having nothing better to talk about than the amount of elephants we've lost for the past few years, well here is what China did to us, "CORRECTION"; here is what we did to ourselves. Since 1998 more than 124 seizure cases have been reported representing more than 14.2 tonnes of ivory that originate from 22 African elephant range States. These Include Botswana, Cameron, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. There is nothing more to gain from these people but exploitation of our resources. And those are just seizure cases imagine the amount of ivory successfully exported to China. About 5,600 to 12,000 elephants are poached annually in Tanzania. All that done by one country.. My point is, we have no one else to blame but ourselves they would have not been able to do that if we had stopped them and loved our own people.. Our leaders or may I refer to them as people who were suppose to be our leaders, that is our fellow brothers and Fathers are the ones selling us out.. So until a black man learns how to love himself and serve his own black people, we will forever be poor. This is why their is need to spread awareness of the need to empower ourselves and stand United as black people so as to eliviate "Poverty" for the future our generation as Afrika. #UnapologeticallyAfrikan #blackunity #panafrican

Nat Turner - God gave me a mission to free My people.
White man - but God failed you , we got you.
Nat Turner - Yeah i know even Jesus Christ was crucified. You can see movie about Nat Turner ( The Birth of a Nation) by Nate Parker. @rootsconnected #rootsconnected #racefirst #blackfirst #natturner #slaverevolt #slaverebellion #slavementality #blackunity #blackpower #blacklivesmatter #unapologeticallyafrikan #panafrikanorperish #byanymeansnecessary #wewillbevictorious

Shout out to the real men. Too many #punks in the world. #unapologeticallyafrikan #unapologeticallyme #staystrong #standup #manshit #manup

That's because Eye am God, and You are too my Melanated being! Africans are looking for something to worship when We Africans was already been Worshiped, Be Your Own God, WE ARE NATURAL BORN SPIRITUALS!!! #UnapologeticallyAfrikan #ThirdEyeGang #TeamMelanin #TeamNatural #BlackPower #iGod #EyeGod #KnowThyself #SapiosexualNation #AfricanSpiritual #AnkhLife #DivineBeings #WeAreGods #AfricanGodsAndGoddesses #ReligiOFF #ReligiousFree #ReligionIsDivision #SpiritualityUnifies

"we gotta turn this into a drum circle, this whole area, a drum circle..."
(But then I changed plans again, a drum circle makes more sense towards the center of the field)
#farmer #thoughtsoutloud #mind

Cleaning up & clearing out some of the field..Sometimes the works & the looks of things can discourage you (if you let it), but once you really start getting busy you'll see the easiness, then look at things in a brighter light.

#pullingweeds #mugwort #dock #yellowdock #reedgrass #tough #strong #urbanenvironment #concretejungle #dontlitter #recycle #resources #plants #HyahHeights #FarmLife #UnapologeticallyAfrikan #culture #land #building #sustain #survive

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