Morning Sex Is Proven To Be More Beneficial Than Coffee...
Coffee, Tea or Good Morning Sex,
which one are you having more of lately?
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Know that self 🔥👁👽

They said: Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?

She replied: Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?
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Happy Saturday friends ✌🏻

What are you being fed? Positive Vibes or Negative Lies
There are so many women who face different daily challenges. Some are supported and some are not but what’s most important is that you know that you are loved and have a community of women that’s here rooting for you. Don’t give up. You are not alone. Happy Saturday ❤️

💋THE ART OF SEDUCTION 💋 SELF-LOVE AND 💋THE SACRAL CHAKRA: I finally have my hands on this book. This is my pleasure read for this weekend? Who else has read this book? Or What things will you be doing as a part of your self-love and healing the sacral chakra practice?
Also, note lovelies that there’s also a new intuitive message up on IGTV. In this intuitive healing message we will talk about the important lessons to be aware of if you are going through a period of transition. More specifically, we will look at:
1. How to identify if you are in the womb of darkness right now.
2. We’ll talk a little bit about what the woman of darkness feels like and some of the obstacles that you may be facing right now or could face in the near future.
3. And we will look at what you need to do in order to move through this lesson and cycle of your evolution with as much grace and power as possible.
The worst thing that we can do right now is resist or contract/close our hearts. Now is the time for us to boldly embrace our true selves and mission on the earth. 💋Renée .

I love this business because it’s not about me; it’s about helping people overcome limited beliefs and be inspired. So that’s why i share my journey. I don’t have all my shit together, but I’m not staying in the same pile shit..

Every kind thing you say to someone sticks with them just like every mean thing you say will stick with them. Choose to be kind. Today I challenge you, and myself, to say something kind to a complete stranger. It could change their whole day 🌼

Dear “Butter-Face” “Frizzy Lizzy” - this one’s for you:
I know it’s hard living in a world where there are paradigms of what beauty is and looks like. Straight, sleek beautiful hair is all you ever wanted. It’s really the only time anyone complimented your “beauty” - after hours of blow-drying and straightening away those curls. THEN, you’d be beautiful. You’d been conditioned to believe that false reality.
Over time as your self-love grew, you stopped seeking validation from the world and created your own reality. One that shines from the inside out. You relentlessly worked on your heart, your confidence, your mind, spirit and soul. You let the bullying and negative self-talk fade out and amplified the love instead.
As you approach your 27th birthday, this haircut was a gift and commitment to be unapologetically you. It wasn’t just a haircut, it was an emotional detachment of the previous set of beliefs you held for so long. You let them fall to the floor with the rest of your hair (and tears). I’m so damn proud of you.

You’re finally the woman you wanted to evolve into. Your beauty isn’t defined by society’s standards. You’re God’s art, 1 of 1, so it’s silly to think you’d tried to fit in for so long. Continue to let your outer beauty be an extension of your inner love and light... now & forever.
I love you so so so much, 💕

✨Don’t take yourself too seriously!✨ Life is meant to be lived! Have fun. Be silly. Be unapologetically you. There’s no one else like you. Own it! 💕💕 📷 @paulbuceta 💄 @muahbyjenna

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