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人生离不开友谊,但要得到真正的友谊才是不容易;友谊总需要忠诚去播种,用热情去灌溉,用原则去培养,用谅解去护理。 因此,刚上大学的你是否已经认识到了新朋友?是否已经找到了新友谊?如果还没找到没关系,热心的学长学姐们为迷茫的你们举办了一场迎新营。这项活动的目的是让你们熟悉大学的环境和认识更多的新朋友。 迎新营的详情如下:
日期:17.9.2017 (星期日)
时间: 9.00 am- 10.30pm 地点 :WDKU - K01
营费 :RM20/pax *日期, 时间, 地点如有更改, 会另行通知大家。
所以,你们还等什么?快来报名吧!让我们各位热心的学长学姐陪你们一起带上飞翔的翅膀,一起展翅高飞,追逐梦想吧!我们约定你~ Friendship plays an important role in our life, but it is not easy to get a real friendship. Our lovely juniors, had you recognize your new friends? Had you found your new friendship? If your answer is not, never mind. Here, we held a Welcome Camp to solve your doubts. You will have the opportunities to know more with the surrounding and meet new friends.
The details of the Welcome Camp are as follow:
Date : 17.9.2017 (Sunday)
Time : 9.00 am -10.30pm
Location : WDKU - K01
Fee : RM20/pax *If any changes, will be informed. Hey, what are you waiting for? Just come and join us now. Let us bring you all to fight for your dreams. We are waiting for you~

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