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Chillax to the max 😎 ☀️ 💦 #mesitgesterramar #thisisthelife #holidayvibes

This kid. Today we were playing around and being silly, and I tried to shove his soccer ball into the hood of his jumper. The ball was too big. So I laughed and said “Silly Mummy, I tried to stuff your soccer ball into your jumper but the ball is too big!”.
To which he looked at me and replied “Mummy, you have a pretty big mouth, maybe you could put the ball in there!”. 😳🤭 #IMeanIKnowITalkAlotDudeButStill #TheKidMakesMeSnortLaughFourMillionTimesADay #WellPlayedLittleManWellPlayed

A whole new level of sass since starting to walk 🤣💕


Stuck in traffic be like ... but then you remember it’s a loong weekend (for this bebe) . There’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud, so smile! #banbcutie

Bless him for trying! One day soon he will be able to do everything his big sis does but for now we can enjoy his failed efforts in trying to do everything she does!! #bigsister

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