Catch me if you can 😎😆😄
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Sam is my best best helper!!
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Goodmorning everyone 😃I am Enjoying my shower 😍🚿Have a wonderful day all 👋🏻😘#goodmorning #everyone #haveagoodday #parrot#love#instagram #instagood #umbrellacockatoo #harleythecockatoo

Happy bord! #kuş #pinkchicken #pet

Feeling magical today!!! 🌈🌟
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7 in the brooders, 3 more that have just come out of the brooder into their first cage & 3 juvenile lorikeets out in the aviary 😉 I am one busy girl. .
sadly Rainbow lorikeets are considered pests here in Western Australia as they are an introduced species. From fewer than 10 escaped or released birds back in the 90’s it is now well established in the metropolitan area. Vets here are not allowed to release rainbow lorikeets by the Department of parks & wildlife regulations, wildlife centres no longer take in lorikeets as they are not native, so if the vet can't find a local independent carer willing to come collect the bird & domesticate them, these lorikeets are all to often euthanised😭. Unfortunately Rainbow lorikeets aggressively protect feeding & nesting resources, potentially excluding native species like the twenty eights & galahs. Rainbow lorikeets cause significant damage to commercial table grape crops in the Swan Valley and orchard fruit crops in the Perth. I’m now one of the seldom few who still take in baby & juvenile lorikeets & hand rears, tames & find homes for them. .
Thank you to my loyal supporters, especially those who make regular donations to help me continue rescuing these poor lorikeets. Without your support I could not keep helping these birds.
Donations - PayPal.me/katiesbirds .
Ongoing monthly support👇🏼

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Marabou stork (Leptoptilos crumenifer)
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Awesome parrot moment! 🙏🙏🙏 :P
Thank you so much, my buddy 😍🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
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Please open the lid..... I will be a good bird....!! 🐥🐥🐦 credit @the_green_enchantress

Good morning, Captain Q! Sorry my camera wouldn’t focus at first.
I get asked this all the time and — YES, Q sleeps in that hanging fleece whatchamacallit ?? (we call it a Pom-Pom like cheerleaders used back in the day 🎉📣) with his booty stuck up in the sky.
How is that even comfy? No idea. But that’s how he sleeps. 🙊🙃
Look how long his tail is! He finally has a tail again after a full year! 🎊
Every time I say, “Look at your pretty tail!” Q literally stands taller and turns to the side to show it to me. 🕺🏾 🙊😍 He’s proud. My baby’s got back again. 😉
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Been super crazy busy with a super crazy busy little boy! Haven’t made too many videos of Buddy! Thought you all would love this one
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Been super crazy busy with a super crazy busy little boy! Haven’t made too many videos of Buddy! Thought you all would love this one

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