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How blessed are we to give birth in an era that appreciates all the beauty of birth. This little ones true knot is preserved forever. Amazing! #thebirthroom #placentaencapsulation #trueknot #umbilicalcordkeepsake

Christmas star for my nephew born on the 25th Dec 2016 ❤️#homebirthbaby #umbilicalcordkeepsake #placentaencapsulation #christmasbaby #placentawisdom

My stretch marks didn't show up until the day after my babe was born. It was quite alarming! What about you?

Placenta capsules being delivered today to a postpartum mom❤️. #placentaprint #placentacapsules #umbilicalcordkeepsake #victorianwellnessdoula #twincitiesdoula

Lots of babies being born this week 💕 #umbilicalcordkeepsake


☁️🌈Another Rainbow Baby Breastmilk Crystal Pendant DONE! 🌈☁️💋

Oh these melt my heart. 💖 Look at the tiny pink & gold shimmers! 💖

I really have to say I LOVE the tiny pink & gold sparkles in this pair of breastmilk beads. 💖😍 I love creating these for you Mamas to celebrate this amazing super power of feeding our babies! 💖

🎈Keepsake Ring Special🎈
👉🏼Ends: Friday, September 29👈🏼 Pricing varies depending on ring chosen. Size of cup and metal choice. Remember the area to work with is small! ☺️ Inclusions can be: hair, fabric/fibers, dried flowers, breastmilk, crushed gemstones, umbilical cord, dried placenta (from encapsulated form), ashes... please message with questions!


This sweet duo is headed home to Pennsylvania this week! Thank you so much Alyssa! 💕 @alyssapostedoninstagram

This beauty is headed home to Texas this week! 💜✨

This sweet order is ready for home! Better photos later! 💝

Introducing the Boho Chic pendant! I haven't even shined it up yet but wanted to share a new available piece. This piece can be created with breastmilk, hair, gemstones, fabric, sand, teeth, dried flowers.... this one in particular includes a sparkle layer! 💕🌸🌿

Stunning Breastmilk duo almost finished for a badass Silversmith Artist! These will be left unfinished for her to work some magic of her own.... Large Breastmilk Pendulum and Breastmilk Crystal tipped with Black Obsidian! 🖤 Love these!

Placenta capsules being delivered today to a postpartum mom❤️. #placentaprint #placentacapsules #umbilicalcordkeepsake #victorianwellnessdoula #twincitiesdoula

Sweet little copper Mother's Ring with Aquamarine & Garnet Gemstones on one side and Mamas breastmilk on the other....😍

Copper breastmilk ring in the works for a Mama...Garnet & aquamarine gemstones for her two sons! Cannot wait to see this turn out! ☺️💕

Sometimes the tiniest things can make a huge impact. Recently a breastmilk Keepsake bead headed home to Texas just as hurricane Harvey was hitting. I messaged the Mama asking if it arrived ok and if she liked it... without realizing her location to the impact of Harvey. The message I received back just broke my heart and warmed it all at the same time. To know what this family is enduring along with countless others is mind blowing. This tiny bead made it to this mama safely- that makes me happy. To imagine the chaos surrounding her when it arrived and the whirlwind of emotions going on...no words. Please keep Texas and now Florida and the surrounding states (and the islands) in your hearts. ❤️


Mum says:

Baby Alexander Yvo arrived in a gentle natural birth on 25th July. He was born at St Thomas' (I was planning on a homebirth but after 30 hrs of contractions I needed some pain relief...). Midwife was ok with using it. I actually put it on myself right after birth, and removed the clamp. It's been much easier to feed, cuddle, and change him with the tie rather than the clamp! Incidentally, his cord just fell off (he's 6 days old) - obviously the tie did a good job facilitating its drying 😊
Congratulations to Dagmar and family and welcome to the world little man 😊 xxx #baby #babyboy #birth #hospitalbag #hospitalbirth #midwife #midwives #dogs #dog #doggy #umbilicalcordtie #umbilicalcordkeepsake #heartstringsumbilicalcordties #comfortablealternative #noclamps #duein2017 #pregnant #pregnancy

Freshly popped from molds this morning..... such beautiful breastmilk beads in the works. 💓The two on the right have micro glitter of light pink & gold.... 💓

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