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Det här kan bli en utmaning!
Nytt ställe, lång backe, förhoppning om många vändor... Upp & ner...Fokus på rätt sak!
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there is a first time for everything right...? first 13.1, first PNW run, first race of the @uamtnrunning series. check off all the firsts and add epic mountain views 🗻, a challenging course 🏃🏻‍♀️ and the best of company 😍 [ps - look who I found 😊 @runtothefinish]
now, who is going to join me at Killington and/or Copper Mountain...? hands up, let's get this party started 🎉. #uawomen #uamtnrunning #uarunning #uaoutdoors #trailrunning #trailrunner #ultrarunner #ultrarunning #adventure #mountains #mondaymotivation #run #runnerscommunity #runnersofinstagram #run #runhappy #womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #instarunners #musclesandmiles

Eu fiz uma escolha. Escolhi não ficar mais doente. Não ter mais todos os tipos de ite no mundo e não ir mais pro hospital todo mes. Eu escolhi a minha SAÚDE ao invés do que parecia “gostoso”mas na verdade era veneno para o meu corpo. Eu escolhi escutar os sinais que o meu corpo me dava que eu não estava me cuidando, que tinha algo de errado. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Não é fácil aceitar que muito do que a gente sente no corpo vem do que a gente come e do que a gente faz com ele. É mais fácil tomar remédio e achar que vai passar.
Que fique CLARO que não são todas as pessoas que tem sobrepeso não tem saúde. Peso não tem que ser objetivo, e sim apenas uma consequência. O objetivo principal é cuidar da minha SAÚDE acima de tudo.
Mas todo dia fico feliz de ver o quanto a minha saúde melhorou e o quanto o esporte e o veganismo me ajudam no dia-a-dia a me cuidar cada vez mais.

🔹🔹Cuanto más tiempo dediques a tus entrenamientos, menos durará la carrera🔹🔹
Una de las cosas que exige este deporte es ser constante. Hay días en los que no puedes ni con tu alma pero tienes que salir 😅 y al final te sacas uno de esos entrenos que dices ostrassss ☝🏼 pues hoy han caído 9km de asfalto con 100m D+ en 44 minutos, para algunos será una 💩 pero para mí es continuar por el buen camino del esfuerzo y la perseverancia. Estoy en mi semana de descarga, mañana ultimo entreno en montaña, y el jueves salida corta a trote guarro, para el sábado llegar con fuerzas y con la cabeza bien centrada (que eso es lo más difícil 🤣) vengaaaaa que estamos a martes, esto ya está a tope!! Sed happyflorecillas como siempre y recordad ACTITUD para ver los días grises de otro color 💪🏼 🌲🏃🏻‍♀️🙌🏼💃👊🏼🎉✌🏼️😍🤘🏼🤘🏼#instarunner #instarunning #instatrail #instamountain #trail #trailrun #trailrunner #trailnight #trailwoman #ultratrail #ultrarunner #ultrawoman #mountain #mountaingirl #bcnrunner #bcntrail #manresarunner #manresatrail #matirunning #nightrunning #nightrunner #happytrail #fitgirl #corredorademontaña #findeguay #comouncencerrocomunity #runnersRepost #runbrands

There's one thing I've learned as an adult that I wish was taught to every child, in every school: 🤜🏽ALWAYS find it time for things that make you feel happy to be alive. 💯 Don't let other people's box mentality confine you to a life that's partially fulfilling. Happiness is a choice. So make time for those things that make you happy 🤛🏽🙂
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80k - #shittystones .
Things continued to get worse for me, blisters popping in my shoes, each step feeling like boiling hot razor blades on the tough terrain. I knew the last 20k would take everything I had... .
Then the tears... I found myself in a cycle, it would get too much so would burst into tears I felt better after the cry so would perk up, I hit the wall and would repeat this cycle until the very end. Last year I only cried once, this year I left a trail of tears on that ridgeway. My leg continued to get worse and by this point I had to stop and keep massaging it wondering what on earth I had done to it.
Pitstop 9 arrived and I knew it was 12k until the finish. I wanted to sit down badly but knew if I sat down properly I may not get up again, so I went and hid in a porta loo. Cried, storied and eat a marmite sandwich. By this point I couldn't eat anymore sweets, couldn't swallow the hard moams either. Flat coke was still bae though, so I took 4-5 cups of that and made my way onwards.
The last 12k was the moment in time to show myself that I was capable of anything. It was dark, it wasn't pretty but I made it through somehow. .
It's funny because I spent the whole race breaking it into sections of cake, 30 miles six bits of cake. By the last bit I no longer wanted it, I was over it. The conversation happened for a second time with Mr Lewis.. We would NEVER do this again...
By the time I reached the stones I couldn't care less about them, all I wanted was that finish line. Unlike last year there was no Esmé and Rosalie waiting for us at the finish line, no small arms waiting to give us a big finishers hug, this year it was all about making myself proud of how much it had taken to even get ready for an event as big as this... I started it, and now I was going to finish it....
🏁 🏃🏻
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After 33k the greatest satisfaction is to cross the goal and achieve a third place, congratulations Champion @nini.mbt thanks for following us you have an ultrail heart
#Repost @nini.mbt (@get_repost)
Que dia. Que lugar. Que treino!
3ª geral nos 33k. 🏆
Fiz uma prova bem conservadora, sem arriscar, pra não errar em nada. E acabar inteira.
Foi prova mais linda que eu já fiz, sem dúvidas.
Um Canion gigantesco, formações rochosas maravilhosas, muitas cachoeiras imensas. Surreal. O Universo caprichou ali. 🙌🏼
@naventura_outdoor_experiences, muito obrigada pelo convite, a recepção e o profissionalismo de sempre. 👊🏼
Segue a rotina, e os treinos. #ultrailrunners #ultrail
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In my next life I will be a bird. My legs need a rest:) #ultrarunner #alwaystraining #timeformetofly

It does help to be blessed enough to be able to be in California running on the beach when things aren't going as planned, getting angry was my first reaction I went through. Angry at that people I thought cared for me but ended up not giving a cheap for me , and the media outlets who did not treat me the way they should or do what they said they were going to, my so called friends who are not supporting me enough, at the entire Universe!
But when I channel carefully and wisely, but I'm starting to use my anger as a force to avoid dragging my self-esteem down. I'm better understanding what I need to do to continue with this huge and amazing run across the 50 US states and keep approaching it with my usual unique classy outgoing self to continue living the life I've always wanted for my children. I have allowed the opinion of others to some how seep through the cracks and try and alter my dreams. But with that said last week was a huge eye opener for me and the people that I was allowing to come into my life where negative and trying to steal my dream #ARunningJourneyAcrossthe50States I decided to take a small break to regroup and an opportunity to reassess what the real life lesson is here and what it is trying to teach me. I must say though It has reassured what my mission and purpose is and enabled me to take action rapidly instead of just letting all these terrible things happen to me without speaking out.

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Tauffi Trail ...up&up #cimatauffitrail #trail #trailrunning #ultratrail #ultrarun #ultrarunner installa#Cima tauffi# cimone

29th Birthday WOD complete!

29 x Leg Drops
29 x Sit-Ups
29 x KB Russian Twists
29 x KB Swings
29 x KB Squats
29 x Manmakers
29 x Burpees
29 x Curtis P's
2 x 90 sec Row
2 x 90 sec Wall-Sit


A little downhill fun.
SWIPE to see unedited video. All videos are made with GoPro Hero 5 and edit on Galaxy 7 phone using Quik.

An easy run around the lake this morning. Still can't quite believe I'm here. For real. .
#journeyto100miles #122days #lovewanaka

Tonight's run, a 45 minute run turned into 80 minutes. I little loop turned into lost in a field. Back in time for a beer turned into a rush through nettles to get back before the kitchen closed.... Too much road running for my liking, however 8.6 miles on a lovely summer evening..... #runningdad #fellrunner #ultrarunner #beinspired #justdoit #summerevening #runafterwork #sunset #nettles

Algumas pessoas estão fazendo uma preparação tão minuciosa para os dias de chuva que eles não estão aproveitando o brilho do sol de hoje. Se apaixone pelas pequenas coisas do seu dia, as coisas que te fazem feliz na sua rotina ❤️

Today is the 2-year anniversary of my first 50-mile finish. 😍👶🏻 I ran White River 50 in the Pacific Northwest and finished the final mile with my then-10-month-old baby in my arms. I had trained diligently from 2 weeks postpartum (not recommended!) for the event and to that point in my life it was an unimaginable distance to me... 50 miles still challenges me in every way, and though I've since added a 100-mile buckle, a 4-day win and a handful of PR's at every distance... this race remains dear to my heart as my first and the most beautiful, scenic day of my life (so far). I am grateful every day that my body allows me to do this sport. 🙏🏻 #100MileTraining

Today we are snacking on delicious grilled corn and flour quesadillas. Who said veganism is eating rabbit food only? 😹Daiya mozerella vegan cheese. #govegan

From just before I had children to now I've achieved more physically that I ever thought was possible. From ED to recovery to trying to stay fit as I get older I am really proud of what I've accomplished. Up next...... not sure yet but the sky's the limit right!! 🌟🌟 .
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