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Today marks the 4th anniversary since the premiere of #ultramangingas the sequel to the first Ultraman Ginga season which takes place some 2 years after the defeat of Dark Lugiel. A new threat arises in the form of Alien Chibu Exceller, one who steals Victorium Stones, along with his alien enforcer Android One Zero and his alien minions. Alarmed by the theft of Victoriums, the Victorian group (who dwell underground) sent a young prince named Shou to retrieve them and bestow him with an ancient relic, the Victory Lancer, that transforms him into their protector #ultramanvictory . At the same time, #HikaruRaido was dragged into the battleground once more after being recruited into an attack team known as UPG (Ultra Party Guardians). Hikaru reunites with #ultramanginga and joins forces with Shou/Victory to take down Exceller's minions.
Making his debut appearance in the first episode, Ultraman Victory is the first Ultra whose Color Timer is shaped after an English letter, V (X and Orb also sport Color Timers shaped after their respective letters)... he also has V-shaped crystal markings on his head crest, his wrists and his shins. He is also the second good Ultra Hero to have black as the main color of his body, the first being Tiga Dark. Victory can partially go Ultra-live with kaiju #SparkDolls , manifesting them through his right arm and enabling him to use their powers. He also uses a Knight Timbre sword/flute to become a blue & silver version known as Ultraman Victory Knight. He could also merge with Ginga to become #Ultramangingavictory

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