From left hibino mirai, gamu takayama, daigo madoka, shin asuka. From left ultraman mebius, ultraman gaia, ultraman tiga, ultraman dyna. #hibinomirai #ultramanmebius #ultramanmebiusseries #gamutakayama #ultramangaia #ultramangaiaseries #daigomadoka #ultramantiga #ultramantigaseries #shinasuka #ultramandyna #ultramandynaseries @tsuburayaprod

Ultraman Gaia (ウルトラマンガイアUrutoraman Gaia?) is the third Ultra being of Tsuburaya Productions' First Heisei Wave, created by after the 15-year long hiatus of the Ultraman franchise. He is the successor of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna in the first Heisei-wave of the Ultra Series revival. His first primary form was Version 1, and he is incapable of form-changing like the previous two Heisei Ultramen. Later, he gained both Version 2 and Supreme Version from Ultraman Agul's light. Agul (ウルトラマンアグル, Urutoraman Aguru, Ultraman Agul?) is the first full blue bodied Ultraman in the Ultra Series who debut in the Ultraman Gaia TV series. He holds the Power of the Sea, and throughout the course of the series, Ultraman Agul is sometimes a rival, sometimes an adversary, but eventually a teammate, of Ultraman Gaia. #ultramangaia #ultramanagul #ultramangaiaseries @tsuburayaprod

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