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So lately I’ve been digging into some work presented by a famous Swiss psychologist/author of the early 1900s, Carl Jung and there’s this pretty interest concept that caught my attention: Integration of the “Shadow.” •
Jung’s view of morality seems to deviate from the traditional sense in that its existence stems from the acceptance of our internal malevolence (the “shadow”) with the conscious choice to not externalize it. In other words: everyone has malevolence or evil in them. However, one who is moral is one who is capable, one who embraces their darkness as existing and part of their being, but chooses to not manifest it. And one who is incapable of maliciousness and denies their darkness is not necessarily moral, but rather naive and vulnerable. It’s a kinda dark perspective if you think about it. But interesting. •
Jordan Peterson (modern psychologist/author) makes an analogy to this idea of the “Shadow” comparing it to martial arts. He explains that while martial artists avoid having to fight in any instance of conflict, they are confident in their ability and are capable of doing so when/if necessary. In many cases, that confident persona alone prevents conflict from escalating further. Being timid and harmless doesn’t make you necessarily moral, it just makes you more subject to oppression. I think that’s what YG meant.. “Stay Dangerous” so no one can fuck with you! but a disciplined dangerous lol keep it bool, ya feel me? hahah okay anyways...

Coherently, the principle emphasizes that the acceptance and integration of the Shadow allows one to become more in touch with the wholeness of one’s self. It suggests that being wholesome is superior to being all “good.” Living this way gives us more control over our Shadow, rather than allowing it to manifesting in an unpredictable manner(which can be dangerous).“Taming the beast” I guess you can say. It suggests that in order to be able to deal with malevolence, darkness, negativity, etc. we must be in touch with our own and integrate it as part of our psyche.

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I think the hardest part of reaching a goal is the first step: knowing exactly what that goal is, knowing what you want out of life. The answer seems simple.. you want something, so you go get it. But it’s easier said than done. It’s crucial to constantly assess what that is, if it’s real, if it’ll really benefit you (what we want can change, it might not be what we really want, it does not always overlap with what we need) and what we’re going to do to get it. When that answer is clear, it’s much easier to dedicate our time and energy towards it and we will naturally gravitate towards the behaviors that will bring us closer to it. When the answer is unclear, we’re lost. We either think we know or we just don’t know. So our actions and behaviors seem to lead us no where and it’s easier to sacrifice productivity because we’re not fully in touch with what these wants. Sometimes our actions satisfy only our immediate or short-term wants/needs and, in turn, affect our long-term goals. It’s a complex journey. IT’S OKAY to not know right away, it’s okay to be lost, but we have to be aware of where/how our time and energy is being invested. It takes time. Find your purpose. | SWIPE for some simple questions I quoted from Jordan Peterson (clinical psychologist and author, he’s got some good stuff check him out) that you can ask yourself to set yourself up for the coming few years. #Mindfulness #PFLS #UltimateSportNutrition #Vasty #Classic

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As I’m get older I’m really learning to see the beauty in transparency. Like the willingness to express vulnerability, being able to accept it for its rawness. It’s part of being aware and mindful. I think it’s such an important aspect of having a healthy mind and soul. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. It’s okay to not have it all figured out. Easy to say for a pretty expressive person myself, but I understand that it’s harder for some people to open up than others. However, I think a big part of it is about finding the people you trust with your inner being; every version, every part, good or bad and not feeling judged. I’ve found that my strongest relationships are built on that transparency. Along with that comes learning from one another and progressing. Its foundation is a connection based on loyalty to and acceptance of each other’s true “self” and not necessarily on what each person has to offer to fill each other’s superficial needs. It’s a mutual and unconditional commitment to each other’s growth regardless of the outside circumstances. These are the people we go out of our way for just out sheer of love.... It makes for a much more meaningful life. Overtime we learn to embrace our inner “self” and learn how we can project that into the world with a positive light and share it with the people we love. (Don’t have to tag ya’ll cus you know who you are lol) That is where real happiness lies. If you go searching for it elsewhere, you’ll eventually be left at a dead end every time. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone in our own bubble. (I know this is ironic cus I’m alone in this pic lol) | p.s if you zoom in, you can see the sugar left over on my lip from the donut I had 🙃 lolol #Graytful #Mindfulness #PFLS #UltimateSportNutrition #Vasty

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Spring 2014 (my very first check-in picture with @djpure @purefit_lifestyle) , 216lbs ⏩ Summer 2018 (last prep) 170lbs | The biggest and most important part of this transformation goes far beyond what you can physically see in these pictures. I’ve learned over time that there’s really never a “right time” to start making the right decisions to better ourselves. We have to stop waiting for the feeling of motivation, stop waiting for the “right circumstances”, stop waiting for other people to push us to do something, stop blaming the outside world for our setbacks. Entitlement will be our biggest downfall. Yes, life throws some curveballs at us sometimes, but how can we expect to move forward if we let the outside world dictate how our lives play out? The moment we place the responsibility on ourselves, gain that control and understand that we’re not entitled to a better life is the moment things start rolling. We must find contentment in ourselves and just find the excitement and joy of each day, making the right decisions moving forward rather than complaining about not being where we want to be yet and what we don’t have. You create your own reality. Much love, y’all! Happy Tuesday🙏🏽 #PFLS #UltimateSportNutrition #Vasty #Mindfulness #TransformationTuesday

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