Life is a Celebration
Wake up
It's all made up
Your thoughts are not the end, the truth, the only way
Radical change is possible at any moment. All you have to do is decide
Nothing is ever lost
Be yourself (duh!)
Think for yourself
Don't let others live your life for you.
It's okay to let go. Of what others think, of what others expect of you, of what others are doing.
It's okay to focus on your own happiness and growth.
If your Joy is your compass, you will never be lost. Joy is the true north star of the epically fulfilled, beautifully evolved human person.
Trust life for although your minds been filled with fear, life is an infinite intelligence that wills your highest expression of JOY. Maybe God's a coping mechanism for many of us but that doesn't mean "he" ain't on our side 😛
A person who is centered in themselves cannot be controlled by anything
A person who is in touch with the ecstasy of existence, the bliss of their own being, cannot be controlled by anything, no ideologies, structures or societies
Ecstasy is rebellion. Bliss is rebellion. Joy is radical. Joy is epic
Don't be normal if normal means, electing to be miserable, apathetic and boring
Don't be afraid to fly, to be unique. in other words... to BE YOURSELF
you will be surprised at the infinite ocean of support that awaits every single decision you make that leads you closer to your authentic self.
So, who tf are you? Don't let me decide for you. Don't let anyone decide for you
I know I'm awesome even if I've been terrified into thinking otherwise by this mad culture. I'm a queen. I'm divine. That's just the truth man . So R U
I M A W E S O M E and this jasmine oolong tea has me FEELIN F I N E 🍃💚🍃 #osho #my #lover 💙
#futureherbalist #ullsee #timeandspacetraveler
I live on the moon
That's how I like it

Don't. Stop. Trying.
#alittlemore effort
#patience required
#havefaith and #encourage yourself
#alltheway 2 #victory #ullsee 👊

At Berlin after the show w talented performer @redrumperformanceart 😻#drag #costume #performance #fakeantonlavey 😈 #ullsee #weee

#Cloud #Cloud 😉😇☁️👱‍♀️💙.... 👍😂/// -☀️#A 👱‍♂️⚡️#1st ☀️💛⚡️
#I #Always #Win 💛☀️... #Ullsee :-))) ☀️⚡️

Some people might think that this is for them but it's not. it happened to me and anyone who has ever made a wrong decision. Some of them just dont want to change and prefer being the kind of person who enjoys hurting other person for no reason but one day when it happens to them they will understand everything and hopefully they will be regret for causing so much pain. we can pardon one mistake but the second one we will know that is on purpose and they are just the way they are... Persons with bad feelings and with so much hate in their heart. we must keep going with our life and be proud because every second of our life we've learnt a lot. the key has always been in our hands we just have to open our eyes and our heart then good things will happen in our life. #justwait #ullsee

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