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Pretty sure happiness tastes like this 🍽 #ulekanbali @ulekanbali

La zona donde tenemos la casa no es muy turística, así que encontrar este magnífico restaurante a cinco minutos caminando ha sido un auténtico privilegio. Buena comida y el exquisito servicio balinés. Muy recomendable.
#ulekanbali #bali #balifood #viajaresunplacer #pinpifamily

If you can't touch the stars, at least you can see it spreads perfectly in the night.
@ulekanbali #ulekanbali #bali #deliciousbali

Best Indonesian cuisine 🙌🏽 #ulekanbali

Checked out another good restaurant on our last day here. Food was yummy! #bali #ulekanbali #thebalibible #instatravel #instaholiday #instacouple #holiday #lastday

At the new delicious restaurant @ulekanbali
#ulekanbali #canggu #luna

#masakanindonesia #masakanbali
#名古屋カフェ #バリ島和るんWAMO
#spice#cobek#ulekan#ulekanbali #masakanjepang #nagoya#nagoyacafe

Indonesian food @Berawa #ulekanbali

• We Love •

Wednesday lunches at @ulekanbali are so relaxing. The ambience here is so relaxing, green and inspiring.
Enjoy the best midday meals and early dinners of the most flavorful Indonesian food in Bali.
Organic. Locally cultivated.
No msg. No palm oil.
Only the true goodness of the archipelago.
See you at the dining table tonight!


#masakanindonesia #masakanbali
#名古屋カフェ #バリ島和るんWAMO
#spice#cobek#ulekan#ulekanbali #masakanjepang #nagoya#nagoyacafe

• All Out •

Let’s roll out the mat and have a glorious late lunch and celebrate!
The ☀️ is finally out!
It’s all good food and great vibes here at @ulekanbali 🌴💚 Take your time and the rich flavors of truly authentic Indo style cuisine 🍃
Selamat Makan! 🙏🏽
📷: @getuncomfortable

• Refreshing •
Some like it hot!
Swing by @ulekanbali for some cool refreshments 🌴❤️
Perfect for a hot day like today 🙃
@happykombucha delicious elixirs for a healthy tummy 👋🏽

• Local Ride •
Goin’ ‘round the ‘Gu?
Take the trusty Scoopy! It’s the best way to get from point A to point C 😉
Ride this on the way to lunch at
U L E K A N 💚👋🏽 Nasi Campur waiting! 🍛 📷: @alongdustyroads

Checked out another good restaurant on our last day here. Food was yummy! #bali #ulekanbali #thebalibible #instatravel #instaholiday #instacouple #holiday #lastday

• Local Life •

Start your day with something homegrown! 🌴
We love the Jagung Bakar! Grilled corn on the cob charred to perfection.
A little spicy chili here. A bit of creamy butter there. It’s just such a local classic that’s so irresistibly good! 🌽
Easy and yummy 👍🏽 A great companion while taking in the refreshing salty air by the beach ✌🏽Try our own version at @ulekanbali!
Less sand and punchy flavor 😉
You’re gonna love it! 😍

Pretty sure happiness tastes like this 🍽 #ulekanbali @ulekanbali

∙ Sashi ​x U L E K A N ​∙ We love great local talent and good sounds ​at U L E K A N.

Lavish in a delicious weekend dinner of traditional Indonesian
favorites made even more special.
Sashi is back this Saturday for another electric performance of great covers you'll surely love.
Performance from 7 pm 'til last song.
Talk about a sweet ending!
Happy weekend! ⚡️🌴✌🏽

• Beautiful •

Another beautiful performance by the talented Legong dancers last night 🙏🏽
Celebrating traditional art and culture in modern times.
We love, cherish and respect Balinese style and this admittedly is one of our favorites.
We hope to see you again tonight for another musical set by Sashi ⚡️
7 pm. Have a great Saturday! 💚

What’s this goodness all about?
It’s our new go-to fave at @ulekanbali.. the “Udang Super” kings prawns marinated in sweet & sour tamarind, chilli, soy & shallot dressing. Try it tonight, and catch their free Legong Dance performance from 7pm (book a table to avoid disappointment)
👈🏽 Swipe left to view poster with details of this weekly event
📸 @kautsarrar
📍 Ulekan Bali - Jl Tegal Sari, Canggu
👆🏽Find Ulekan in the RESTAURANTS section of www.cangguguide.com (link in bio)

∙ Legong ​at U L E K A N ∙ ​Selamat Malam!
Welcome to the ​Legong at U L E K A N.​
Get inspired with a beautiful performance, Bali style.​
On Fridays we celebrate Indonesian arts, culture and food.
Be entertained with live Balinese traditional dancers -
∙ Dance Performance Schedule ∙
7 pm and 730 pm.

Relish in the amazing and fantastic classic dishes at
U L E K A N.
Indonesian dinners with authentic style and flair. ​Show some local love this weekend.​​

One of our favorite restaurants in Bali for casual dining and excellent Indonesian food is Ulekan. Set in a traditional, open-air, wooden Juglo house, and decorated with a beautiful eye, it's also a very lovely place to sit and spend time. They've recently updated their menu, and are now serving tapas-sized portions of a wide range of Indonesian dishes, all for only around $1-2 each. This was some of our lunch on Saturday; we had everything from spicy shredded chicken, beef rendang, to jackfruit curry, and spiced calamari. I love variety, and family style dining where everyone shares, so this was like hitting the jackpot! Even the little ceramic serving bowls are pretty :-) Check out the link in my profile for more Bali recommendations 🌴

The best 'mie goreng', Indonesian fried egg noodles, I've found in Bali. Highly recommend! Check out the link in my profile for more Bali recommendations :-)

Just settling in to dinner at @ulekanbali - our fave Indonesian restaurant in the Gu.. did you know that there’s a traditional Legong dance performance every Friday night at Ulekan?!? Stay tuned to our Instagram story tonight to check it out.
👈🏽 Swipe left for a poster with details of this weekly event
📍Ulekan Bali - Jl Tegal Sari, Canggu
👆🏽 Find Ulekan in the RESTAURANTS section of www.cangguguide.com (link in bio)

• Green Days •

It doesn't get any greener or fresher than from the farm. The day's pick for your delicious lunch at U L E K A N🍃
We love our sayur a.k.a. Veggies!
Try the Rijsttafel for lunch and get a healthy load of Indonesian faves such as Gado Gado or Tahu Tek salads,
Cap Cay 🥗 or Terong Balado 🍆 👍🏽
See you all soon and have an amazing Friday! 😊

The generous source of our everyday staples and favorite food.
Everything we need to make the most delicious Indonesian dishes are here.
Local organic rice, vegetables and fruits from our Canggu farming communities.
We're so grateful to work together with such amazing families helping us to bring goodfood to your tables.
Have a great day!
See you all for lunch at U L E K A N 🙏🏽 🍃 📷: @pazfourcard x @ulekanbali

It's not how much we give but how much we put into giving.
Our beautiful and amazing team from @goodfoodbrotherhood x @ulekanbali
sharing some love and taking time for less fortunate brothers and sisters near Karangasem.
We're praying for you and keeping the help coming.
Hoping for the best and always keeping those affected by Mt. Agung evac relief efforts in mind.
Stay warm tonight 🙏🏽💙


Ubud View 💚
hashtag beautiful 😉 We're loving the visuals here and the blessings of nature. The modern world can engage us with cool new things but this view never ever gets old ✌🏽

Friday night dinner plans? @ulekanbali has got you covered! All your favourite Indonesian dishes minus the MSG & palm oil! 😅 Stick around after a few drinks for the enchanting traditional Legong dancers. Dinner and show - how's that for a Friday night in the GU!?
📸 @kautsarrar
📍Ulekan Bali - Jl Tegal Sari, Canggu
👆Find Ulekan in the RESTURANTS section of www.cangguguide.com (link in bio).

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