Most of you know I live with crohns which requires IV treatment every 4 weeks and I put on my amazing leather cuff and goes with my hospital bracelet, don’t you think?! PS I got dressed in real@clothes and did my hair to make myself feel better! .
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Cute new heat packs from @wiliheatbags 🙏🏼💖 living in a super old house, where the bedrooms get a bit chilly, it was time to get myself hooked up with some cute, and non stinky heat packs! Look at the cute ice team one for my 3 year old! All different shapes and sizes. The heat packs are handmade and filled with 100% OZ grown Lupins, allergy and odour free and retains its heat longer than wheat. And I love the designs! Cannot wait to use tonight. 😍🙌🏼🙏🏼💜💖🌈💚

Life has a funny way of delivering events & problems to us at inopportune times, don’t we all agree? It’s like the Universe knows when we are battling hard and about to drop to our knees, IT wants to hit us one more time with a powerful blow that may take us all the way down to the floor.
So what do we do? Do we fold and push our cards in? Do we quit, give up, & try again tomorrow? Do we call our friends & family & bitch & moan to everyone that will listen?
No, we don’t do any of these things because not one of them has worked for us in the past yet we have all tried them, ME included.
Which brings me to my experience that occurred yesterday.
It began with bad news about my family, followed by bad news about my health, followed by the internet going out, my phone breaking, fraud on my credit card, a sick friend who I learned was dying, & it just went downhill from here. Anything that could have gone wrong yesterday went wrong & I wanted so badly to just lay down & call it a day & hide.
Thankfully I didn’t do any of these things because first & foremost, I own a level of commitment that would never allow me to cxl anything w anyone, so I sucked it up & fought through, but I still had this pit in my stomach.
As I was leaving my office last night, an old friend of my dad’s called me to check on my folks. He asked how my day was & no matter how hard I am on the outside, I finally broke down & shared with him my day.
He said “Danny, do you have a newspaper close by? I do Roger, there’s one on my office table. Pick it up young man, don’t read that first page either, that will just make your day worse, he laughed. Turn to page 23 or 24 Danny, towards the back. I flipped through the pages & opened up page 24. The obituaries I said. Yes, he exclaimed, Danny those 18 people on that page right there would trade you for your life & all of your problems in the drop of a hat, as their lives have moved on. The next time you think you have it rough, or you’re having a ‘bad’ day son, remember those that passed on today & how easily that could be YOU.”

We are stronger than we sometimes feel! Keep fighting! You have got this!
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Quick pump since shoulder is still giving me trouble 😑... Gym grind don’t stop for me !!! It’s almost the end of the week keep grinding fam!!

Honey lemon and ginger tea when your feeling under the weather!
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I WENT TO SEE MY ACUPUNCTURIST who trained as a gastroenterologist in China and he is so smart. I’ve been meaning to get herbs from him for awhile - I credit him for helping me heal #crohnsdisease #ibd #ulcerativecolitis (I was first diagnosed with UC but another doctor said Crohns - whatever, my insides are fucked up) back in the 90s which I was told repeatedly was “impossible. I didn’t even give him an update on what was happening, he immediately said “motility problems, nerve damage and scar tissue.” So these herbs are to help the peristalsis of my sluggish intestines. His herbs taste like crap but are amazing, so I’m glad I rallied for appt!!! #chineseherbs #herbs #naturalhealing #acpuncture #coloncancer #lynchsyndrome #disabled #disability #cancer #cancersurvivor #tummyissues #guthealth #guthealing #healing #keepgoing #nevergiveup 🤘🏼

Nellie and I whipped up a batch of her fave cookies last week to celebrate her first day of daycare! 💕
I'm having a lot of feelings about this transition. And so is she. 🙃
Please send us all your good, trust-the-process, vibes! (And tell me it gets easier..) 😉
Cran Oatmeal Cookies are on the blog: https://www.hollybryson.com/blog/cranberry-oatmeal-cookies
We used dried mango for the cran this time. 👌

Sometimes my legs will get extremely itchy, so I’m a bit specific about the types of pants I’ll wear. I love leggings and yoga pants but I can’t wear them for too long or else it exacerbates itching. I think i do better with cotton instead of synthetic material for clothing that is tighter fitting. As for skinny jeans, softer and lighter weight ones work better for me. I have also found that @prana pants work well for me as they are a cooler material, though sometimes synthetic and tighter fitting.
It’s always confusing whether I’m itchy because of clothing, dry skin, eczema, liver problems, or a random rash...
But I have also found some things to help my skin that don’t sting 😊

During my years of coaching and personal experience, I have learned that most women are chronic over-spenders when it comes to their time and energy.

I have no doubt that it is often your deep sense of responsibility, compassion, and caring that moves you to extend yourself on behalf of others. A problem arises, however, when you give to the point that you begin to lose sight of your own needs.

This is when you begin to incur energy debt.

If you were in financial debt, what would you do? While many people may dream of a quick fix like winning the lottery, the truth is that it is a process that takes time and commitment. With the help of a professional advisor, there are practical steps you can take to improve your situation. The same principle applies to your physical energy.

It's finally here! Follow the link in my bio to download your free Energy Budget Workbook.

You guys...sunsets are my thing and @indianlookoutlodge delivers. We had the most amazing day on the river. Spent 5 hours relaxing, fishing, refecting...it was pure heaven. Then came back to the cabin and got to experience this while grilling our dinner. So sad to be leaving tomorrow.

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Thinking about giving up? DONT DO IT! Chronic Illnesses can be tough, but so are you! Holla’ if you feel me. 😎👊🏼 #Ostomy #Ileostomy #Colostomy #OstomyBag #Ostomate #OstomyCare #CrohnsDisease #IBD #UlcerativeColitis #PatientAdvocate #UOAA #CCFA #NoColonStillRollin #ChronicIllness #Crohns #Stoma #invisibleillness #StomaBag #DontStop #Live #DontQuit

It’s the last day to vote for the @wegohealth Awards! Follow the link in my bio to endorse me! 😊GOOD LUCK to all the nominees. Keep using your voice, shining your light, and making the world a bit better for individuals living with chronic illnesses. What you do matters! 😊💜 #Ostomy #Ileostomy #Colostomy #OstomyBag #Ostomate #OstomyCare #CrohnsDisease #IBD #UlcerativeColitis #PatientAdvocate #UOAA #CCFA #NoColonStillRollin #ChronicIllness #Crohns #Stoma #invisibleillness #StomaBag #WEGOHealth #WEGOHealthAwards

Taco bowl! Love these bowls for a quick left over lunch or dinner. I made a huge batch of this and felt like I ate it for like 5 days but it was delicious so I’m not mad about it. Lol -
Sautée veggies:
*bell peppers
Add meat. I combined home raised ground beef and ground venison courtesy of my boyfriend
*ancho chili powder *squeeze of lime *fresh cilantro
Served with: *more cilantro because I ❤️ cilantro
*fresh pick de gallo
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"Never underestimate your strength, never overestimate your weakness."

Still working on one to overcome the other 💪

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