Morning Séipéal

I'm competing in the #flyefit games today. Cardio is barely in my vocabulary but I'm gonna give it a shot. 🙈

Weight training provides us with so many benefits to fulfil a healthy lifestyle. Weight training will provide us with the ability to loose BODY FAT, gain STRENGTH without bulking, decrease risk of INJURY, osteoporosis and BACK PAIN. Burn more CALORIES, enhance mood and reduce STRESS. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
BURN MORE CALORIES AND LOOSE BODY FAT - Weight training will build lean muscle tissue which in hand will increase your metabolism. Your body is a furnace the more logs/muscle you have the faster it burns. The faster your fire/metabolism works the more calories you will burn. Waving goodbye to that body fat you want to get rid of. 🙏🏻🔥
GAIN STRENGTH WITHOUT LOOKING BULKY - I can assure you now you will not be looking like Mr Hulk anytime soon.... us ladies do not have the level of testosterone within our bodies to generate muscle tissue at the rate our fellow sexes do so please do not worry about this one you will only build a toned, healthy composition that is of no means BULKY. Science has got my back on this one. 🤓
DECREASE RISK OF INJURY AND OSTEOPOROSIS - Weight training strengthens our muscles but ALSO our bone density, connective tissue and joints. Stronger bones means less chances of fractures or broken bones Stronger joints, ligaments and tendons prevent our chances of injury throughout day to day tasks and exercising. 🚑
ENHANCE MOOD AND REDUCE STRESS - My ultimate FAV of them all.... stress and low mood is NOT something that should be part of anyone’s day. Today’s society unfortunately leads us humans to plenty of situations and scenarios that leave us feeling the effects of the above. Weight training releases endorphins ‘happy hormones’. Endorphins are signals that prevent pain, improve our mood and fight forms of depression. ‘Happy hormones’ as I like to call them are FREE and can be an ultimate life changer. ❤️❤️❤️
Happy Saturday from me and the yellow ball in the sky. Have a cracking day 🌞❤️

It's day seven of #FlexyHipsAndHammies - it's time for shiva pose 😵 it's not my favourite posture - it quite literally brings tears to my eyes😂 but it's sunny and the promise of beer gardens is getting me through today's practice 😎☀
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🎁 @toesox
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🎁 @infinitystrap
🎁 @malamalama.love
🎁 @omgoddess.clothing
List of postures:
1. Wide legged forward fold ✓
2. Hand to big toe ✓
3. Lizard ✓
4. Super soldier or compass ✓
5. Pigeon ✓
6. Frog ✓
7. Shiva or Vishvamitrasana ✓
8. EPK 2
9. Splits
10. Foot to armpit or padmasana
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@usnuk Spike and Bomb preworkout shots available now. #no1supps

Got sent these from @zincuflex to review. They are an Irish, family-run natural supplement company based in Galway.
I'm all for getting your vitamins & minerals through food but depending on your lifestyle at various times of the year a little extra help can be very beneficial.
These contain Vitamin C with Ginger & Curcumin (which is basically Tumeric) and are proven to naturally promote joint health so are beneficial in supporting healthy joint healing & alleviating stiff or aching joints, so these are especially beneficial for very active people or anyone suppering from joint conditions such as early onset artritis. This is such a common problem which results in not being able to perform at maximum effort during intense workouts.
John is also taking a course of them as because of his job he suffers from stiff joints which he does a lot of mobility based exercises for but hes delighted to try these out! So I have been asked to share an honest review (good or bad) as to whether they make a difference or not in a few weeks...however the guys @zincuflex seem really confident their product is top quality so Im excited to try them out to see first hand if its true. Thanks @zincuflex!

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Just go for it guys! Suns out, let’s get the 💪 out too 😘. Try out @claireaves_fitness_pro ‘s 8 week body blitz” if you have time and are not in a rush to shred the pounds and sculpt the body which in return you will gain better results then this is the plan for you. 💥 Burn fat 💥Leaner physique 💥Sculpt and define 💥Real results
What you get
🔸Mobile app 🔸Structured training plan 🔸Diet plan 🔸Your own unique login details to my system 🔸Personalised mobile app with all plans 🔸Every exercise with video demonstration 🔸24/7 support via WhatsApp / email 🔸Private facebook group with other BLITZERS 🔸Weekly checkins 💎All this for only £99 normally £199 💎

Visit her website

WWW.CLAIREAVESFITNESS.COM 📧claire@claireavesfitness.com

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Fuel before my Fat Burn class at @puregymbromley this morning 💪🏼 Wholemeal toast 🍞 avocado 🥑 boiled eggs 🥚 and chilli flakes 🌶

Gymshark flex.⁣

Still unsure whether I like them or not?🤔 ⁣

The flex collection has never really fitted me well and I find they accentuate the parts of my body I’m not to keen on (my hips) whereas the seamless sit on my waist which is one of my fav parts of my body but I wanted to try something new! ⁣

I’ve had such a major bloat on this week and I’m not sure why, I’ve been on a deficit all week to yet my belly has remained bloated I’ve tried all sorts to get it to go down, charcoal capsules drinking more water less fizzy stuff etc.⁣

Anyone got any magic cures for bloats? Let me know please!!😩. ⁣

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WOW 😍 Had the best lunch yesterday with @loulourandall at @sticksnsushi at The Nova Building, Victoria 🥢 We shared EDAMAME BEANS grilled (who knew you could have them grilled, they were amazing!!) 🍱 EBI BITES Tempura Shrimp, miso aïoli, chilli, lime & coriander 🍤 HOTATE KATAIFI Scallops in kataifi with miso aïoli, trout roe 🐚 MAKI MAKI - SALMON CEVICHE Salmon, avocado, cucumber, red onion, coriander & lime 🐟 HELL’S KITCHEN Tempura shrimp, avocado, tuna & barbecue sauce 🥑 EBI PANKO Tempura shrimp, spicy sauce, avocado & sesame 🦐 SHAKE AÏOLI Snow peas, avocado, cucumber, miso aïoli, seared salmon & trout roe 🍣 Washed down with a HATO Tequila combined with green tea and hibiscus liquor, grapefruit, lemon agave 🍹 DELICIOUS 😋


40% more amino acids than conventional formulas

tastes amazing with zero sugars and with a caffeine kick

3.2g of BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine)

1.8g of Citruline Malate

1g of Beta Alanine

1g of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Available from our website www.mycoresupplements.ie for just €19.95.
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Check out this post by @marcinevin. If you like alcohol, this post is for you. Read if you want to know how alcohol affects fat loss progress...
If you are working towards any type of health or physique goal then I hate to break it to you, but drinking alcohol, at least regularly, isn’t doing you any favors. A drink here and there may not have any major implications, but imbibing regularly certainly can.
Hands down the issue I see holding people back the most is drinking far too much or too often. Yeah I know, you’re tired, stressed, don’t want to look lame in front of your friends, etc. etc. But if at the same time you’re truly that frustrated with your lack of progress, then it’s time you take a good hard look at what’s more important. Your nightly glass(es) of wine, or the results you say you want so badly?
Not only is alcohol nothing but empty calories that do nothing for satiety, it’s a poison your body wants to get rid of ASAP. To do so, it shuts down digestion of other macros, like fat and carbs, making them easier to be stored as fat. And let’s be honest, how many times has your drinking happened along side eating high calorie foods like pizza, chips, sweets?
Alcohol increases appetite and cravings, while at the same time lowering inhibitions around food. So not only will you want to indulge more, you’ll be more likely to do so because you’re decision making isn’t as good as it would be had you not been a little tipsy.
Drinking frequently can impair both performance and recovery from exercise, meaning you won’t be able to train with as hard or possibly as frequently, which can impact your rate of strength and muscle gain.
Hormone and gut health isn’t talked about as much as it should, but it’s extremely important. Alcohol can damage the lining of the gut and disrupt gut flora, which will impair fat burning and how the body digests food. It also can mess with the levels of hormones that build muscle and burn fat.
Getting enough sleep is crucial to optimizing health and achieving a desirable physique. But alcohol disrupts sleep quality, especially REM sleep which is when your body does most of it’s recovery work.

#PANATTA DYNAMIC FUNCTIONAL CAGE (DFC) | add more function to your gym with our Panatta, catering for all sectors, sizes and function needs (#finance packages available)

#UK Following FIBO we are providing our new lines at almost half price for the next 12 weeks , you’re welcome 🤩

#Bespoke finishes
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For details - Craig.ingley@panattasport.com

Craig Ingley
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+44 7985 084613

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Yesterday mornings breakfast ☀️ Sticking to @emily_c_kennedy_’s tip with protein before my lunch out 🍽 @puremadeforyou scrambled eggs with spinach, petite pois & sautéed mushrooms 🍳🍃🍄

👀 erm I think I'm off the shoulder 👗 ready 😂😋. So the weekend is here and it's usually when people fall off plan.

Personally I think if you are falling off every weekend there is a disconnect. Either your eating plan is too restrictive or you still hold negative views on what your doing. Eg. eating healthy is boring so I must reward myself with other food.

I have plenty of stay on track but still live 😂 strategies. Let's talk and see if I can help.

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🙏Another successful Push session 🙏
✖️Ended up getting a late leg workout in last night (well..6pm🤦🏻‍♂️) and due to niggles I really reduced the load but just went crazy with Leg Extensions And Calves; next to no rest and a tonne of failure work🤷🏻‍♂️ definitely worked up a sweat and really made things interesting!
✖️But this morning I felt really good and was in the gym before 7am to high my 2nd push session where I start with overhead press. -
Full Workout:
👉OHP: 4x8@47.5kg
👉DB Flat Chest Press: 4x9@30kg
👉Machine Flies: 3x11@59kg
👉Rope Tricep Extensions: 4x15@14.7kg
👉Dips: 2x15
❗️Quick, efficient and got me feeling good for the day! I definitely need to evaluate my training soon though as I really enjoy my 2nd group of training but not my 1st as much 🤔 Think it may be due to the time spent in the gym on the 1st group!

Unfiltered. Untouched. Either good lighting, useful angle, or some slow steps in the right direction. Baby steps. Upped the calorie output this week and was pushed to limit by @holdenfitness this week. Also upped the game with week2 of #gymfit4.
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Follow my coaches @alexcrockford #CrockFit and David Holden @holdenfitness -----------------------------------
Check out the awesome musclefit shirts, jeans and T-shirts from @tailoredathlete -----------------------------------
Fuelled by @incite_nutrition. Discount code DEREKLAMBIE10 for 10% off

Post show. Current situation and starting point of my next prep. So what’s next? My answer is of course to tighten things up slightly and to be absolutely diced in 7 weeks when I’m on that stage in Spain 🇪🇸 Let’s see what level of leaness we can achieve. I’m ready for it 😈🔪

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