NEVER underestimate the POWER within YOU! 💋 #youweremadeformore #CRUSHtoday

“Remember to appreciate what you have in front of you now. Even if you haven’t accomplished all you want to accomplish, cherish the journey. Admire all the hard work you’re putting in. You’re doing absolutely fantastic.” #shineyourlightBRIGHT

It's very apparent the more I get to know me...the more I learn I can't bare waste in any form...least of all time (may go some to understanding why have sod all patience!) .
So being early to teach my class tonight meant I had to do something (weirdo!) Now I hate hill sprints...So that's exactly why i did it. I didn't give myself the chance to find an excuse or alternative because I knew I would. I jumped on and pressed go because despite having no love, desire or motivation to do it...I was determined and dedicated to not waste time & not be beaten. Sometimes...you gotta do the sh*t you hate to get the things you want.
▪15% incline (MAX)
▪13.5-14.5kph (or your max speed be it lower or faster)
▪20 secs sprint | 40 secs total rest
▪ 10 x rounds

So I bought my new @unchainedmuscle long sleeved 't' a size too big and set my self the goal to bulk up enough to fill it - can I do it ? Buy one too and join me in the challenge 🤸‍♂️🏋️‍♂️💪👊 use the link in my bio and use code JCL15 to get 15% off.
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✨Life is better when you have Amazing women by your side lifting you up Everyday✨
I love these girls right here!
Are we different? Yes we are!
Are we different ages? Yes we are!
Different personalities? Yep!
But we each have one thing in common...a passion for helping others and I know God put us together for a reason!❤️🙏🏼
I work from home.
I make an income wearing workout clothes...HELL YEAH!
I workout and eat healthy about 80% of the time.
And I simply share these things in social media In hopes of inspiring others.
YOU could totally do this‼️
Its fun and more then anything it keeps me accountable on my own journey!
There is no secret and I am no one special, I am just like you! I definitely started it afraid and wondered if I could really do this?? But I had to lay those FEARS down and just embrace the FUN of what this really is!
I truly LOVE helping people everyday and Inspiring them to do better!
I can help you do this with me! I can help give you all the tools to be your own boss and make an income and living your best life with amazing women by your side!
Join me on Wednesday night for Sneak Peek into what it is I do as we share all the goods!! NO obligation at all, just learning and joining in on some girl time!! So grab a glass of 🍷or ☕️ and let’s have some fun!
Comment 👭 below and I will add you!!💋

Monday Motivation 💋#mondaymotivation

Sunday’s are for brunching and Banana Egg pancakes! 🥚🥞🍌🍓
Ummmmm....these were super yummy and easy to make!!! And no syrup...SAY WHAT!! These are from my 2B Mindset nutrition program I’m following and will definitely be adding these to my breakfast routine! All you need are bananas, eggs and Vanilla extract! It’s topped with yummy “whipped cream” on top with Greek yogurt and liquid stevia for a sweet taste!❤️
Why haven’t you joined you me on this amazing journey yet? You still have time to be part of my private success Mindset group! It’s time to stop dieting and time to LIVE your life free of restrictions! This program WILL change your mindset on food and health, I promise! 💋

My morning view❤️⚾️
#baseballlife #proudmama

If you want something you have to work for it. 👊🏼Even on those days when you don't feel like it. Every small effort turns into a personal accomplishment YOU make. ❤️
#happyFRIYAY #selfcare

Today’s workout!! This is only a snippet of today’s weight program. Wish I could share longer than 60 secs! .
This was one by @faisalpmafitness. It’s been weeks since I used weights, and boy have I missed it..
The final move I managed 20 secs holding the weight locked straight, you get to see the reality afterwards, in this case I drop the weight but still continued the bicep curls.
I followed this 20 min workout with a full body workout again by Mr PMA. Really enjoying varying things up.
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This right here, this moment I will cherish FOREVER! ❤️ .
It’s never easy seeing the people you love suffer and be in pain, but to get the smile from her last night was priceless and such a special memory. .
FAMILY, the people you love....that’s what’s important! Not the stresses of everyday, not work, not your to do list! It’s family, making memories and just enjoying the little things! Laughing, smiling, the beauty all around us...that’s what it’s about!!
It was an unexpected day yesterday, but so grateful I had the time to be there, it felt really good and filled my heart!❤️ Stay Strong grandma, you are a strong and a fighter...we ALL love you!!’
Here’s to making more beautiful memories!!🙏🏼

You that joy you get when mining is going just as planned, hope everyone of you are having a wonderful day today. Invest in our mining pool today and get back 75% increase in your capital in just 3-4 days of your investment. @Yuukioide0424
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All the goodness this morning for breakfast and super simple.! #veggiesmost in my eggs and all the goodness!
🌿2 cups of spinach and mushrooms with 1 tsp avocado oil, 🌿 2 eggs with a splash of egg white, 1 slice Daves Killed Bread w/ 3 strawberries ➕ annndd accessorized with a sprinkle of feta, green onions and Sriracha of course!
So delicious and totally loving the NEW nutrition based program I’m following. The #PLATEIT methods are genius and so easy to use in your everyday! #smallchanges

Breakfast consist of:
50% Protein
50% FFC (Fiber Filled Carbs) & Veggies at breakfast extra credit...YESSSS! #foodisfuel

Willpower is like a muscle, the more you train it - the stronger it gets.
Willpower is simply doing the THING you should do, but just don’t feel like doing.
We overthink so much, and before we know it with all the time wasted on the thinking, we could have done what we WANTED or NEEDED to do!
Perfect examples could be cleaning the house, maybe drinking more water, exercising, working....I mean the list could go on....
But in those moments when we don’t want to, STOP thinking and JUST DO! Within 5 seconds of whatever it is you need to do, get up and GO.
It takes practice and it’s not always easy, but when it’s done YOU will feel damn good and damn proud!🙌🏼 #nowGO
Tell me if you did something you needed to do after reading this??

✨What you think, YOU become. ✨What you feel, YOU attract. ✨What you imagine, YOU create. -Buddha .
If you want change in your life, Change the way think! #yougotthis

YOU, just as you are, are always ENOUGH!❤️
Being a mom and just a women in general, we have many responsibilities and they will definitely test our patience at times! But I had a great reminder this morning...this crazy, busy, circus like life we’re in is just a season! It will come and go before we know it, and then we will miss it!
There is no perfect family or perfect children! It’s so easy to start comparing yourself at times and asking if I’m doing everything I can?? And YES, I am! My family is my own kind of crazy, and now In this season of my life I ask for patience, grace and just grateful for having the opportunities that I do have!
So Mama’s or Ladies who are also in their own crazy circus of life, let’s SOAK IT UP! Let’s give in to all the craziness and do the best we can and LEAN in to all the LOVE and GRATITUDE around!💋

Not a huge martial arts fan...I love boxing but would actually like to hit something!
But our online workouts provide soo much variety & I always tell people to come out their comfort zones so thought I'd mix it up myself and try an alternative out of the 100s on offer #netflixoffitness .
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Oh HEY Monday!👋🏼
Let’s just say it definitely hasn’t started the way I thought. Have a sick kiddie home, tired and just getting my life together over here!🙊
Even when you’re thrown curveballs, you just gotta make them work as best as you can. .
Today I WILL be good and I will do my BEST! Especially with this being Day 1 of my nutrition based program and I let’s just say I’m beyond excited! #mindsetshifthappening .
On top of that, since I’m in between workouts and not starting my Round ✌🏼 of LIIFT until October 1st, so I decided to take it back to my JAM and do A Little Obsessed! Oh how I’ve missed my bands and sliders!!❤️
Now, this Mama is back to playing nurse and praying my girl gets better! 🙏🏼 #momlife

Just finished a home workout today as I was working from home. I had to laugh as I decided I looked fitter in black and white. 😉🤸‍♂️😍💪🏋️‍♂️🙈

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