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Ah it's so nice to see them again 😩 even tho it's a short chapter it's still nice and Akihito is still cute as usual and DADDY Asami is still daddy so nothing new there~ (⁎⁍̴ڡ⁍̴⁎)💞
✨Manga: You're My Loveprize In Viewfinder✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #youremyloveprizeinviewfinder

💞I just re-read this manga and ah it's so heartwarming and also really funny cuz the Seme is just so different from what I normally see cuz he's so flamboyent??? 😂 It's so hilarious and the Uke, Nezaki is also cute too and he kinda looks like Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs to me so- 🙃
But otherwise this is a really cute series ☺️💞
✨Manga: Sonna Me De Mite Kure✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #sonnamedemitekure

💞I LOVE BOTTOM OIKAWA LOL BYE I just can't get into Iwa-chan as an Uke rip sorry 🙃 But I loovvveeeeeee Uke Oikawa and this doujinshi is SO CUTE even tho there's no smut which was kinda disappointing 😩 But it's still a quick read and it's so cute ☺️💞
✨Doujinshi: The Bridal Night of Childhood Friend and Me✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii

💞*when you can tell it's your Seme just by him groping your ass #goals*💞
✨Manga: Shiri Fechi Nanka Ni Sukarete Tamaru Ka!✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #shirifechinankanisukaretetamaruka

💞His nickname should be Momo (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾*✭ Little peach boi~🍑 His hair color's like a peach too uwu💞
✨Manhwa: 19 Days✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #19days

💞Lol Kishi gets so excited to anything Science related it's cute 😂💘💞
✨Manga: Sick✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #sick

💞THIS MANGA WAS SURPRISINGLY GOOD?? OMG I was always curious about this manga ever since the first chapter came out but I was always skeptical so I just read it and OMG I reallllyyyyyy liked it 😍 I love how the Uke Yayoi loves Chitose regardless that he's a vampire (yes a vampire) but I really wanted to know more about Chitose tho but I really hope we get more chapters cuz this one is really interesting ~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ~💞
✨Manga: Hana To Junketsu✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #hanatojunketsu

💞This manga is really cute it's just a few one shots but they're really cute and I love cute fluffy manga it's probably my fav just because FLUFF (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾*✭
But this Uke Mitsuya caught my eye more than the other ones probably cuz he looks like Riku from Prince Of Stride BUT THAT'S JUST ME •̀.̫•́✧
But check this out if you just want something quick and fast to read even tho I'd really love more chapters 😩💞
✨Manga: Koori Ga Tokeru No O Matteru✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #koorigatokerunoomatteru

💞I really love Akihito not just as an Uke but as a character as well I really like him ☺️ BUT idk if it's just me but whenever I read a manga, it stops updating? Or just goes really slow? Like before I read Viewfinder there would be updates left and right but ever since I've read it there's like no updates?? WHAT DID I DO I'M SORRY?? ;A;💞
✨Manga: You're My Loveprize In Viewfinder✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #youremyloveprizeinviewfinder

💞Lol Kishi's so cute when he's drunk 😂
Omg @ukestage THIS WOULD BE US JUST SAYIN 👀💞✨Manga: Sick✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #sick

I'm glad to see a new chapter and omg this part when Shin was looking up if a hotel would let 2 guys in made me laugh 😂💞✨Manga: Kitto Kiss O Suru Toki✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #kittokissosurutoki

💞I MISS THIS MANGA OMG 😭 I love this one so much it's so sweet and I just love the relationship between Ryouichirou and Qaltaqa 💘 And I love Ryouichirou so much 😚 To me he doesn't seem like the "typical Uke" ?? Or idk how to say it he just looks different from other Uke's I've seen and I really like that ☺️💞✨Manga: Mother's Spirit✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #mothersspirit

💞AH this manga is so good 😩 It's not that long too only 5 chapters but honestly I love it and Yuuya is cute as well he's always saying that he loves Tsukasa (or Sensei lol) it makes me feel all fuzzy inside ☺️ IN A GOOD WAY💞✨Manga: Omae Wa Hitsuji✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #omaewahitsuji

💞OMFG THIS CHAPTER WAS EVERYTHING AND YUUJI IS SO FUCKING CUTE I'M GONNA DIE OMG I CAN'T PLS READ THIS 😩😍💞✨Manga: Omairi Desu Yo✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #omairidesuyo

💞I just read this manga and OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD IT WAS SO CUTE SCREEEEE 😍 Especially Asahina the Uke he's ADORABLE omg 😭 Ah I really want more chapters of this omg it is so good and cute pls read this one guys 😩🙏🏻💘💞✨Manga: Kore Wa Koi Ni Fukumaremasu Ka✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #korewakoinifukumaremasuka

💞LOOK AT THIS ANGEL I'M GONNA CRY 😩😭💘💞✨Manga: Ten Count✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #tencount

💞AH I MISSED THIS MANGA SM AND KIRARA TOO IT'S BEEN TOO LONG 😩 Wah I missed Kirara and his cute face but now I have to wait for another update tho which sucks 😭💞✨Manga: Ashita Wa Docchi Da!✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #ashitawadocchida

💞I just found this manga but I can tell its gonna be good 😂 Idk I'm starting to like older Uke's rn too and Hiroto is one also ☺️ Yo check this one out if you haven't already it's really adorable💘💞✨Manga: Itadakitasu, Gochisou-sama✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #itadakimasugochisousama

💞The Escape Journey update makes me question all life TBH why is there SM angst why can't Naoto be happy I'm gonna cry 😩😭💞✨Manga: Escape Journey✨ #ukesunday #ukeappreciationday #yaoi #kawaii #escapejourney

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