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When you love marble so much you paint your face with marble brushes..are these not the most beaut brushes you've ever seen!? 😍 This @obsession kit is now half price on the @bootsuk website 🎉🎉🎉 it includes 1 solid brush cleaner (that smells SO good), 5 brushes, 1 silicone blender and potentially my new fave marble blending sponge. Tag a marble-lover that NEEDS this kit! #sp

It is the season to sparkle ✨♥️✨ @izabelafelinski #izabelafelinski

Left photo: morning not eaten⠀
Right photo: evening full of food, bloated on my period⠀

Girls, the way I wake up in the mornings isn’t the way I look when I go to bed at night.⠀

I often get bloated and once I’ve eaten my stomach expands. I sometimes have to loosen my jeans if I eaten too much 😂⠀

My body also changes when I’m on my period, but guess what that’s normal! That’s natural and there’s nothing in the world that should make you feel abnormal about it!⠀

Different times of the day and different times of the month affect our bodies.⠀

I just wanted to the difference in my morning photo to my evening photo after I’ve eaten all day! 🙊⠀

So let’s keep it real and remember that when you wake up in the morning and feel super light isn’t always going to be the case once you’ve had your full day of nutritious meals! I certainly don’t look like the left when I go to bed! ⠀

Ps: bloating isn’t fun if you suffer badly please seek medical advice.⠀

#keepingitreal #bodypositive #bodypositivity #girlgains #sexyhasnosize #curvygirl

Current address: #OTK Boots!😉🙃
📸Photographed by @Stevie_zeephoto 💥
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My baby sister leaves for Los Angeles, California in 42 days and I can’t believe I’m not going to see her until a few weeks before my wedding! @lucyelwin is the best sister anyone could ever pray for 🧡 strong, courageous, and the most faith-filled, God-centred human I have ever and will ever know! I’m going to miss you so much, Lu! But, I’m so excited for your new adventure you’re taking at The LA Dream Center with @bethanrdavies 🧡🙏🏼 #nickielise #thetruthdiaries #sisterssisterstherewereneversuchdevotedsisters

I just want you to know this, you are not what everyone thinks of you. You are what YOU think of yourself. | 📸 ph credit: me {@cyrenamonique}

spent the day being a tourist with my flower @g_lebasi 🌸
wearing @lilylulufashion ‘pink faux fur stripe balloon sleeve sweatshirt jumper grey’ - use code TOYAM15 for 15% off your next purchase✨ #lilylulufashion

Been extra AF 🍇🛀🏾 #BALMAINARMY

Ain't no shame in my teddy game 🐻 If you only buy one coat this season, I would highly recommend one of these fluffy numbers! Have a blessed Saturday beautiful people ❤️


Today I launched my new website for my little t-shirt brand! 😍
We do ready to buy tees like this one as well as personalised pet tees 💖
check out the website! link in bio 💖🎊☺
#ukbloggers #fbloggersuk

😑 When you just can’t decide if you need another coat for your collection..... KEEP OR SELL? Answer my poll in my story. 🖤

“This little pot of charcoal is an absolute dream for whitening my teeth, and it’s so easy to use 🙌🏼 And @lalunenoireuk are donating £1 from every pot sold to Cruelty Free International! 🐰” - @iamemmawilde ⠀⠀





⠀ ⠀
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handsinframe cake @cirebonsultana .

This little one is so stubborn sometimes. It was so cold this morning. Frost on cars etc. However on the walk to the shops he moaned that he was hot. Said he didn’t like his coat being done up. Yet the first thing he says as we approach our road on the way back. It’s really cold daddy🙈🙈🙈 Good job I love him ❤️

Cliche Photo Caption: Looking forward to the Black Friday Deals 😂 What brands are you going to check? I am having definitely going to check deals from @karen_millen @urbandecaycosmetics @johnlewisretail @nikewomen @sweatybetty @elemis and @thisworksofficial

⭐️ The weekend is nearly over for another week. After a lovely visiting Santa 🎅🏻 at @bonaccordaberdeen as part of #bonaccordchristmas yesterday then a trip to the #aberdeenchristmasvillage today I’m starting to get into the festive spirit - maybe time to get the decorations out soon?! 🎄 ⭐️

Going into 2018 content with my work ethic, at peace with my mind & leaving a lot of dead weight behind. 💅🏾 I’ve got no time for nonsense. Dress: @nastygal #NastyGalsDoItBetter #ad

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