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When you become the twin emoji 👯in real life with @simonnehorman!!! Thanks @shopadorabelles!!! #UIFI2017 #UIFILambdaPsi

It was nothing short of a life changing experience out here in Indiana the past few days... I would not only like to thank the brothers of phi gamma delta that I was fortunate enough to meet, but also my brothers & sisters representing dozens of organizations across the country! Let's make Greek life great again one day at a time! #TrustTheProcess #UIFI2017

#WhereInTheWorldIsMyCommonReading ? Well, Leader Nick Trotter took his along to the ΑΟΠ house at Indiana University when he attended the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute(UIFI) last week. Nick will be a junior this fall and is a member of ΦΜΔ on our campus. About UIFI he says, "This experience was life-changing. I feel incredibly empowered as a Greek leader now!" He encourages everyone to reach out and ask him about his time at UIFI and Greek Life!
#Ignite #SULead #UIFI2017 #Greek

Hidden waterfalls and fun little adventures 🌿💦 #uifi2017 #arizonagirls

Building confidence & inspiring action no matter where Kappa Delta finds us 💚#uifi2017

Thankful for new friends, old friends, and another amazing experience at UIFI this summer! #uifi2017

ICYMI: UCR student and Pi Beta Phi member Crystal Menendez represented the FSIC community and her chapter at the UIFI institute, session 9 (Lambda Phi) in Indiana this past week. UIFI, the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, is a week of leadership development where fraternity and sorority student leaders meet to address ways to improve their chapter, council and community. 💛💙
#fsic #ucrpanhellenic #uifi2017 #lambdaphi #rushchapter3

Such a fun week of friendship and learning! Shout out to aMAZEin group 3, I love you all deerly 😝 #uifi2017

This woman has such a special place in my heart. Moira, you helped me believe again and forgive. Thank you for giving me the strength to know I'm a good person and a good sister. Sitting down with you and going through our ritual book was one of the best parts of my week. I love you to the moon and back. #SigmaKappa #UIFI2017 #LambdaPhi


Annamarie Pas, member of Alpha XI Delta, had the opportunity to attend the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute! "UIFI helped me realize why it is that I chose to be a part of FSL. This experience has helped me realize and analyze my values in a manner that can be implemented into the betterment of the FSL community. Being surrounded by other abitious leaders provided a great opportunity for myself to share in the construction of new ideas to improve my sorority and the FSL community. These changes are hoped to not only make better people and ideals directly associated with FSL, but also in such a way that will rid society's beliefs of the negative connotations associated with FSL!" #uifi2017

Happy Fri-yay!!! Guess it's time to P-A-R-T-Y!!! Missing my #uifi2017 loves this afternoon! Thanks to @alis0nburk3 for bringing this energizer into my life! #uifilambdapsi

Alex Goodman, member of @depaulpanhel , attended UIFI this summer! "When I got off the plane for UIFI, I really didn't know what to expect until I met some of the other FSL community members in the airport. From the second we were all together, I knew that I would learn so much in the coming week. As individuals, we brought so much discussion to the table. As a unit, we began trying to solve problems that face us in the FSL community nationwide. It was an intense five days of collaboration, hard work, and self-reflection, but UIFI changed my views on so many things and got me thinking about so many others. I know that what I learned on behalf of my chapter and council will help us in the future, and I can't wait to bring everything back for an amazing year and future for us too." #uifi2017

Leading Women are part of our lives everyday, and UIFI was no exception of this. Throughout, I met some amazing women, some of which where Theta's from all over the United States. On the last day, we even visited Theta Headquarters and saw so much history in one day! #uifi2017 #uifilambdapsi #kappaalphatheta #leadingwomen #sapro #sachat

Walking away from the good 'ol city of Bloomington, Indiana with a grateful heart, lifelong friends & a few more dance moves to bust out whenever 💃 Thank you @willamettephc & UIFI for one of the most humbling, eye opening & memorable experiences of my life ✨ #uifi2017 #bedohave #chapter8 #ttp #fratcamp

What can I say, this past week at UIFI Lambda Psi was filled with laughter, coffee, mailbox writing, and TTP, but what really made it were the amazing people that surrounded us and lifted us up each and every day. I was very fortunate to have this experience (thanks @theryanmanning 😉) and I hope many more people continue to have this each and every year #uifi2017 #uifilambdapsi #sapro #sachat

Three years ago I had the opportunity to attend UIFI - Kappa Nu as an undergraduate participant. This past week I got to experience UIFI - Lambda Psi as a Small Group Facilitator!
I could have not asked for a better experience as a first time facilitator with UIFI. I have met amazing people, laughed harder then I have in a while, and learned more about myself & the Fraternity & Sorority world. I am so extremely thankful to have been chosen to experience such an amazing institute! Shout out to Chapter 3, my co facilitator, our two amazing leads, and all the newly graduated UIFI participants for making this the best week of my summer! #UIFI2017 #UIFILambdaPsi #VolunteerOften #TTP 😍🤘🏼🔥

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So proud of Sister Chappell for being selected to represent Chi Omega at the 2017 UIFI leadership conference this week! #UIFI2017 #chiosummer #chiomegauncc

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