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James Doohan and Nichelle Nichols at James Doohan Farewell Star Trek Convention and Tribute at the Renaissance Hotel on August 29, 2004 Hollywood United States.


Star Trek: Discovery starts tonight, and I can't wait! I've been a Star Trek fan for most of my life, and if the show is as good as the trailers make it look, I will be one happy Trekkie.

"There's a black lady on TV and she ain't no maid!"
These were the words a young Whoopi Goldberg called to her mother when she saw Nichelle Nichols' character, Lt Uhura on TV. (For Nichelle's story check out my previous post) This moment changed the course of Whoopi Goldberg's life. Suddenly more things were possible.
Whoopi approached Star Trek as a fan wanting to contribute to and participate in the franchise that had been so influential in her life. The part of Guinan was created for her and she played the role whenever her schedule allowed.
Guinan was a mysterious member of an alien race called the El-Aurian about which very little is known. They are a race of 'listeners' and Guinan finds her place on the Enterprise working as bar tender and informal counselor to the crew. She has a close and special friendship with Captain Picard which "goes beyond family and friendship" and also goes beyond space and time (but that take a bit more explaining haha).
I loooove the stories behind the stories and fortunately other fans of Star Trek do too and so these amazing facts are all recorded in countless books, biographies, historical accounts, fan stories and Star Trek has its very own Wikia too. A place I have spent many, MANY hours reading and clicking and reading and clicking.
The writers of the new Star Trek Discovery have assured current fans that all the stories of the new show will fit in with the stories and characters of the Prime universe. I can't wait to see how it all works out. 🖖🏿
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Watching old reruns of #startrek in #HD on #bbcamerica; this stellar episode was 'City On The Edge Of Forever'. #cityontheedgeofforever #kirk #spock #bones #scotty #uhura

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