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Cuz I'm just a #teenagedirtbag baby

Secretly tested out my dad's calendar hanging on his wall. It works!😂 #bestdadever #imrich #uglyhandwriting

After some struggle with a sonata for viola I had a better idea:D #ibetitwillneverbefinishedlikealltheothers #wishmeluck #viola #uglyhandwriting #unnecessaryhashtag

Seriously...who needs a boyfriend when you got your girlfriends?! 👯💕 Thank you girls for the lovely surprise! 💐☺️ #feelinloved #myboyfriends #birthday #mygirlsarebetterthanyours #uglyhandwriting

Writing songs no one will probably ever hear 💭🌼

Wanna talk about determination? "First football game of my Junior year!!! Goal: 300 yards. Written on Jan 29, 2007" Watch the video to find out what was the result 7 months later (8/31/07). 😳 Thank you, Todd, for sending me this video! #SoClose #GoodOldDays


Someone needs to work on her handwriting...

Like seriously=.= #uglyhandwriting

I made a gemsona •-• She is a Green Apatite and her nickname is Aarona which means "The illuminated" (i think)
She is 4'11
•anxious •clumsy
Weapon and powers:
Handmade spear is her weapon
She has the ability to heal and relax your body if you touch her gemstone
Weapon is handmade because when she served Homeworld she was just there to heal the Amethysts, Rubies and Jaspers if they got hurt in battle, she escaped and made a spear to defend herself against other gems.
She served Yellow Diamond
Lives in Tokyo with a scientist called Luna, they travel the world.
Likes to eat potatoes, spoons and Lunas pens.
Was taught how to sew and makes herself lace or very thin clothes for fun.
Aarona was a nickname given by Lunas mother because when Luna was taking her to her parents house one day, Aarona was scared when they got to the doorstep so Luna held her hand making Aaronas gem shine a little, Lunas mother opened the door and saw her gem shine and called her Aarona for some reason. ~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry for being cringey here guys i just really wanted to draw this big idea i had and then it just turned out wrong sooo i drew Aarona instead and i was like "Hey lets make this my gemsona" and that happened... i will draw Luna and her mom soon.... i wont draw them anymore tho this was just kind of an experiment.
#art #gems #su #gemsona #instaart #horribleart #badartist
#uglyhandwriting #kaly

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