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I love her so much😍
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white, dark or milk chocolate? 🍫

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comment your crush's initials 😢

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❧ elena gilbert deserves the world
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Diego Costa is "not part of conte's plan" says Conte and wants a move back to athletico, Athletico are open to the offer since griezmann will soon be going! Will he go? Will he perform? Do you like this style of edit? Comment down below!
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β€”I haven't posted in a while and it's cause I haven't been in the mood. I haven't felt creative to make a theme I've been literally struggling. Plus this year sucked ass to the max but I got some cuties around me to make it a lil better. If y'all feel like shit sometimes hit me up and rant I'm serious. β™‘πŸƒ
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Kinda sorta gay

honestly i melt whenever i see little boys in skirts.

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Following Raw, Seth would walk out to backstage after taking a loss from Brock Lesnar. He would slam his hand over the wall and spoke in rage. "Week in and out, i've to come out here and fight and what happens at the end ? There's these part timers who get the spotlight over their heads, and it's disgusting to watch. Like now wrestling promotions have kind of adapt this new plan of having a part timer from UFC, and then using him for like once or twice on live TV in 3-4 months and making money out of him, but i gotta say that plan is a total flop. Because, a pussy like Brock Lesnar cannot give you a single dollar from his lazy and stale performance in the ring. And, i am not disturbed with what happened last week and tonight, because when i was so close from beating up Kenny Omega, this so called Beast had to come out and end it in a draw, and tonight he walked out with a fluke victory. But, let me ask that for how long are we gonna watch this shit, huh? Well, not anymore because next week, i want Brock lesnar to go on one on on with me, and in the process i'll slay the beast. He is so big, so strong, but so weak in the ring, and it would be easy for me to break him by sticking my knee right against his skull, and beating him down into his own pool of blood. Last Season, i walked out as your Mayhem Champion, but it didn't last long so after kicking Brock's head, i demand my championship back and if they want to arrange a little championship match, then so be it. I'm not afraid of taking on anyone, Hell why don't you put me and Brock in a championship match, huh? You want money? You'll get it if you make it a mainevent. Anyone who's taking care of this business in the back needs to make this decision, or i'll need to find him and beat him instead of Brock. Mayhem Wrestling is my show, it has always been my kingdom and it won't take me much time in reclaiming it back. So, Next week Me Vs Brock, or else, You got it?". Seth would walk off as feed fades to black.

I'm finally getting the hang of using superimpose πŸ™‚
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sometimes i miss being in a relationship. i miss the affection, the connection, the kisses, the cuddles, the dates, spoiling each other, the late night conversations, dancing in our underwear, the adventures, just having someone i can give me all to and having someone who returns it. i miss being wanted in that way, i miss having everything about a relationship, but then i remember how much people fucking suck and i get over it.

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