“Sara why is running so hard?!”
HA! Girl, I don’t know! A sunshine filled mile with my favorite tiny lady today! On the way back to the house she tripped & fell - she hopped back up and looked at me and said “if we don’t keep going we will never finish!” And that is SO👏🏼REAL. The only way out is through y’all 🤩💗✨💪🏼

More Than Just A Sport.

Finished this cray-cray 4000m (Kinabalu is 4095m) elevation gain ultra trail run in more than a day, 101km distance from gravel to raw jungle, under 38 deg cel scorching hot weather & burnt 6900 calories .

Janda Baik Ultra is my 3rd 100km trail race after TMMT 2017 & Penang Eco 2018 .

Man, i had fun! Thanks to the journey itself and the company, despite the 5/5 difficulty level. Tak susah, tak ultra la kan?
We ran from Janda Baik, to Jalan Lama Bentong, to Genting Highland, to Bukit Tinggi, to Genting Sempah & back to Janda Baik for the 2nd 50km .

The course was picturesque. Perhaps my favourite route was to Genting Sempah where i met @khairulaimiridhwan & team @pelaridenai. The view was stunning. Part ni 'banyak main'. Banyak gelak & berlakon acah2 lari laju depan camera kah kah kah. Thanks guys @izmal, @phixel & @ahmadnazmie for the fun!
Siap sempat dip dekat mini waterfall pegi & balik. Bukan wash face, DIP 🤣 .

After CP8 at KM60 till finishing line, i tagged with @julejul90. Thanks brader for the company! Kita champion tido on track aku rasa bahahaha .

Thus far, JBU ialah event 100k ultra paling enjoy aku masuk, injury free & stress free. Event paling banyak gelak, paling lama tido 😂. Paling banyak main! .

So what's next? Dah 3 kali 100km ni. Ironman 140 pulak la.

Video by @hattaaffendy of @trailblazerz_

Foto-foto bidikan @phixel dari @pelaridenai.
Kau nampak baju seluar basah tu bukan peluh, itu basah terjun waterfall tepi track. Kah kah kah.

ᑌᑎ ᐯOYᗩGE ᗪE ᗰIᒪᒪE ᒪIEᑌEᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎᑕE TOᑌᒍOᑌᖇᔕ ᑭᗩᖇ ᑌᑎ ᑭᖇEᗰIEᖇ ᑭᗩᔕ.

I was just discussing with someone the dichotomy of endurance sports: Sometimes I feel more like a wounded animal than a human. Sometimes, in the pursuit of greatness, happiness isn’t always the best fuel; instead, it’s self loathing- never good enough. Sometimes it’s less about stoking a fire, and more about thawing frozen ground.•

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Silver Falls group run!! Weather forecast says the typical PNW rain starts tomorrow so we decided to make the most of this sunny ☀️ day! #silverfalls #autumn #training #lasportivana #udhydrates

The beavers relocated their dam upstream this year leaving a loopy stream instead of a pond but the hillside was still ablaze with fall color #highsierra #easternsierra #fallcolors #autumn #sierrafallcolors #johnmuirwilderness #udhydrates #selfpropelled #lasportivana #keepitwild #ourwild #runwild #mcgeecreek

This is how my @lunasandals Oso 2.0 looks like after 1600km of running in 2018. Actually I've ran with these close to 3000km since I got these in march 2017 and they have been my number one choice for running since that. Going for 2000km this year with these and prob have to buy new ones for the next year😜
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