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Last few days before moving to Ohio for PA school calls for all the fur baby snuggles possible 🐶 ❤️🌊 #australianshepherd #waupacachainoflakes #udayton

The most fun I've had in a ghetto (so far) #UDayton

Thanks to everyone who made my summer as great as it was. I'm going to miss my second family. Goodbye Buffalo, Hello Dayton. #udayton

Reppin in Interlaken, Switzerland! We love seeing your summer adventures!#skdayton #sksummer #sigmakappa #studyabroad #udayton

I'll always remember my first studio and all of its glory. You will be greatly missed but I can't wait to see what the next studio brings me. #fineart #udayton #udaytonpainting

I could've sworn it was just yesterday when you were showing me your preschool classroom. Now we're coming down to #UDayton for your senior year family weekend. See you soon! ❤️Popz #tbt

Wonderful weekend representing University of Dayton with these amazing Hispanic engineers at shpe region 6 conference #shpeconference2017 #udayton

In case you guys were worried the best (and most put together) roommates of Marycrest did in fact get back together this weekend to tear up the town. #community #udayton #roomies4lyfe #whereispapi

Smashin pumpkins for the homeless n'such #thetaphialpha #udayton


So many strategies to advance professionally at first #wibnconf2017 panel led by Dr. Lisa Beutel of #udayton Center for Leadership. (Hope you took notes!) #women #leadership #Dayton #Ohio #leaders #womeninbiz

Beat the Dukes!! #weareud #udayton #familyweekend

Brock Turner, convicted of rape, has recently been illustrated in Callie Marie Rennsion's second edition of Introduction to Criminal Justice.
It is interesting that there has been a movement in the study of criminal behavior towards explaining underlying mental illness, education, socioeconomic status, chemical addiction, etctc as variables that may explain a person's criminal behavior. There has also been a major increase in the legal system's willingness to implement post-supervised release "re-entry" courts, with the goal being to address these underlying variables to prevent recidivism and remove persons from perpetual criminal activity.
However, this increase in a focus on rehabilitation as a means to alleviate criminal activity has not seemed to reach sexually based offenses. This seems counterintuitive; the most "heinous" of crimes-sexual based contact offenses against defenseless victims (i.e., children)-- or, the crimes society would most likely prefer to be reduced to zero, have not experienced such a shift. Rather, there seems to be a redaction to draconian punishments.
The behavioral explanation that sticks out is the particular egregious nature of the crime. Greater retribution for greater lack of appreciation for moral requirements is a natural inclination. Nevertheless, this is the same approach to punishment that advocates have been arguing creates a perpetual state of criminal activity. Thus, it seems besearching that the most egregious offenses wouldn't be at the top of the list to move away from what social advocates consider such an ineffective method of punishment.

If the goal truly is to reduce crime to as close to zero as possible, and the life long incarceration, "do the crime, do the time" has done so much damage in it's implementation, why would it be continuously applied to the worst of crimes?
#criminallaw #lawandeconomics #lawschool #sentencingreform #lawschool #lawblog #udayton #criminalminds #criminalpsychology #behavioraleconomics #criminaleconomy @udaytonlaw

When something hits close to home, your eyes open a bit wider than they normally would. I knew I wanted to protect not just my family, but others from similar instances of misconduct. I didn’t know what area of law I wanted to practice until my last year in law school.
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, I found myself receiving my B.A. from Hofstra University in New York and my JD from The University of Dayton School of Law in my Dad’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio.
As a millennial, I’ve grown up in the digital age. I’ve always been fascinated with the expanding reach of technology and wanted to be one of the first in my generation to exploit the untouched legal boundaries of cyberspace. I wanted to help those who are victimized/trolled on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. This past year, an article of mine went viral and led to collaborations with ABC, Fox, and NBC. In turn, I accepted an offer to write as a Contributor for The Huffington Post and Facebook reached out and officially verified my page with blue-badge.
I am also on the local court-appointed lists for Misdemeanors and Felonies, so that I would become familiar with the courtroom and its sitting judges/magistrates. Practicing in the opioid capital of the country (Dayton), I work with clients involved with substance abuse and other narcotics. My reward at the end of the day-knowing I’ve saved one more person from the city morgue.
My biggest piece of advice to young lawyers—keep reading and keep researching. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you’re interested in what’s happening in the cyber-universe, please follow my #CYBERBYTE on FB at www.facebook.com/drossowlaw and Twitter at @RossowEsq
Andrew L. Rossow, Esq.
Cyberspace/Technology Attorney
Dayton, Ohio
University of Dayton School of Law 2015

I could've sworn it was just yesterday when you were showing me your preschool classroom. Now we're coming down to #UDayton for your senior year family weekend. See you soon! ❤️Popz #tbt

You need to hear this talk!! TOMORROW 3:30-5:00pm Dr. Charles Camosy is speaking in Sears Recital Hall about how to move beyond the rhetoric and actually dialogue about abortion!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thanks to @iact_udayton @udhumanrights @udcampusministry for bringing this speaker to campus!! #goflyers #community #dialogue #cometogether #UDayton #flyersforlife

Middle managers are indispensable for a company realizing its ethical goals (link in bio) #MBAatDayton #LearnLeadServe
#onlineMBA #MBA #Dayton #udayton #UD #leadership #business #management #flyers #udflyers #mbalife #businessschool

The #UniversityofDayton was a place where I grew, learned, came out, laughed, cried, and found true community. This morning, I commemorated my time there with this little number: Mary and the baby Jee. #udayton

We are proud of our University of Dayton chapter, who worked hard last year to become an official chapter and begin recruiting students. We are excited to see what they'll accomplish this school year as they fundraise for the construction of a new school for Becky's Children's Home in Senya, Ghana! This was the group at their involvement fair! @akumanyi_udayton . #education #empowerment #service #udayton #daytonflyers #dayton #college

The fall cohort enjoying the sights of Suzhou's Pan Gate last weekend #pangate #universityofdayton #UDCI #udayton #chinasites #suzhoulife

Here's to two weeks down.
#udayton #marycrest #college #roof
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