Ok so I forgot about these

✞what up dog, i’m the a l p h a ✞
i sWear i sHip them aS friEnds ;)
-your comments/thoughts are highly appreciated!! thank you so much for watching! 💕

Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling
-22 years old
-birthday on October 24th
-youtuber/editor for Mark Edward Fischbach
-allergic to peanuts
-childish -likes the color blue
-lives in LA with Teamiplier
-looks up to Mark and Jack/Sean
-feminine body type
#markiplierrpaccount #markiplierrp #crankgameplaysrp #crankgameplaysrpaccount #crankiplier #tythan #cranksepticeye

Aw 💕 #tythan

hey, i do wonder if amy and signe will hang out soon, they’re friendship is sweet !!

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