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i loved that holden returned 馃槏

I would sell my soul for them.. anyways..
Credit to @tvd.otp.delena for the audio馃

"鈥狪 haven't made the best choices, I've made some pretty bad ones, but Caleb is not one of them. He's the one thing in this world that I'm sure of鈥." 鉂わ笍馃槏
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This is a deleted scene from episode 7x17 of PLL, it's included in the special features of the season 7 DVD's. I love hearing Hanna talk about Caleb 鉂わ笍

My favourite Tyshley Snap馃槏馃憚馃憡
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{favourite tv couples}
I really wanted to put allisaac on this but there wasn't enough space馃槥 I went to the doctors today and I have to get injections in both of my thumbs when I get back from my vacation but i hate needles sm
q; favourite couple of all of these?
a; stiles and lydia {stydia}

[3.17 x 6.18]
I love them 馃槀

[ ezria AU; Judge: white 鈥 fc: 2,802 ]

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鈥 I lost sm followers omg ,,
鈥 in a few days I'll be traveling, so I won't be on so often 馃挏 except for twitter bc it's just tweeting stuff so just follow me on there if you want :)) user in bio -

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q: have you watched pll?
a: I watched to the end of season 6a


vc: @holydilaurentis

Tyler in glasses?! My life is complete.

鈭抋hh she's so badass (listen w headphones馃槑)

鈫抭otp: do u like Mona?
鈫抋otp: not at first but now I love her

鈮玽c- me (tag me to give credit if u repost)
鈮玜c- @kute.audios

鉁癱urrent theme: mona vanderwaal

馃拸馃拺 #tyshley #haleb

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鈥heme: Mona Vanderwaal
鈥LL:I'm going to have WAY too much fun w this theme lol

I needa rewatch pll, I cant live without it馃槱

My favorite people in the world馃挊馃寧

i loved that holden returned 馃槏

[3.17 x 6.18]
I love them 馃槀

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