Det är dags för mig att komma ut. Sedan år 2010, när jag var 22 år, har jag varit diagnostiserad med sjukdomen MS. Jag har inte sagt något, för att jag haft förmånen att kunna låta bli. Men när ”friska” och heltidsarbetande personer som jag är tysta försvinner aldrig fördomarna.
Lyssna på min historia i avsnitt 25 av MS-podden! (Inspelad av fantastiska Hanna Lind som syns på bild) Länk finns i min bio! 👉🏼
I podden pratar jag bl.a. om: -Hur det var att få diagnosen som 22-åring
-Hur det funkar att ta medicinen utomlands -Sorgeprocessen/bearbetningen
-Ändrat mindset, hur jag tar hand om min hälsa och glädjen i att hjälpa andra

Jag hoppas kunna inspirera och ge hopp åt nysjuka som bearbetar sin diagnos samt bryta fördomar om MS! ❤️
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~ Post my second Tysabri infusion, Day 1 (26/09/18) ~

So, yesterday (25/09/18) I had my second Tysabri infusion & saw my MS neurologist.
My MS neurologist said that for me it's not going to take 4-5 infusions anymore, but it's going to take 6-12 months to show some improvements now.
This time from my infusion I got worse side effects from the first infusion & my neurologist said if it gets worse go straight to the ER. Thank goodness it's not an anaphylaxis, so I can still continue to have the infusions, because Tysabri is a much better option for me.
There's a lot more, but I can't remember it due to my MS brain fog... 😂
My MS symptoms I have are right now are... - Numbness
- Weakness
- Patchy pins & needles - Brain fog - Severe pain - Memory problems - Optic neuritis
- Tremors - Clumsiness - Poor balance - Reduced sensation - Electric shocks & more.
The side effects I have from the second infusion is.... - Hives - Mouth ulcers that are bubbling & are painful .
- Worsening nausea & vomiting. - Itchy tongue - Tingling lips - Worsening dizziness - Extreme tiredness
- Fevers (that come and go, but not hot enough to have to go to the ER yet) - Chills
- Feeling very hot - Joint pain - Passing out - A new headache that stated with pain, but went into electric shock pain. - I keep losing my voice
My next Tysabri infusion is 22/10/18 (I have the infusion every month), so until my next infusion I'll keep on fighting this progressive neurological disease called multiple sclerosis!! 💪❤💪❤

Ya estoy acostumbrado a éste ritual. Primero era el Avonex una vez a la semana, el mismo día y a ser posible a la misma hora, aprendí a poner la inyección de forma intramuscular. Luego fue el Tysabri, cada 28 días, como un reloj, a la misma hora, como si la hora marcara la diferencia. Y ahora es ésta "pequeña" (mejor no leer el prospecto de Novartis, da miedo), cada día, a la misma hora... pórtate bien "pequeño monstruo", te estaré vigilando.

Foto: Fingolimod y Lioresal

Pamplona, 26 de septiembre de 2018.
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Aloha! Idag är det dags för avsnitt 25 (25!). Tiden går så fort, men ändå så långsamt. Roligt är det iallafall, och ännu roligare lär det bli för det väntar flera spännande ämnen som jag ska få prata om, och flera spännande intervjuer ni ska få lyssna på, nu i höst. Och jag har alltid gillat hösten men i år tror jag att jag kommer gilla den extra mycket.
Men. Tillbaka till dagens avsnitt och dagens poddgäst, Sofia, från Göteborg. Hon har haft sin ms-diagnos i 8 år och kommer bland annat berätta om hur det var att gå på en neurologmottagning i Frankrike (Frankrike😀), orostankar inför familjebildning och varför hon vill berätta att hon har ms. Efter att vi spelat in så skrev Sofia till mig att hon gärna vill få kontakt med andra som också har ms och bad mig skriva ut hennes mailadress, så den kommer här: sofia_cornelia@hotmail.com .
In och lyssna nu.
Puss och kram🧡🧡🧡 #ms #multipelskleros #mspodden #sahlgrenska #tysabri #neurologi #göteborg

Here’s an exercise you can do while sitting in your comfy chair at home that will help your walking 🙌🏻! Yes... I’m serious!!!
This exercise strengthens your quadriceps muscles (there are 4 🤗) which are NECESSARY for walking!
Have you tried this exercise before?!

That time of the month! Getting juiced up in time for the weekend

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Infusion #6 💪 only a year and a half more to go
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The Power Of #Fruit 🍇🍉🍓🍒
“After years of trying so much to heal, I've finally figured it out.
I was the perfect patient dutifully trying every treatment the doctors threw at me: Torturous Avonex, Rebif, #Copaxone, #Steroids, #Tysabri, Rituxan, more Steroids, Zanaflex, Baclofen, At least two to four #MRI studies a year with toxic gadolinium contrast since 2005.
Then after a couple months of the supposedly less side effect #Tecifedera, I woke up completely paralysed from an aggressive form of shingles that attacked my spine. I spent the next three years mostly in bed trying to recover and trying to understand what was happening to me. I was done with #MSdrugs. I was left beaten, battered, and in agonizing pain. Electric shocks passed through my spine every 22 seconds and my Hopkin doctor said there was nothing else to do. .
Through the guidance of the medical medium, I was able to get to a point where I could get some basic functioning back. While I saw people healing left and right with his protocol... I stagnated... for.... three... years. Was my case worse? I knew that I could heal. What would it take?
Then I found Dr. Morse in Florida who treats the sickest of the sick and he heals them all. Dr. Morse believes that simply, certain foods alkalise the body and certain foods make it acidic. RAW fruit makes the body alkaline and gives the body energy to heal. The standard American diet causes the body to be acidic and therefore leads to disease and clogs up the lymph system. .
After three months on 90% raw fruit, here I am!! I was able to change into a bathing suit, go onto the beach, in the Sun and heat and get into the water. Furthermore, I have done it seven days in a row without the need for rest or sleep in between. I am participating in my life!
I could NEVER have imagined that I would be eating all fruit. It seems crazy. But it is working.... out of everything I've tried, it seems to be the one thing that is giving me my life back. .
Fruit... Who would've thought? 🍉🍓🍎🍍🙏♥️ - Deborah L Melnick 08/20/18

Overlæge-kontrol og medicin 👨🏻‍⚕️💉- min neurolog har hver gang et nyt forslag til ny medicin han synes jeg skal prøve, på trods jeg har det godt. Idag er det så et speed-lignende præparat der kan tages ved udtrætning... 😅 Gad vide hvor mange tabletter der skal til før jeg kan komme under de 2timer på en halvmarathon? 🤔 #tysabri #overlægekontrol #neurologisk #sclerose #etlivmedsclerose #etlivmodsclerose

Why hello #multiplesclerosis I cant say it’s nice to meet your acquaintance... but let’s just try and get along ok? #somuchtoread #rrms #tysabri #tecfidera or #gilenya

El día de ayer transcurrió en un plis-plas, de planta a UCI, de nuevo a planta y una noche para escribir, para agradecer tanto amor como nos ha sido regalado, sentirnos afortunados ¿cómo devolver tanto como hemos recibido? sólo se me ocurre pedir ser también la alegría de cuantos nos rodean y fuente de esperanza para los decaídos.

Gracias a todo el personal de la Clínica San Miguel de Pamplona... Inma, Susana, Marta & Marta (UCI), Ainara & Ainara (UCI), Pilar L. Liras (Med. Interna), M.Murie (Neurólogo) y como no!, Lidia, cuánto amor hay en tú corazón.

Foto: Clínica San Miguel.

Pamplona, 25 de septiembre de 2018.
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if life knocks you down, it’s okay to not get right back up - people say life is about getting back up after you get knocked down, but it’s okay; if you’re down, take a rest, breathe, and take your time to recover: you can’t expect to be at your best when you’re still down , you’ll be alright!! STAY STRONG MSFAM ❤️ - Love Mo #msfam #msrecovery #msfamily #msliving #hashimoto #thyroidhealing #tysabri #infusion #medical #medication #love #strong #multiplesclerosis #mskannmichmal #muktiplesklerose #msisabitch

Multiple Sclerosis medications. Stick with what has slowed my decline or try something new? #tysabri #Multiple sclerosis #Medication #InsuranceIssues #YourOpinion #HowToLiveWithMS #Employment #Disability #Equality #LessThanHuman

One hand for the infusion and one hand for crocheting. Working on a rainbow wrap and loving the open stitches! Deciding whether I should keep it, sell it or donate..... hmmm decisions decisions.... #gettingmyjuice #rainbow #MSsucks #tysabri #rainbow #crochet #wraporscarf #dowhatmakesyouhappy #sharetalents

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