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【 Next up is Fubuki/Atticus, as you requested! Here’s some general information about him. 】

『 •Name: Fubuki Tenjoin {Atticus Rhodes in the dub}
•Age: not stated
•Height: 178 cm {5.10 feet}
•Gender: Male
•Relatives: Asuka Tenjoin {Alexis Rhodes} - younger sister
•Dormitory: Obelisk Blue
•Deck: Red Eyes 』

#qotd ➸ How much do you rate Fubuki/Atticus from 1 to 10?
#aotd ➸ 7.5 》

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【 Edo’s theme 3/3 ~ Lastly, here’s something about his most relevant relationships. 】

『 Judai Yuki/Jaden Yuki: Edo first considered Judai as an enemy because of the Elemental Hero deck he used, claiming the true Heroes are his Destiny Heroes. Later on though, especially after finding himself forced to collaborate with him during the Society of Light arc, they started behaving with each other on friendly terms, becoming comrades during the following 2 seasons.

Saiou/Sartorious: Saiou and Edo have always had a close relationship, reason why Edo has so much faith in him. During the Society of Light arc, he finds himself forced to fight against his friend to free him from the Light of Destruction that possessed him.

DD/The D: Edo had always believed in DD, but when he found out he was the one who had killed his father, he didn’t hesitate to get his revenge. •
Jun Manjoume/Chazz Princeton: Edo had some proper interaction with Manjoume when Chronos/Crowler begged him to make Manjoume his disciple and show him the world of pro duelists. Manjoume initially hated being Edo's assistant, but after seeing how hard he worked to keep his position, he changed way of behaving drastically and began doing his job seriously. From that point on, Edo and Manjoume developed some sort of teacher/disciple relationship.

Ryo Marufuji/Zane Truesdale: Edo had never shown particular interest towards Ryo, especially after defeating him in an important duel. Their relationship, however, develops throughout the series, up the point they’re seen together for most of season 3. 』

#qotd ➸ Favorite Edo relationship?
#aotd ➸ His friendship with Saiou 💕 But I also like his relationship with Manjoume~ 》

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【 Edo’s theme 2/3 ~ Here’s some info about his deck and duels~ 】

『 Deck: Edo’s Deck is a "Hero" Deck consisting of "Elemental Heroes" and "Destiny Heroes". Some of his "Elemental Hero" tactics are similar to Judai’s, though some use alternate artwork versions. After his loss to Judai’s "Neo-Spacians", Edo seemingly ceased to use his "Elemental Heroes" and focused exclusively on "Destiny Heroes", other than using one support card while teaming with Judai.
After acquiring "Destiny Hero - Plasma", Edo makes it the centerpiece of his Deck in honor of his father. Aster later acquires "Destiny End Dragoon", a Fusion Monster designed by the Senrigan Group. •
Duels: Edo dueled a total of 18 times throughout the series. This is the outcome of all his duels:
•12 wins (2 off-screen)
•5 losses
•1 not shown 』

#qotd ➸ Elemental Heroes or Destiny Heroes?
#aotd ➸ Elemental Heroes, but I love Destiny Heroes too ^^ 》

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✯ ☆:*´¨`*уυ gι σн! gχ*´¨`*:.☆ ✯

【 Edo’s theme 1/3 ~ Here’s some curiosities about the character! 】

『 Mannerism: In the dub, Edo’s speech is riddled with slang such as "dude" and "rockin". However, he is also very arrogant. His original series counterpart replaces certain Japanese words with anglicisms, the most common being his substitutions of numbers for their English equivalents, and replacing "bochi" 「墓地」 with its English equivalent, "cemetery", and "kouka" 「効果」 with "effect". In addition, he yells "Come on!" when Summoning his monsters in the Japanese version. In the dub, he has a somewhat deep voice.

Personality: Edo is a professional Duelist whose belief in destiny draws him into confrontations with the most skilled of opponents. Edo is well-mannered with good intentions, but can often be blinded to the reality of a given situation due to his stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook. He pursues his ambitions despite risks and overwhelming odds, and feels that the burden of avenging his father and reclaiming the "Destiny Hero" stolen from him is one that he must shoulder alone. Because his father was taken from him while he was still young, he has a dependency on father figures, such as Saiou/Sartorius. This has, in some instances, proven to be a weakness of Edo’s. Since his father's disappearance, he has also held a fear of the state of his "time", afraid that he has not truly advanced anywhere as a person following the life-changing event. As such, he uses his "Destiny Heroes" to control his opponents' future. Edo is also shown to be sympathetic to other orphans like himself.

Etymology: His name is meant to be a pun in Japanese, as phoenixes were commonly depicted in art during the Edo period of Japan. Edo is also the original name for Tokyo. His English given name means "star", or "silver star". 』

#qotd ➸ Do you prefer his dub or sub name?
#aotd ➸ I prefer the Japanese one way more. 》

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✯ ☆:*´¨`*уυ gι σн! gχ*´¨`*:.☆ ✯

【 Finally starting Edo’s theme! Here’s some basic information to begin with. 】

『 •Name: Edo Phoenix {Aster Phoenix in the dub}
•Age: not stated (he is still revealed to be younger than Judai and the others)
•Height: 175 cm {5.8 feet}
•Gender: Male
•Occupation: Pro duelist
•Deck: Destiny Hero 』

#qotd ➸ How much do you rate Edo out of 10?
#aotd ➸ 8.5/10 ❤️ 》

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【 Ryo’s theme 3/3 ~ Finally, some info about his relationships ^^ 】

『 Judai Yuki/Jaden Yuki: At the beginning of the series, Judai considered Ryo to be his greatest rival. Ryo quickly became interested in Judai, up to the point he told him that he has infinite potential and that that characteristic is way better than being perfect.

Sho Marufuji/Syrus Truesdale: Ryo is Sho’s older brother. At the beginning of the series, Ryo didn’t consider his brother worthy of becoming a duelist. However, as the story progressed, Ryo realized Sho had improved a lot and became an amazing duelist, making him proud.

Asuka Tenjoin/Alexis Rhodes: Among Ryo’s friends, Asuka is the one who is seen hanging out with him the most. During their first year, Ryo would often been seen talking to Asuka in the Lighthouse and he also helped her in finding clues about Fubuki. While Fubuki disappeared, Ryo acted as an older brother figure to her and is shown to care for Asuka and her well-being.

Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes: Fubuki was one of Ryo’s first friends at Duel Academy. After he disappeared, Ryo tried his best to find him, and also helped Asuka in finding clues about his whereabouts.

Edo Phoenix/Aster Phoenix: Ryo started considering Edo a rival after he lost to him in an important match. Their relationship develops throughout the series, up the point they’re seen together for most of season 3. 』

#qotd ➸ What’s your favorite relationship with Ryo?
#aotd ➸ The one he has with Edo! 》

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【 Ryo’s theme 2/3 ~ Here’s something about his deck and duels~ 】

『 Deck: Ryo uses a Cyber Art Deck. He relies on "Cyber Dragon" and its Fusion Monster forms "Cyber Twin Dragon" and "Cyber End Dragon", Summoning them with "Power Bond" to raise their ATK. Ryo otherwise uses various Fusion cards to speed up the Summoning of "Cyber End Dragon" such as "Time Fusion" and "Future Fusion", and protects himself from the damage inflicted by "Power Bond" with "Cyber Kirin" and "Damage Polarizer".
In the Society of Light arc, Ryo acquires an Underworld Deck (Cyber-Art Reverse in the original version), consisting of darkened counterparts to his "Cyber Dragons". This Deck focuses on "Cyberdark Edge", "Cyberdark Keel" and "Cyberdark Horn", and their fused form "Cyberdark Dragon". Ryo powers up his "Cyberdark" monsters by sending Dragon-Type monsters to his Graveyard, and sends nearly his entire Deck with "Power Wall" to strengthen "Cyberdark Dragon" further. His previous "Cyber Dragon" cards play a minimal role in this Deck until he begins using them again in the Dimension World arc.

Duels: Ryo dueled a total of 24 times throughout the series. This is the outcome of all her duels:
•15 wins (1 flashback, 1 dream and 3 off-screen)
•5 losses (1 off-screen)
•1 draw
•3 with no result 』

#qotd ➸ Do you prefer the Cyber Dragon archetype or the Cyberdark one?
#aotd ➸ Cyber Dragon 💙 》

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【 Ryo’s theme 1/3 ~ Sorry for the inactivity! I will complete Ryo’s theme today to apologize 🙏🏻 】

『 Personality: Ryo’s personality is markedly different during each of the seasons. In the first season and the start of the second season, Ryo is calm and collected, with a deep respect for his opponents and his own cards. He feels that the connection between a Duelist and his opponent makes victory meaningful. His dubbed personality is harsher and has a sharper tongue than the original.
In the second season, his personality is much harsher, crueler, and sadistic, as he enjoys watching his opponents suffer.
By the time of the third season, Ryo’s personality appears to take on a mix of both his former attitudes. While he still Duels much more aggressively and with more passion than in the first season, he also appears capable of respecting his opponents again, and doesn't act so dark and needlessly cruel. His Deck changes as well; while he still uses the "Cyberdark" series, he uses his normal "Cyber Dragons" again, even bringing out "Cyber End Dragon" more often than "Cyberdark Dragon”.
It was originally believed to be the electrodes that were the cause of Ryo’s heart problems but it was later revealed the cause of his heart problems was the use of his "Cyberdark" Deck; the cards' desire to win at all costs were what inflicted the damage to his heart.
Following his revival in the fourth season, Ryo has become quiet and reserved, losing most of the negative aspects of his personality that he developed in the second season.

Etymology: His Japanese given name means "Excellent". His Japanese last name means "Perfect Wisteria", with 丸(maru) meaning round, circle or perfection and 藤(fuji) meaning "Wisteria". His English given name means "God is gracious". 』

#qotd ➸ Do you prefer normal Ryo or Kaiser Ryo?
#aotd ➸ I can’t choose ;u; Probably his normal self though ✨ 》

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✯ ☆:*´¨`*уυ gι σн! gχ*´¨`*:.☆ ✯

【 Starting Ryo’s theme today to celebrate his birthday! 🎉 Here’s some info about him~ 】

『 •Name: Ryo Marufuji {Zane Truesdale in the dub}
•Age: 17 (season 1); 18 (season 2); 19 (season 3); 20 (season 4)
•Height: 178 cm {5.8 feet}
•Gender: Male
•Relatives: Sho Marufuji {Syrus Truesdale} - Younger brother
•Dormitory: Obelisk Blue
•Deck: Cyber Dragon 』

#qotd ➸ Do you prefer his dub or sub name?
#aotd ➸ Sub, but I like his dub name too~ 》

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【 Johan’s theme 3/3 ~ Here’s some info about his most relevant relationships! 】

『 Judai Yuki/Jaden Yuki: When Joahn first came to Duel Academy, Judai was fast friends with him because of how they were able to communicate Duel Spirits and share similar personalities. Those two are seen to have a very strong bond that no one else has. Judai cares for Johan up to the point that Judai got extremely depressed that Johan was left behind in the Spirit World. When Duel Academy returned to its home dimension, Judai risked his life to go to another world to get him back.

Jim Crocodile Cook: Johan and Jim are both exchange students in Duel Academy and are seen getting along well. They’re also seen helping and supporting each other when Duel Academy gets teleported to the alternate world, backing each other up during duels and through difficult situations. •
Amon Garam/Adrian Gecko: Both Johan and Amon are exchange students at Duel Academy. The two usually get along quite well, but when Johan is possessed by Yubel, they’re seen fighting each other in order to become the ruler of the alternate dimension. •
Austin O’Brien/Axel Brodie: O’Brien and Johan are both exchange students at Duel Academy. Just like with Jim, Johan has a friendly relationship with Austin: they’re usually seen backing each other up and helping their friends

Yubel: Johan gets possessed by Yubel for most of the second part of the season 3. Yubel is actually jealous of Johan because he considers him a threat, as he seems to be the new object of Judai’s attentions. He uses him to defeat Ryo/Zane, Adrian/Amon and then to duel Judai. After the duel with Judai, Yubel releases his body, claiming he is no longer of any use to her. 』

#qotd ➸ What’s your favorite relationship with Johan?
#aotd ➸ Obviously the one he has with Judai ❤️ 》

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【 Johan’s theme 2/3 ~ Here’s some info about his deck and duels! 】

『 Deck: Johan uses a "Crystal Beast" Deck. His monsters are based on seven precious gemstones collected from around the globe for the construction of a lithograph as evidence of Julius Caesar's reign during the time of the Roman Empire. On its return trip, the ship carrying the stones was battered by a storm, and the treasures disappeared into the depths of the ocean. Employing this concept, Pegasus specially designed and created the "Crystal Beasts", which have the unique ability to retreat in a crystallized Continuous Spell form to their controller's Spell & Trap Card Zone when destroyed as means of avoiding complete annihilation.
Pegasus awarded them to Johan at the end of a European tournament (in the dub, it was a Southern Tournament). The only "Crystal Beast"-related card not given to Jesse at that time was "Rainbow Dragon", which wasn't even found until Duel Academy was sucked into the alternate dimension. However, when he gets the card, Johan focuses his strategies around gathering all the "Crystal Beasts" together to Summon it. •
Duels: Johan dueled a total of 14 times throughout the series. This is the outcome of all his duels:
•8 wins
•2 losses
•2 draws
•2 with no result 』

#qotd ➸ What’s your favorite Crystal Beast card?
#aotd ➸ I don’t know, I love them all ;^; But I think my favorite is Sapphire Pegasus 💙 》

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【 Johan’s theme 1/3 ~ Here’s some curiousities about Johan/Jesse, at last! Sorry for the inactivity again! 】

『 Mannerism: In the dub, Johan speaks with a Southern American accent and utilizes southern vocal mannerisms such as "y'all". While possessed by Yubel, it is much thinner and his voice is much deeper and darker. It's also worth noting that Yubel doesn't usually use her own voice while controlling him in the original, but in the dub she uses it a fair amount. At one point, when she told Amon Garam/Adrian Gecko about what Judai/Jaden did to her, she used her voice and Johan’s added together. When she did, his body glowed purple. By contrast the Japanese version does not use electronic effects and he has no accent; but his voice is darker while possessed.
In addition, he tends to say "Come out!" when Summoning his monsters during the Japanese Duels. In the Japanese version, Johan claims that his purpose for Dueling is to Duel for people who believe in their Decks and have strong bonds with their cards. •
Abilities: Similar to Judai/Jaden, Johan possesses the ability to communicate with Duel Monster spirits since he was a child. His spirit partner is Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle, whom he affectionately nicknames, "Ruby". Although Ruby is seen most frequently by his side, Johan considers all his monsters a part of his "family", for they themselves selected him as their master.
Wielding the power of the Rainbow Dragon, Johan can open a dimensional gateway. 』

#qotd ➸ Do you like his dub southern accent?
#aotd ➸ I don’t mind it, but I do prefer his original voice~ 》

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【 Since Johan/Jesse won the poll, his theme will be the next one! I hope you’ll enjoy it! 】

『 •Name: Johan Andersen {Jesse Anderson in the dub}
•Age: Not stated {should be arpund Judai’s age}
•Height: 170 cm {5.6 feet}
•Gender: Male
•School: North Academy
•Dormitory at Duel Academy: Obelisk Blue
•Deck: Gem Beast {Crystal Beast} 』

#qotd ➸ How much do you rate Johan/Jesse out of 10?
#aotd ➸ 9.25/10! Love him ❤️ 》

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【 Asuka’s theme 3/3 ~ And, to finish her theme, have something about her most relevant relationships! 】

『 Judai Yuki/Jaden Yuki: Asuka has a crush on Judai, which was first evident at the beginning of the series because of Judai’s Dueling skills. She was willing to follow him wherever he went, even if it led to a series of unfortunate events.
During the Dimension World arc onwards, their relationship became more complicated because of Judai’s obsession with finding Johan/Jesse.
In season 4, their relationship has generally grown apart, due to Judai’s new personality. But they were able to turn things around during the Duel Academy's Tag Duel tournament as Judai started acting like his old self again.

Daichi Misawa/Bastion Misawa: In the manga, Asuka doesn't display any particular romantic feelings for Jaden, but is the object of Misawa's affections. He is noted as being shy with Asuka. She is also possibly more flirtatious in the manga, since Sho is quoted as calling her a "siren." In the anime, she and Misawa are good friends.

Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes: Asuka and Fubuki are siblings and in the past they were shown to be very close to each other with Fubuki teaching her how to duel. Asuka at times is shown to get annoyed by Fubuki’s celebrity thing but as a brother and sister they care for each other.

Ryo Marufuji/Zane Truesdale: Among Ryo’s friends, Asuka is the one who is seen hanging out with him the most. During her first year, she would often been seen talking to Ryo in the Lighthouse and he also helped her in finding clues about Fubuki. While Fubuki disappeared, Ryo acted as an older brother figure to her and is shown to care for Asuka and her well-being and she is shown to be grateful for his help. •
Jun Manjoume/Chazz Princeton: Asuka finds Manjoume vain and occasionally annoying. However, she still considers him a friend. 』

#qotd ➸ What’s your favorite Asuka relationship?
#aotd ➸ I like the one she has with her brother~ 》

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✯ ☆:*´¨`*уυ gι σн! gχ*´¨`*:.☆ ✯

【 Asuka’s theme 2/3 ~ Here’s some info about her deck and duels! 】

『 Deck: Asuka uses a "Cyber Girl" Deck, comprised of monsters that are based around dance-related sports. She originally focused on utlizing her "Cyber Blader" while increasing its abilities through cards such as "Fusion Weapon". She also likes to use a combination of "Etoile Cyber" and "Doble Passe" to inflict large amounts of damage to her opponent whilst protecting her monster, which she later uses as Fusion Material or a Tribute for her stronger monsters. Alexis later incorporates the "Cyber Angel" archetype into her Deck, with more of a focus on Ritual Summoning . To quickly acquire the necessary cards, Asuka uses cards such as "Cyber Petit Angel" and "Ritual Sanctuary" while supporting them through "Fulfillment of the Contract" and "Ritual Weapon". Alexis also uses her "Cyber Prima" with "Prima Light" as a contingency if her original strategies fail.

Duels: Asuka dueled a total of 22 times throughout the series. This is the outcome of all her duels:
•10 wins (1 flashback)
•6 losses (1 flashback)
•5 draws
•1 not shown 』

#qotd ➸ What’s your favorite card of Asuka’s deck?
#aotd ➸ I love Cyber Angel Dakini! 》

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✯ ☆:*´¨`*уυ gι σн! gχ*´¨`*:.☆ ✯

【 Asuka’s theme 1/3 ~ Here’s some curiousities about the lead female of GX~ 】

『 Personality: Asuka is generally very confident, sweet, caring and strong willed, yet she doesn’t follow the crowd.
Asuka is known well for her beauty, and many male characters throughout the show demonstrate infatuation with her. However, she has stated often that she does not want a boyfriend, and therefore has never gone through with anyone's interest in her.
Ironically, as the series progressed she actually developed a crush on Judai, whom was one of the few males not to show infatuation with her. Her crush on him progressively became more obvious and stronger though she never had the courage to tell him. She finally wanted to confess her feelings to him at the end of episode 162, but decides not to and instead just says she was glad to have met him.
Asuka has put herself in danger to help her friends many times. She also tends to act more quiet and reserved than Judai’s other friends. She tries to stay alongside Judai and support him in defeating evil throughout the series, but often finds herself in trouble and needing his rescuing.
After Asuka lost her Duel to Manjoume and was brainwashed into joining the Society of Light, her personality changed dramatically. She became extremely rude, arrogant and insulting towards Judai and the others, and she uses more sarcastic comments. She talks back to her peers more frequently as well. This all ended when Judai defeated her and undid her brainwashing. •
Etymology: Her and her brother's surname has been written as "Tenjouin", "Tenjōin", and "Tenjyoin" in Roman characters. Her given name in the Japanese version means "tomorrow's fragrance", and she is called "Tomorrow Girl" by Jim Crocodile Cook. Her English name means "helper" or "defender". 』

#qotd ➸ Do you prefer her sub or dub name?
#aotd ➸ I actually prefer her original one because her dub name is basically mine in English, so, since I hate her, I don’t like it that she has my name .-. 》

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✯ ☆:*´¨`*уυ gι σн! gχ*´¨`*:.☆ ✯

【 It’s Asuka/Alexis’s turn now! Here’s some basic information about her~ 】

『 •Name: Asuka Tenjoin {Alexis Rhodes in the dub}
•Age: 15 (season 1); 16 (season 2); 17 (season 3); 18 (season 4)
•Height: 169 cm {5.5 feet}
•Gender: Female
•Relatives: Fubuki Tenjoin {Atticus Thodes} - older brother
•Dormitory: Obelisk Blue
•Deck: Cyber Girl/Cyber Angel 』

#qotd ➸ How much do you rate Asuka/Alexis out of 10?
#aotd ➸ 2/10. Sorry but I can’t stand her >.>;;; 》

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