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1 in the morning and the sun bounces back up. Gonna miss this place. #typicalsunrisepic #typicalhashtag #sweden #exchange

<insert typical new years caption here> #typicalhashtag

Let's talk about yesterday.. the @zoechurchla pop up shop was absolutely amazing!! Selling dope merch and bringing Jesus to Hollywood simultaneously! I'm so blessed to go to a church with a pastor like @chadcveach who has vision for his church and for his city. Blessed to have people like @jarengrenell and @tommy_luong pour into me as a young man new to LA. And blessed with a great candid photographer in @syrroncrutch who has quickly become a close friend πŸƒπŸ½FOLLOW ALL OF THEM!!!! I'm blessed to call this place my home away from home! πŸ™πŸΌ #typicalhashtag #basichashtag -->#blessed

Somebody named 'Sherin' πŸ˜…
That one friend who annoys the hell out of you and still stays on top of the list πŸ‘»
Enough red? @sherin_ann_v

#Collegedays #MCC #Typicalhashtag

7 years in dis beautiful place today! #blessed #typicalhashtag

I'm feeling 22 πŸ’•πŸΈπŸŽŠ #typicalhashtag #birthday #geminibaby

22 was a year for the books.

Sometimes it's hard to believe how much has happened, how much I've grown, and how much has changed just in one year. I am so thankful for my family supporting me always, my best friends who've stayed by my side even though we're thousands of miles apart, the lessons that I've learned from the ones who didn't, and the new and ever growing connections and friendships with some pretty amazing people I've met along my journey. I am so incredibly blessed to feel the love I'm feeling today.

So here's to 23, a chapter that will trump them allπŸ’‹. #happybirthdaytome #nobodylikeyouwhenyoure23 #typicalhashtag

*insert generic motivational quote here and long caption about how I've worked hard despite the obstacles in life and how I am a good person because I go to the gym and lift weights* #fitnesshashtag #typicalhashtag πŸ˜‚....... Man y'all just do this for the views and likes. This is what I do and what I've been doing my whole life. Let's get serious.


Write a caption....
Always love @ralphmckeonphotography shots- he's a star bar! 😁 #typicalhashtag#poser

No filter.
End of summer slim down in progress, perfect timing right?! 😜

When you go to San Fran you MUST take a picture of the bridge and post it on social media. Its the golden rule! πŸ˜‚

#SanFrancisco #SF #GoldenGateBridge #GoldenRule #TypicalHashtag #Basic #SFadventures

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