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To better ease with our customer support to non U.S. addresses, we've moved our entire inventory of CNMI STRONG Tokia Tees to our Tokia Legends website...link is in our bio. Thank you all that have purchased a tee so far. Your purchase will truly make a difference to the people of Saipan with 100% off all profits made going directly to supporting the efforts in rebuilding the island. Make sure to check out our youth tees as well as our CNMI STRONG stickers available online now. Get yours today while supplies last 👊🏽💪🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽#cnmistrong#saipan#rebuildsaipan#typhoonsoudelor#reliefefforts

颱風夜 超可怕的 大家還好嗎?希望都沒事!照片是從space station照下來的 從太空看回來 好像多了一點漂亮一點平靜 扯遠!總之希望一切平安喔!#internationalspacestation #observation #typhoon #typhoonSoudelor

#typhoonsoudelor got me feeling like..... #颱風 的心情。。。。。 Be safe everyone! 大家注意安全!🌀🌀🌀☔️☔️☔️🌊🌊🌊

#Repost @operationblessing ・・・
Please continue to pray for the people of #Taiwan as they deal with the devastation caused by #TyphoonSoudelor. Also pray for those still in the path of this destructive storm as it makes landfall in #China.

Press conference underway in the #CNMI announcing President Obama's Disaster Declaration. This allows for the release of federal funds to meet the emergency needs as a result of #TyphoonSoudelor. #kuam

My heart is on the other side of the world, on an island that suffered through the strongest storm on earth. But Saipan is stronger than the 100+ mph winds that battered her--people are coming together, helping each other, finding bright spots in humanity despite the loss that surrounds them. Please donate to the Red Cross or Salvation Army (link in bio). Please do not forget the great, gorgeous but fragile island of Saipan--my heart beats her name. #SaipanStrong #saipan #typhoonsoudelor

To our brother and sisters in Saipan. Hope you all are safe and well. Heard they sent some people from Guam to help with recovery. We all know how devastating these typhoons can be. @mana_reyes06 @delvinmanahane @manareyes06 @marvinjr.manahane #saipan #guam #TyphoonSoudelor

Ruins of wind generator due to Typhoon Soudelor 2 days ago amongst a few others that collapsed 😳💨💨💨🌊 #typhoonsoudelor #taiwan #travel #taichung


Two years ago I had the honor of helping the people of Saipan ! It was rewarding and it made a lasting impression on my life. Thank You Saipan.
#typhoon #typhoonrelief #typhoonsoudelor #typhoonsoudelorrecovery #670 #Saipan

#tahukahkamu Saat tahun 2015 kemarin terdapat bencana Topan Soudelor yang menerjang Taiwan. Namun pasca bencana bukan hanya menimbulkan kesedihan dan duka bagi masyarakat Taiwan, tetapi juga hal unik yang terjadi akibat angin topan tersebut. Hal ini terjadi di wilayah Longjiang, Taipei. Terdapat dua kotak surat di Longjiang Road menjadi korban perusakan Topan Soudelor. Kotak surat merah dan hijau ini pun langsung menarik perhatian warga yang melintas karena bentuknya yang membungkuk sebab puing-puing bangunan yang jatuh di atas mereka saat badai menerjang. Sontak, banyak wisatawan yang tertarik berfoto dengan kotak surat tersebut hingga oleh warga sekitar dibuat berbagai merchandise berbentuk duo kotak surat ini dari mulai gantungan kunci, tempelan kulkas hingga pajangan rumah. Ini yang dinamakan habis gelap terbitlah terang! :D #kotakpos #taiwan #longjiang #typhoon #typhoonsoudelor #mailbox #redmailbox #greenmailbox #angintopan #instagood #photooftheday #fyi

#歪腰郵筒 #強颱蘇迪勒 #TyphoonSoudelor #台風13号
2015/8/8 強颱蘇迪勒襲擊台灣 許多路樹和招牌都因而傾倒或掉落 其中#依定美時尚診所 招牌吹落 剛好擊中一對郵筒😂😂😂 . #mailbox
隔日在新聞報導下 郵筒因此爆紅 啾咪
8/9早上拍還沒啥人 中午之後就要排隊😆😆🤣
番外篇:2016/6/24 小紅郵筒不歪了
原因被一名醉漢給踹直😂 (中華郵政發現後 緊急就派人來處理 不同於之前是受到天災被招牌砸落而成 這回完全是用「人工整形」的方式 動用千斤頂等工具 終於讓小红郵筒再度歪了回來😅)
(目前桃機二航站還放著復刻版) #當愛己成往事

Leaning mailboxes of Taipei! Was there when the typhoon came and damaged the mailboxes! #taipeimailboxes #typhoonsoudelor #queueverylong #throwback

Typhoon Soudelor is coming, people don't go out!

#蘇迪勒颱風來了 #大家別出門 #颱風 #蘇迪勒 #typhoonsoudelor #soudelor #typhoon #上網搜尋 #表哥帥翻了 #你的小禿禿 #貼圖 #Line #linesticker #WangHowy創藝工作坊

Published by Howy Wang

Sakto ang #OOTD ko.. 💧🙂
A year after #TyphoonSoudelor... 🌫 #SuperRainyDay 🌧🌧🌧

On August 2, 2015, Typhoon Soudelor struck our small island home while we slept. It was unexpected, unprecedented, and we were left to pick up the pieces of our lives in the wake. I remember walking down Navy Hill the morning after as phone lines and trees were mangled with wires, making the roads impassable. It was unlike anything I've ever witnessed. It was eclipsed only by the strength and love I saw in my GCA community as we pulled together. I cannot put into words how affected my life has been by #typhoonsoudelor except to say that through worst of times, I saw the best in people, and for that I am so blessed. Sending much love to my Saipan family. You are all amazing! #saipanstrong #cnmi

08.02.16 Remembering #TyphoonSoudelor | One year has passed since we experienced the devastating effects of Typhoon Soudelor. However, the devastation is not what we remember most — we will forever remember how blessed we are to have survived and conquered thru it all. It may have been the first time (in a very long time) that our entire community came together as ONE...to rebuild and recover what was lost, broken, or destroyed. A lot is not done, as we are still on the road to 100% recovery. I continue to pray for our community and our leaders that we remain #SaipanStrong 🙏🏽😌

#blessed #Saipan #luckywelivesaipan #saipanisbeautiful #Godisanartist #summereveryday #summer #sunsetismyfavoritecolor

Did you know that rates of domestic violence often increase following natural disasters like Typhoon Soudelor?

While we all struggled to come to terms with what we survived, the shortage of resources, and the feelings of helplessness and uncertainty, these are never justifications to perpetrate violence against others.

The stress and struggles of dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster should never excuse any act of violence. Period.

As we look back on the resilience and generosity of our community as inspiration for the future we may create, we would like to take time to thank our CNMI first responders and advocates - who were facing the same struggles - for their dedication to being someone to lean on and to being a guiding light for victims and survivors.

Let us remember this dedication and call for better disaster preparedness that includes more available resources and support to those who serve victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence. And let us remember how much we were able to accomplish…together. #CNMI #CNMILove #TyphoonSoudelor #anniversary #SaipanStrong #EndDomesticViolence #EndSexualViolence

#TyphoonSoudelor #United4Saipan Working as hard as possible helping those we could reach, and the ones who needed it the most

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