☀️New Challenge!☀️ We thought it would be fun to kick off the summer with with a fun summer challenge. As this first weekend of “official” summer kicks off, tag your best summer vintage sign pics with our #SiCo_☀️ tag to enter. New pics or old... be creative. If it relates to summer ✅, beach ✅, heat ✅... etc! Use your best judgment and have fun! Square shots preferred for ease of repost! It's going to be tough to pick winners!
Tag & follow #SignCollective and our challenge tag #SiCo_☀️ (remember the underscore and the sun)! Winners picked/featured through July 8th! #sun #summer
Special shout out to @rolandopujol for the inspirational promo shot!! A perfect example of a #SiCo_☀️ winner!! ☀️😍

Out of business. Melrose Ave. #liquorstore

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Old Vegas in all of its pink glory. The Monterey Motel.✨💕#oldlasvegas #iliketheoldstuffbetterthanthenewstuff

Motel Relax Inn - from our recent #signsunited trip to Phoenix #pool

Long Beach, CA

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Jay Dee Bakery in Forest Hills, Queens. We fell in love with this bakery’s oversize reverse channel #neonsign with its unique #font as well as its #ArtDeco exterior mosaic columns. At the time we photographed Jay Dee Bakery in 2005 for our book, “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York” we were not able to find our much about its history as it had multiple owners over the years. But we were just contacted by the original owner’s grandson, who told us that the bakery was founded in the 1940s by David Walter. It was named “Jay Dee” after the initials of J for Joe (David’s business partner) and D for “David”. David Walter’s son eventually took over management of another Jay Dee Bakery location with the same Art Deco sign in Rego Park and co-owned that Rego Park bakery until the 1970s. At that time it was kosher-style not a kosher bakery. It was famous for its fresh challah,Hamentashen, rugelach, chocolate marble cake, and rainbow cookies. We always feel especially rewarded when an original family member finds and contacts us about our the #storefront photos we have taken.

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Vintage Dodger Stadium


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