It’s time for the series finale of “How To Run An Instagram Giveaway” #typesofgiveaways, the one you’ve been waiting for, the one you’ve paid for with your likes - how to collaborate with celebrities/very expensive bloggers.
In last 4 months my clients participated in 7 collaborations with 4 popular bloggers (over 10M followers each). The format of collaboration was a giveaway. Usually every giveaway with a celebrity brings 30-70K followers within 1-2 days.Then, after it’s over, depends on the theme of your blog and the quality of your content, you will lose from 30% to 70% of new followers. If you have a business in Instagram (Instagram shop or you sell the services via Instagram) or you are as boring as sitting on the toilet without the phone, your number of unfollowings will be the biggest. If you are a fashion/beauty/fitness blogger, it will be relatively small. But in any case the price per 1 new follower will be much lower than you would get through Instagram ads or regular collaborations with small/medium -size bloggers.
So what do you need?
1️⃣ A contact of PR agent of the blogger you want to collaborate with (you always have to deal with the PR agents when you want to collaborate with celebrities/big bloggers) and their consent to hold your giveaway.
2️⃣ Clear idea of the gift. We were giving away iPhones X, cars, vacations. Based on my experience, iPhones always work perfectly. But you need to give away 10-20 iPhones, one iPhone as a gift will sound like a joke to millions followers of a celebrity. Cars and vacations work well only if you give a winner 2 options to choose: a car/vacation or money (e.g.: $20K car or $10K to his bank account).
3️⃣ A Giveaway squad: 30-40 Instagrammers that want to participate and share the expenses with you.
4️⃣ 2 Instagram accounts older than 1 year each. In worst-case scenario, you will lose one of them (if Instagram bans it), in best-case scenario, after the giveaway is over, you will get the Instagram account with 30-70K followers. You can do whatever you want with it - sell it, develop it, save for a next giveaway, bet it in poker, use it to create a blog “Ugly gf of my Ex”, etc.
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In my previous posts, related to Insta giveaways, I explained how to hold a giveaway on your page and how to get a blogger to promote your giveaway. If you haven’t read it yet,s̶h̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ do it now —> click #typesofgiveaways.
Let’s talk about a giveaway with several bloggers.It works almost the same way as a giveaway with one blogger, with one exception: there are 3-10 bloggers promoting your giveaway.
1️⃣ They post info about a giveaway at the same day (posting time can be different).
2️⃣ They announce main rules: to enter, people have to follow all bloggers-participants and leave a comment (or tag friends). All participants should be tagged in the giveaway announcement.
3️⃣ Every blogger picks a winner from his followers, so people have more chances to win if they enter the giveaway on all bloggers’ pages.Mention it in the post!
4️⃣ Winners will be chosen randomly.
5️⃣ Before announcing a winner, every blogger should check the subscriptions of a potential winner,to make sure he followed all bloggers-participants.It needs to be mentioned in the main post. No cheaters allowed!
6️⃣ You should be tagged as one of the participating bloggers.
7️⃣ You also can offer a Grand prize. Bloggers will be giving away small gifts to the winners. You will choose 1 Grand winner among their winners to give him the Grand prize. The follower you chose as the Grand winner, won’t get the small gift. E.g.: 5 bloggers, 4 x $100 coupons on your products, and 1 x $300 grand coupon.
The best thing I love about this type of giveaways is that you DON’T NEED TO PAY the bloggers! Dance,my greedy friend!💃
Most of the time, when you are building the squad for your amazing giveaway,bloggers are happy to join.They understand they will be receiving thousands of followers for FREE. You are the sponsor of the giveaway, you pay your money/products to the winners. They simply receive followers from other bloggers (the same as you). If you want to attract big bloggers, use this trick:
Find a really big blogger (500K + followers), pay him money he asks for the post/participation. He will be… the bait to attract other big bloggers for FREE 😉
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Hi guys!In my previous post (see #typesofgiveaways),I explained to you that the best way to gain new followers through a giveaway was to get some blogger to run it for you.Usually bloggers are open for this kind of activity,as:
✅It brings VALUE to their followers;
✅It increases their own ER;
✅They get paid for posting.
If you choose a RIGHT blogger to run a giveaway,it will bring you hundreds of new followers (it’s also important to choose a RIGHT gift - the box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins isn’t right gift,my greedy friend!)
How to choose the blogger?
🌀Number of followers
Don’t go for very big bloggers-if you have a good budget,choose several medium bloggers instead.The result will be much better.Trust me.We tested it.
If your budget (how much you can pay to the blogger) is limited,go for the blogger with x2-3 times more followers than you currently have (Don’t run a giveaway before you get at least 5K followers.I said AT LEAST.)
🌀Level of relevancy
Don't ask a vegan blogger to promote your “Get This Fabulous Mink Coat” Giveaway.Don't ask a fitnessholic to give away the boxes of your 80% fat+20% sugar desserts. Remember:the more relevant blogger to your business/blog,the more similar interests your and his followers have,the more chances for you to keep them on your page once the giveaway is over.
🌀Engagement rate
Exclude bloggers whose followers are silent as the grave,bloggers with FAKE followers and FAKE engagement.Simply check out who likes their posts (not only how many likes the post collected,but also who liked it),and comments their posts receive.
🌀Frequency of posts
Don’t go for the bloggers who post every 20 minutes.Make sure that the blogger won’t overlap the post about your Giveaway within first 3 hours after posting.
After giveaway is over, wait 3-5 days and calculate CPF (Cost Per a New Follower).It should be 10-50 cents,everything above that,is a dumb way to spend money.
While choosing a blogger,I strongly recommend you to stay sane🤪.Do not text bomb Beyoncé with messages like "Hey girl, can you please promote my “Win a Pack of Doritos” Giveaway?
Common sense, guys.Common.Sense.
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So you are launching the first type of giveaway (see my previous post). Here is what you need to know (DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THIS POST):
♠️ Expect the growth of Engagement Rate, not followers;
♠️ Get at least 5K followers before launching your very first giveaway. Result will be better.
♠️ Prepare an attractive banner with “GIVEAWAY” word on it. If you are going to use Instagram ads to promote your giveaway, make sure that your banner doesn’t contain more than 20% text, otherwise Instagram will limited its Reach as an ad.
♠️ As an entry, ask to Follow you, Like the post and Leave a comment (for example, “I want”, “I’m IN”, any emoticon, etc.). It will increase your ER and position of your Giveaway post in followers’ newsfeed. Instagram doesn’t forbid you to make “Follow me” as a rule for entry (What a relief! Facebook actually does forbid);
♠️ Don’t ask to repost your giveaway or tag the friends in comments.It will only make the entry more complicated (third-party app needed to make a repost on Instagram, not everyone likes to tagging friends), but won’t dramatically increase the number of new followers. I will say more: Instagram actually forbids you from requesting your followers to tag themselves or their friends. C'est La Vie, guys.
♠️ Instagram requests you to mention, that “the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.”. Otherwise their CS guys will come after you and kick your ass. If you don’t see a prison as your future place to be, you need to make the acknowledgment. But trust me: we launch giveaways WEEKLY and don’t write this acknowledgment every time. Still alive, still have freedom.
♠️ Launch giveaways in prime time when your followers are active - check it in your Instagram Insights.
♠️ Give it no more than 10 days. 3-5 days between launch date and winner announcement is perfect.
♠️ Promote your giveaway on other available channels: ask your friends to share it, tell about it your website, launch Instagram ads with your giveaway banner.
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As I said here #typesofgiveaways, there is no point to run a giveaway on your own page,if your target is not to increase engagement rate,but to gain new followers.Want new followers?Run a giveaway on Insta page of a big blogger!As simple as that: the blogger you chose, promotes a giveaway sponsored by you, where the rule for entry is to follow you.
You pay the blogger
->he promotes your giveaway
->you get his followers
->PROFIT. Easy,right?
What should the blogger say?
“Yay!We teamed up with @you and giving away this cool pen from 99 cent store.All you have to do is:1)Follow me @blogger 2) Follow @you, the sponsor 3)Like this post/comment/tag your friends.Winner will be announced on xx/xx” (Swipe left to see the examples of giveaways my team launched recently.One of them is in English,another- in Portuguese)
What pic should the blogger post?
It depends:
💋 If you have a shop and you want to give away your product, send it to the blogger first(for free!), and let the blogger make a photo for you.It’s the best way to promote your giveaway and your product at the same time.
💋If you sell something you can’t ship to the blogger (the services/Caterpillar D10T Bulldozers/Methamphetamine), create the banner for the blogger to use.Banner should show your service/product at its best and contain word “Giveaway”.Ask someone with 2 hands and Photoshop skills to make it for you.If you send the blogger a photo of your handmade soap,laying on the floor with your dirty socks as the background,in the best-case scenario he will refuse to collaborate; in the worst-case scenario he will notice your mental illness.
💋If you sell services, make the blogger hold your certificate on the photo.
💋If you are a blogger, and your product is the content,buy a gift that would be relevant to your blog (i.e.:Cosmetics box from Sephora-for beauty bloggers, GoPro Charger-for travel bloggers,baking molds-for food bloggers, Agent Provocateur underwear - always relevant), make a nice photo of your gift (create a flatlay - the most popular type of photos on Insta),add text “Giveaway” to the photo and send it to the blogger.

Want to know how to choose bloggers and more?Sure!The price is 100 likes 🤪

Okay, guys, I’m officially back!🙂 Sorry for my absence. Last week was pretty crazy: we were busy shooting new videos for our Christmas ads, preparing social media campaigns to support our outdoor activities in France, Brazil and Netherlands and launching 2 social media channels for Middle East market (guys, it’s damn hard to launch anything in Arabic language, even if you have 3 Arabic speakers in the team. They type from right to left, which makes everything tricky, even filling Instagram bio😭). Anyway, I’m back and finally ready to tell you about giveaways on Instagram. There will be several posts (3-4 posts), as one post isn’t enough to cover this topic. Let’s start!
There are 4 types of giveaways you can hold on Instagram:
1️⃣ Giveaway on your page only. Pretty cheap, but not effective for bringing new followers.
2️⃣ Your giveaway on an influencer’s/blogger’s page. Very effective if you choose RIGHT blogger, but can be pricey.
3️⃣ Giveaway with several bloggers involved where you are the sponsor. Pretty expensive if you don’t know one trick (I will tell you about it later😝).
4️⃣ Giveaway with a celebrity. Crazy expensive if….you don’t know The Trick. I know it.😋 Stay tuned.
Today we will talk about number 1️⃣ - giveaways on your Instagram page.
I find this type of giveaways useful only in 2 cases:
✅ If you launch it with the target to increase your Engagement Rate and don’t expect many new followers.
✅ If you support your giveaway with Instagram ads or promote it in other ways: on other SM channels, on your website, in newsletters, on your friends’ social pages, etc.
I’ve prepared 14 simple rules to make a giveaway on your page more effective. Here they are:
Oops, sorry. Not here😬 There is no place left to write them here.
I will publish them tomorrow! Stay tuned
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