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"Break the Trend"
Featured | @ArtofType #ArtofType

Work In Progress By @buffmonster
"Back at it 👊👊👊 #wip #linework #buffmonster #staymelty #painting"⠀

Stickers!!! Thank you for the hook up @stickermule

Iron gall ink 😍 |
Brush: aqualiner daler rowney.

“You don’t save your soul just painting everything in white.” Messy late night experiments because this quote from @ettoresottsass is the real deal. Maximalists unite!
By the way, what do y’all use to edit video? I’m currently using an amalgamation of apps, but surely there are better options out there that don’t make the end result look like it was run through a blender.


#natural - ✍️🏼✏️✌🏼️😊


“How do you expect to get rid in a short time of all the rubbish which has been accumulating for twenty years?” // Blessed Henry Suso.
Conversion a process and it takes daily commitment.
You’re doing better than you think you are.
Jesus is so gentle and He speaks in slooooooooooooooooow sentences.
Have faith and trust that God knows what He’s doing!

Still playing around with my Tom Petty piece from a few weeks ago.

This is a quote from an amazing Australian movie The Castle. It's funny and heart warming and gives a pretty accurate view of Australian life. The saying basically means You're really proud of an object and you're going to put it on show in a special place. #aussielingoletters @thatlaconicletterer @rosaliehartdesign and @calligraflo

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It’s just a bunch of HoCuS pOcUs 🎃👻 (lil dark magic illustration)

From: @sadquotepage

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Worrying will never change the outcome 🙅🏻 Day 13 of #characterlettering 🌸 featuring my piece from my latest painting video 😄

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

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