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Trying out a new sticker company @pumppeelz... this one looks more comfy to me but I’ll have to get the final verdict from Miss Amelia. 👍🏻 This @dexcom sensor is acting a little funky so we have been extra cautious double checking all her numbers til we know it’s accurate. #diabeticlife

Trying to create something delicate and pretty with a bit of a swish...It ain't making me say pretty things!!! After a chippee tea I'm all in for a long long night with my own beauty and the (dia) beasty #longnightahead #chipsfortea #damnyouslowcarbs #type1kids #t1d #type1diabetes #type1dlookslikeme #hellodolly #helloknittykat #wip #bitofaswish #laceknitting #knitteddoll #knitteddollclothes #belle #belleetlabete #beautyandthebeast #delicateknits #cgm

Read about Emery’s amazing Diaversary photoshoot in her Greater Than apparel and also with her diabuddy!
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www.imgreaterthan.com https://imgreaterthan.com/blogs/blog/emerys-greater-than-1-diaversary-photoshoot

Very rare occurrence in this house this morning, happy Mam while it lasts #type1life #type1mom #type1kids #freestylelibre

A little pampering for this cutie today! 💕 Her sister has school and she doesn’t so it’s a mommy daughter mani/pedi date! 💅🏻 And a lollipop for low blood sugar. 🍭

With gymnastics and Valentine’s Day yesterday we forgot to do Amelia’s math homework oops! She finished it up at the bus stop. 😌 On the #Diabetes front, I think we finally perfected her bedtime snack. She’s supposed to eat 10g carbs when she goes to bed to help keep her from going too low. Lows in the night are scariest because she isn’t awake to identify the signs...extreme lows could lead to seizures, coma and even dying in her sleep. 😭 As you can probably guess it’s hard for Mom & Dad to get solid rest! Anyway, the TYPE of snack she eats at bedtime makes a difference. Something sugary will spike her blood sugar and then dip low, causing us to have to get up and make her eat or drink in her sleep when her alarm goes off. The last few nights she has eaten graham crackers (carbs) with peanut butter (fat & protein) and it’s caused her blood sugar level to go up a little and come back down evenly so she wakes up between 100-110 in the morning, which is perfect. I think we’ll keep this up. If you’re a #diabetic or have a diabetic child, what bedtime snacks do you eat?

Site change was a success yesterday❤️ Thank you @ccalozano @americangirlbrand @medtronicdiabetes #type1lookslikeme#type1strong#type1kids

Just got this pic from Amelia’s friends mama. 😍 She took them to lunch and to the trampoline place for her daughter’s birthday. It’s a little stressful letting her go places without us but I’m so thankful for good friends... AND technology. She texted me a pic of what she ate for lunch, I was able to calculate the carbs and let her know how many units of insulin to give. I was a little conservative since I knew she’d be burning some up jumping on the trampolines!

... bOoM 💥 thankful for my dia-twin @bray_bray47 & family @pinklaury together... forever friends! #6.28.16x2 #type1kids #type1life #type1athletes #findingthesilver #milesawaybondedforever #samedaysameeverything=blessed

What a fright 😓

Alarms sounding ‘urgent low ‘alarm on the phones . Head fog running to Reeds side , blood testing kit out ( urgent low is bad , it’s dangerously low ) chris is testing blood while I run down stairs grabbing supplies to get sugar levels back up .
We test him 10.4 ( that can not be right , wash hands test again 10.2 )
And breath !!! Total false alarm on his dexcom I feel wired 😩🤯🤬
The dexcom then failed completely and is now half an hour after started reading accurately again
What a fright , my heart is racing but my boy is none the wiser and sleeping peacefully
#mytype1 #type1diabetes #type1family #type1strong #type1 #type1warrior #type1kids#dexcom #dexcomg5

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