A topic always on my heart and mind ❤👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Type 1 Diabetes is different to Type 2.
It is an autoimmune disease. There is no cure. It can't get better or be grown out of 😫

Today is world diabetes day, the birthday of the inventor of injectable insulin 👏🏻 I will be posting a few times today to honour those with Type 1 Diabetes and their families 💪🏻
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Seaweed is still one of her favorite foods. Blood sugars have been doing really well lately with all of the adjustments we’ve made, not to mention Nuala’s furry companion who alerts several times a day. She’s been staying under 140 most of the time with her spikes usually topping out at 250. On average one spike a day, usually after a meal involving fats, which are tricky to bolus for. Managed to restart #dexcomg6 the other day. It has been super accurate. We pay out of pocket for it so every extra day matters. Keeping a close eye on it as the G5 always got wonky with restarts so we abandoned that idea a few months into diagnosis. Around the house it’s been crazy busy with home projects and school, but we’re making lots of progress on both fronts. #dailylife #type1diabetes #type1kids #type1lookslikeme #notcausedbydiet #autoimmunedisease

As promised… I want to tell you guys all about the book I just finished reading - “A Future with Hope” by Carl Armato. I went through a plethora of emotions reading it. I started it when Amelia was sick and I was sitting with her on the couch for most of the day, so I started out reading it aloud to her. The first chapter started with a conversation the author had with a diabetic teen. From what I hear, the teen years are trying for kids dealing with Type 1. They don’t want to think about it. They want to give up and they just want to fit in. As I was reading Carl’s words to the teen out loud to Amelia, my voice began to shake and the tears started to flow… (Read more about the book and my thoughts in my newest blog post – nickipasqualone.com/blog – and for a direct link to pick up the book, there’s a link in my bio today!) #sponsored #worlddiabetesday

We need a real “cure.”💙

AWARENESS • November is diabetes awareness month en hoewel het niet in de buurt komt van zelf diabetes hebben, lieten we Saar een infuus prikken bij ons. [Heel eerlijk: dat ging me niet in de koude kleren zitten!] Naast een diepe wens voor genezing is onze belangrijkste boodschap deze maand: ken de eerste signalen van diabetes.
Gek genoeg lijken de eerste signalen van diabetes op griep op verkoudheid. En gek genoeg worden veel kinderen in het ‘griepseizoen’ gediagnosticeerd.
Vermoeidheid, hoofdpijn, dorst, honger (vooral ná het eten), meer plassen of zelfs bedplassen bij zindelijke kinderen, gewichtsverlies, wazig zien en een vreemd/ zoetig geurende adem.
Alle signalen tegelijk, of slechts enkele? Bij twijfel: snel naar de dokter.
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Colourful food on a grey day with Sainsbury’s GF Cheddar & spring onion bake (23.7 carbs) on a bed of lettuce/spinach/sweet corn and salad surrounding it Very Happy TP1 daughter #coelifestyle #coeliac #coeliacrecipes #carbcount #carbcounting #type1food #type1recipes #mummeals #mumcook #kidsfood #type1kids #healthyfood #teaideas

Low blood sugar, sugar not insulin which is sometimes portrayed on tv. 💙

♡♡♡Respect dat jullie in het vliegtuigje zijn gestapt! Mooi filmpje om naar te kijken♡♡♡ #type1kids #diabetestype1 #diabetes #levenmetdiabetes #divabetic👑💪

"Learn the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, you may save a childs life." My son had the symptoms for quite a long time and eventhough I have alot of first aid education I did not notice and understand his symptoms. I am so grateful to his grandfather, my wifes father, that did react and checked his bloodsugar. He probably saved his life.


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