Sorry, but I don't know what I'm guilty of
I'm just tryna spread my love
I'm just tryna find myself

How can @jazzsethi go somewhere and not dance???? It was a blast dancing with fellow T1D’s and people associated with the diabetic community at the #Ispad in Hyderabad! 💙💃 #dancer #diabetes #t1d #type1diabetic #diabesties

Доброе утро, друзья! 🙌
Я просыпаюсь уже вот с таким сахаром. Для меня это уже лучше, чем 11,0. Но я работаю, чтобы показатели были ниже.
У меня из крайности в крайность 😁 то высокий, то гипую и начинаю сжирать всё съедобное на своем пути 🐷 Боюсь #гипо...хоть убей.
Паника начинается бешенная, особенно когда одна дома.
Как бороться с этим страхом? 🤷‍♀️
#сателлит #гипогликемия #диажизнь #диабет #сд1 #t1d #diabetic #type1diabetic #диабетикипоймут #dia #сахарныйчеловек

Muchas he hablado de los beneficios del deporte en diabetes, que forma parte de mi tratamiento para mantener los controles a raya.
Pues hoy os muestro la cara de B. LA HIPOGLUCEMIA!
No la hipoglucemia durante el ejercicio. Sino la que viene horas después, sin avisar. Puede que mientras duermes.
Ahí es el único momento en el que no las noto. 😞. Podéis pensar 🤔 ¿podrías encontrar el patrón ?
Cuando tienes 2 trabajos, familia. La programación se vuelve complicada. Hago deporte cuando tengo tiempo, casi nunca programado.
La búsqueda de patrones se vuelve muy complicado.

Unbelievable 👍❤️thank you @bretteldredge you have given Lauren a memory she will never forget 👍❤️Lauren has the best smile but you have the biggest heart 💙💛💙💛#bretteldredge #gottalovethatgirl #thelongwaytour #downsyndrome #type1diabetic

When diagnosed with a systemic/chronic illness, everything changes. Things that used to seem so simple are now complex, activities that used to be spontaneous and exciting now take meticulous planning and can be quite daunting, and your whole world shifts from feeling like home to feeling like you’re an alien in an unknown place. •
The first pic is what my dinner looks like to you. The second (swipe please) is what food looks like to me. It’s no longer about taste, excitement, and experimenting. It’s numbers. It’s a chore. It’s a necessity. •
When I look at this plate, I see carbohydrates. I see fibre. I see fat and protein that I may or may not have to factor when calculating insulin. •
I’m not expecting you to understand what it’s like to feel on the outside of your own life. I don’t want anyone to feel the isolation, self-deprecation, or confusion that can come with a diagnosis like this. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, really truly.

I am here for those of you who are feeling like this right now to say, I DO get it. I’ve been there. I am there. And I am grateful you have come along because you give me purpose. You are the reason I can live in gratitude for my diagnoses instead of disdain. If I can help one person by sharing this, it’s all worth it.
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Easy dinner after a long day👌🏼

These girls are my tribe, my business partners, my soul sisters!! It’s crazy to think we never would have met if it wasn’t for this incredible opportunity! Many of our friendships started on social media, because we were all desiring to become better, live better, have purpose! Thank I am forever thankful for....not only did it help my life change, but in the process I gained another family!! Level up leadership retreat 2018, has kicked off with a pool + pajama welcome party!🎉🎉

Sunset over Huntington Lake the night before my swim. Shot by my son Cameron @cameron_gardner “Raising MS Awareness with Every Lake I Swim”

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