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Quien nos va a acompañar esta noche en @titularesymas ?? 11:35p por @telemundo Dress: @bcbgsouthbeach #bcbgsouthbeach #tym #bcbgmoment #telemundo #bcbgmaxazria #bcbggirl

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Giving up FEAR was one of the best things that happened to me!! Being fearless about everything in my life has changed my life! I'm a better, happier, healthier person! I feared being judge, I feared being made fun of, I feared FAILING, I feared trying new things, I feared working out with a group of people I didn't know! I feared not being able to keep up, not being able to do push ups, jumping jacks etc! I feared letting go of unhealthy things in my like food, relationships, friendships, habits etc the list goes on! But once I made it up in my mind that it was time for change and that I was better than FEAR, and that there was more of me to give and to live out my purpose, my life became better! My health is better, my mind is better, my spirit is better! I'm not perfect but I'm working everyday! Meeting @biancahopes has changed my life in so many different ways, beyond health and fitness! Everyone just assumes she's just my trainer! Nah nope FCK that she's my mentor, my back bone, my confidant, my leader, my coach, my friend, my sister, my family, my savage😜, my partner in crime, my petty friend, but most importantly my LIFE COACH! She had guided me down some rough paths in life and has made me want to do better and Be better! After my first fitcamp session I was hooked and knew this was for me and knew that God had placed her in my life for a purpose for a reason, and I've been down ever since! No I wasn't so convinced during the class! But the way she pushed and motivated me encouraged me, believed in me and rooted for me made me love her for life! #TYM so come on out on May 29, 2017 to Clark Park for the biggest fitness event of the summer! You don't wanna miss this! ・・・
🌟Welcome to YR 5🌟#FitCamp ~special edition: Memorial Day~
~~~~~~~~~NO FEAR~~~~~~~~~~ ‼️‼️ My #TyM (Team) and Myself, will Take #ClarkPark ...the only way we no how. With YOU! Your Family! Tons of Fitness FUN, Music, Refreshments on May 29th. #MemorialDay 2017
_____________________________________ 🌟🌟✨Summer Holiday.✨🌟🌟
✨Fitness. 🌟Family. 🌟Fun✨🌟Raffles 🌟 JawBone Fitness ⌚️ Tracker Give Away 🌟dpoe Gear 🌟 Protein Cookies 🌟Refreshments 🌟


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Speaking is my passion, helping is my passion, go check out our latest video on YouTube on devon the young motivator! #passionandpersistence #motivationoftheday #throwyourarmsup #goownyourday #TYM #motivatingKnoxville #motivationalspeaker #dreamer #empower #like #share

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