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Kevyt, ketterä ja näppärästi pakkautuva TX2 saatavilla ensi keväänä myös nahkapintaisena. #lasportivafinland #lasportiva #tx2 #spring2018

Mooi hè? ❤️🐯 Wist je dat een tijger in zijn ogen 👀 geen spleetvormige pupillen heeft zoals de huiskat 🐱maar ronde, net als een mens 🙋‍♂️. In het donker staan de pupillen wijd open en ziet een tijger veel meer dan wij. Dat is handig, want hij jaagt meestal ’s nachts. 👍 #iprotecttigers #tiger #3900 #tijger #tx2 #wwf #wnf #wnfnederland #wwf🐼 #tijgers #photography #nature #lovenature #naturephotography #fotografie

'Land of the Free'(2017) - oil on board

In the century preceding 2016, global tiger populations plummeted by 97% as a direct consequence of human involvement - be it through poaching or the loss of a rapidly diminishing habitat. As things currently stand, there are now considerably more tigers held in captivity in the United States alone than there are globally in the wild. (Approximately 5000 to an estimated 3890 remaining in the wild) Only around 6% of the USA's captive tigers are held within regulated zoological facilities, and in some states the regulations pertaining to the ownership of tigers are so lax that it is reportedly easier to buy a tiger than it is to adopt a dog from a shelter. In 2010, global tiger populations were at their lowest In recorded history. This prompted 13 countries encapsulating the range of the remaining wild populations to agree to an ambitious plan to double global numbers by 2022 - the next Chinese year of the tiger. And there is some hope! Last year marked the first time in a century that we saw an increase in the global population of tigers, it was only small, but definitely a welcome step in the right direction. You can do your bit to help by donating to @wwf , the driving force behind the #tx2 project, and one of the most active opponents of the captive tiger industry. 🐯🐅 #painting #tiger #conservation

Remember when I painted this mama tigress and cub in aid of @wwf's #tx2 campaign to double the number of tigers by 2022? Well, I have some good news...check my stories for more. 🐯

With so much going on in the world, and so much change that needs to happen, it's nice to know that the little things we do actually can help make a difference. 🐅

Una de anoche con el de siempre 🌙⚽

After a century of falling numbers, an unprecedented global effort has given wild tigers much needed breathing space in Asia. The population of wild tigers has now been revised upwards to around 3,890 - the first increase in 100 years.

But a vast network of planned roads, railways, canals and power lines could reverse all the recent fragile gains and destroy any hope of a long term recovery in tiger numbers.

But this is not a choice between infrastructure or tigers. Asia can have both but only if governments design, plan and construct new infrastructure with the needs of tigers and tiger landscapes in mind.

Solutions exist. Governments must adopt them. #doubletigers #TX2 #tigers #species

Visto che sto periodo non riesco a far altro che camminate da #lasportiva è arrivata la scarpa perfetta!!! Grazie @lasportivagram #lasportiva#tx2#approach

Just watch that line rip off @shimano_tribal casting academy getting those few extra yards with @danyalsan21 🎣 #Shimano #ShimanoTribal #Tx2 #Tx5 #Tx9 #Casting #Carp #Carpy #CarpFishing #WorthingtonLakes


And I only have 4 😂😂 #RiseWithAsia

Fantastic day out with @danielrabbit89 at @shimano_tribal casting even at Worthington lakes....great bunch of lads and the help to gain a few extra yards👌🏽🙌🏽 #carpfishing #casting #shimano #tribal #tx2 #tx5 #tx9 #justaclick

Pembukaan hutan menjadi lahan pertanian dan perkebunan pada masa kolonial Belanda (1800-pertengahan 1900), menyebabkan Harimau Jawa banyak dibunuh karena dianggap sebagai hama. Harimau Jawa yang tersisa pada saat itu akhirnya terdesak ke hutan terpencil dan tidak dapat mempertahankan populasinya.
Meski kepunahannya masih menjadi perdebatan karena beberapa konservasionis berpendapat bahwa harimau ini masih terdapat di alam, namun harimau Jawa telah dinyatakan punah oleh redlist IUCN.
Yuk, share informasi ini!
#HarimauJawa #Tiger #Java #SaveTiger #TX2 #TX2Tiger

HAVE A NICE DAY, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

Kode : #tx2

Bahan : premium imported PU leather .
Ukuran : 17 x 6 x 11 cm
P tali (tdk bisa dilepas ) : 135 cm
Berat : 287 gram .
Warna :
Light purple

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5,700 miles (9,173 km) later we (that includes Henry our loyal car) successfully crossed the US coast-to-coast!! Truly the trip of a lifetime!! (More pictures of our countless stories and memories between the two oceans to follow soon.) 🚗🌎#whpmood

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