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We want to wish #TWUpersonaltraining staff Kristen a Happy Birthday! #TWUfitandrec #BirthdayGirl

This week we have some pull-up progressions for y'all. Our Personal Trainer @karennnoemi
Is demonstrating this workout today

1️⃣ The first exercise is a band assisted pull-up, your going to want to start with the wider bands first and work down to the smaller ones as you get stronger. Use a box or bench to slide either one or both of your feet into. Grab the pull up bars and sink into the band. From there you will just pull up till your mouth is level with you hands.
2️⃣ After mastering the assisted pull up, and moving down to the smaller red and blue bands, you're going to move to on to negative only pullups. Standing on a box or bench, grab the handles, then you are going to jump to where your hands are in level with your mouth. The objective is to lower yourself as slowly as possible. Aiming to work up to a 5 second descent for 6-8 reps
3️⃣ Upon being able to complete a few rounds of the negative pull-ups you are ready to do a pull-up. Make sure to keep the abs engaged, and squeeze the shoulder blades together as you pull yourself up. It's alright to use a little leg rock at bottom but try to eliminate it as you get stronger.

As always let us know what you think in the comments below⤵️ Hope y'all enjoy this one and stay strong! 💪🏋️💪 #TXWomans #TWUfitandrec #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining


Today we are going to cover how to train in order to preform the king of abdominal exercises. 👑

The Dragon Flag, an exercise made famous by late martial artist Bruce Lee aka The Dragon 🐉 The flag is one of the most complete ab exercises possible.

The progressions:
1️⃣ The reverse crunch, a great way to easily transition to the flag. Focus on locking the arms down so they don't move and try to bring your knees to your chest and your hips off the bench.

2️⃣ After mastering the reverse crunch, being able to do 15-20 consecutive reps without stopping, you want to add the leg reach at the top. When you bring your knees to your chest, while resting on your upper back, reach your legs up as straight as you can and try to straighten your legs, hip and torso so you are in a straight line. ( You can either bend your knees back to your chest and return back to the bench, or try to lower with straight legs)

3️⃣ Now you should be ready to complete the dragon flag. The important cues are that you want to keep the legs and torso in line with each other during the duration of the exercise. In the video he is stopping short of hitting the bench to keep tension on the abs, this is one version vs. another where you come down to the bench after each rep

4️⃣ Of course we have some extra variations, the dragon flag is an primarily eccentric (lowering) dominate exercise so adding scissor kicks or in/outs while lowering will kick up the intensity of the workout 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hope you guys enjoy this video and take your training to the next level!

Let us know what you think in the comments below⤵️⤵️⤵️ And as always stay strong, and lift on! 🏋️💪 #TXWomans #TWUfitandrec #TWUPersonalTraining #BoldlyGo

Welcome back everyone! Hope y'all had an excellent break, we have a #TWUWorkoutWednesday to help out managing a busy gym while working towards your goals! 🥅🥅🥅 We have a circuit type workout designed to hit the entire body using minimal amounts of equipment while allowing maximum results.

Dumbells or kettlebell so can be used, KBs add an element of instability so they will make the exercises slightly more difficult. Also when doing the split squats if there is too much stretch through the hips elevate the front door to a more comfortable level.
I hope y'all are getting back into the semesters groove and find ways to get back into the gym as the schedule gets busier
Let us know what you think in the comments below⤵️
And as always, lift on and stay strong! 🏋️💪 #TXWomans #BoldlyGo #TWUpersonaltraining #TWUfitandrec

@Regranned from @twupersonaltraining - Fitness goals voor 2018?? Sluit je nu aan bij #twupersonaltraining en krijg de hele maand januari 10% korting op onze fitness paketten.. #trainwithus #trainlikeanathlete #twu #personaltraining #fitnessgoals #putinwork - #regrann

Fitness goals voor 2018?? Sluit je nu aan bij #twupersonaltraining en krijg de hele maand januari 10% korting op onze fitness paketten.. #trainwithus #trainlikeanathlete #twu #personaltraining #fitnessgoals #putinwork

This week we have a time sensitive finals workout for y'all. In order to relive as much stress in the shortest amount of time possible we have a total body circuit workout.

The first exercises are a manual treadmill Sprint followed by push-ups. During the Sprint make sure you keep the arms locked out and push the treadmill without turning it on. Do about 20-30 seconds followed by as many push-ups as possible.

The second exercises are a bike Sprint followed up with a pull-up. If you are unable to do pull-ups you can substitute with the assisted pullup machine or a pulldown Machine. Again the sprints done at a resistance that will allow maximal effort for 20-30 seconds, and aiming for 12-15 reps of the pullups/pulldowns.

The last exercise is a plank progression. The first part is called stir the pot, moving the arms in a circular pattern while maintaining a flat back. The second movement is a mountain climber, keeping the back flat and the arms stationary alternate bringing the knees to the elbows. Lastly you're going to hold a plank position as long as you can. 6 circles per direction for the stir the pot, and 6 mountain climbers per side, then try to hold the plank for 30-45 seconds.

These exercises can be done as separate exercises, and moving onto the different exercises after finishing. Or these can be done as one set and moving through the whole workout at once. You'll want to shoot for about 5 rounds of each and pushing yourself hard during the workout. Resting once a round is done is also crucial, so allow yourself to catch your breath and recover!
Wishing y'all the best of luck this holiday season!
Make sure to come in and get a workout before we close for Christmas!
#TWUPersonalTraining #TXWomans #BoldlyGo

Today we have a little exercise variation for y'all. Instead of lying on a flat surface for the bench press I subbed it out for a soft foam roller.
This does several things, the main reasoning behind it is allowing the scapula to fully retract around the roller and really allow the pectoralis to achieve full range of motion. A second bonus is the instability of the foam roller allows for more shoulder stability and abdominal activation. This feature could be made more prominent with the use of a free weight barbell or dumbells if you feel up to the challenge.
The main complaints with the bench press is that one doesn't feel it in the chest, or that there is pain in the shoulders. This variation is a way to work around both cases. You'll see in the video that I have a reverse band setup to further release tension on the shoulder joint. That's another topic for another video 😉

I used these as a metabolic finisher for my best exercises, but these can be programmed in at any part your workout with excellent results. I attached the mechanical dropset moving to the floor press if anyone is looking for some extra brutality. 😈

As always let's us know what you think in the comments below⤵️ And stay strong and lift on! 💪🏋️💪 #TXWomans #TWUPersonalTraining

Hey everybody, hope y'all are enjoying the break. If you're like me your missing the gym when you need her the most! 😭😭😭 But to help you not set yourself too far back we have a little at home workout y'all can do.
Instructions are in the video so 🔊🆙 Hoping for a safe and relaxing holiday for everyone! 🦃🦃🦃 See you at the gym on Monday when we open back up.
#TXWomans #TWUPersonalTraining

This weeks video is highlighting some equipment that all members can ☑️ out at the front desk. They are the versa loops and the purple slide pads in the videos.

A couple exercises we highlited show the versatility these pieces of equipment provide.
1. The first exercise is a band resisted hip rotation, with the slider and the band the hip is able to be activated through out the entire range of motion. Additionally, if you don't support yourself during the exercise it will act as a good abdominal and balance exercise.

2. The side lateral lunge with the slide pad and versa loop. This exercise is great for hip mobility and warming up the hips. The slide pad calls the adductors into play which play an important role in hip stability.

3. The forward to backward lung using the slide pad. This exercise shows imbalances in muscle activation and control between the two sides of the hips (as you can see with @str8flexin6789 in the video 😂) and also is a great way to train alot of muscles and burn tons of calories. 🔥🔥🔥 4. The last exercise is the glute Bridges with bodyweight leg curl. This is an advanced movement so make sure the glute Bridges is solid before bring in the leg curl. These are an excellent choice to incorporate control and activation of the entire lower posterior chain of muscles. 🍑

And also pictured you can work on your dance moves in-between your works sets!💃🕺 And as always let us know what you think in the comments below! ⤵️ Stay strong and keep lifting on! 🏋️💪🏋️ #TXWomans #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining


This week's workout tips and tricks are all about the calves. 🐄

In order to make your lower limb training more effective either in a performance or aesthic route we have to discuss the ankle. The ankle is a very powerful joint, it is able to move alot of weight but only in a short range of motion.

In order to provide a stimulus for the calves in order to either grow or be more effective in providing support to the knee, you have to train it in a way that gets rid of their advantage.
This is where loaded stretches come into play. As you can see in the video @jordanmjoy is holding the bottom position of the calf raise for roughly 3-5 seconds. This helps to build the calves as he walks around all day with the calves doing the opposite motion so we are focusing in on an area that doesn't' get utilized often.
As well with the stretches we are also changing his toe position during the sets to show other ways to target different areas. The toes were pointed inwards, straight ahead, and then away from each other to get the most work done.

Not only does this kind of training really help to build stubborn calf muscles, the stretches will help to increase mobility at the ankle joint and can help to protect the knees and hips when doing multi-joint movements.

Give these guys a shot, aim for a couple sets with anywhere from 8-15 reps, hold the bottom position and top position for about a 3-5 count.
Let's us know what you think in the comments below! ⤵️
And as always stay strong and keep in lifting! 🏋️💪🏋️ #TWUPersonalTraining
#BoldlyGo #TXWomans


During this week's video we are going over how to get the most out of all of your pulling exercises.
In order to fully target the muscles of the upper back you need to focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together, without shrugging up the shoulders.
This is important because this prevents the rotator cuff from rolling over the shoulder and causing impingements. Being able to build the musculature of the back will help to correct a slouched posture and balance the symmetry of the upper body.
And as always let's us know what you think in the comments below, and stay strong and lift safely! 🏋️💪🏋️ #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining #TXWomans

Today we have a little shoulder protection insurance plan! 🏥➕😷 The rotator cuff of the shoulder is a collection of small muscles that control the circular motion of the shoulder. Since the cuff is a very small part of shoulder movement it doesn't get the love that the bigger muscles surrounding the joint do. 😥

But making sure the rotator cuff is strong and healthy, will prevent alot of injuries from occuring during exercise and many daily activities, as the shoulder is only as strong as the weakest muscle.

The first exercise is called spider walks, you can use a versa loop (located at the front desk) or just a regular band wrapped around the wrists a few times. Make sure to pull the hands apart from each other as you walk your hands like a spider up and down the wall. Do atleast one pass going up and down, and try to increase passes as you gain strength.
The second exercise lovingly called a shoulder breaker, or a banded over and back. This exercise is designed to stretch out the chest and the front of the shoulder while allowing external rotation.
The last exercise is a banded pull apart. On this exercise the focus is to squeeze the shoulder blades together. This movement is strengthening supporting muscles of the rotator cuff: the rear deltoid and the rhomboids.
Do as many passes on the spiderwalks as possible till you feel the burn!! 🔥🔥 Follow by 12-20 reps on the band work.
Let us know what you think in the comments below⤵️
And as always stay strong and keep on lifing! 🏋️💪🏋️ #TXWomans #TWUPersonalTraining #BoldlyGo

Today we have a foam rolling tips, tricks, and hints video.

1️⃣ Make sure to use slow and controlled movements when on the foam roller

2️⃣ Scan the area for render spots, stay on those areas for up to 20-30 seconds

3️⃣ Make sure to only roll on muscle tissue and not to roll over joints, and bones not covered my muscle.
The trick to foam rolling is being consistent and slow, steady progressions. Rome was not conquered over night!
Utilizing smart and consistent foam rolling is a good first step in maintaining healthy mobility and range of motion at your joints.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Let us know what you think in the comments below ⤵️ And as always stay strong, and get your roll on. 🏋️🔄🏋️ #TXWomans #TWUPersonalTraining #BoldlyGo


This workout Wednesday, is a total knee extension (TKE) reverse lunge and a total hip extension (THE) kettlebell swing.
When standing in a vertical position, the muscles required to move both the shoulder and hip joints and are not required to contract as hard due to the alignment of force with gravity. By strategically placing bands you can eliminate this dead spot in the range of motion and increase muscle activation.

Not only do these movements serve to be excellent muscle builders! 💪

They are also excellent for preventing and rehabilitating injuries to damaged joints. By teaching the muscles to contract throughout the movement they will be be supporting the joint through the ends of range of motion, where injuries can occur. 🤕🚫 As always slow and controlled with form, always maintain a shin that is perpendicular to the floor, and make sure to bend with your hips and not your back!
Let us know what you think in the comments below⤵️⤵️⤵️
And stay strong Pioneers! 🏋️🏋️ #TXWomans #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining

The tricep has three different parts that can be emphasized with different exercises, this workout is designed to hit all three parts!
The first exercise is a tricep extension, this exercise maximizes activation in the short head of the tricep (on the outside of the arm). Try to keep the elbow in one place during this exercise.

The second exercise is a pullover, try to keep your elbows bent and the bar as close to the body without hitting yourself. This exercise brings the long head of the tricep into play (the most upper part of the tricep)
The third exercise is a close grip press, this exercise focuses the use of the medial head of the tricep (the inside of the tricep). For the reps on the first two exercises keep the amounts around ten, for the last exercise, the press, do as many reps as you can. Remember the triceps make up the majority of the upper arm so make sure they get some love! ♥️ Let's us know that you think in the comments below⤵️
Suns out, Guns out! 💪☀️ #TXWomans #TWUPersonalTraining #BoldlyGo


This week we have a #HumpDay glute workout! Using three exercises to work the glutes through their primary functions.
All three exercises can be done right after each other or separately on their own. All exercises should be done with the same band placed across the legs directly above the knee.

The first exercise the dumbell hip thrusts, focus on squeezing at the top of the motion and hold for a brief pause. The second exercise, the goblet squat, make sure to drive the knees out during the entire motion. Lastly, the reverse hyperextension, use controlled steady pauses and make sure you only go till the legs are parallel to the floor.

Also, we just released the 🐪 "Pump Day" 🐪 shirts our personal trainer @karennnoemi is demo-ing, they are now available for purchase at the front desk for only $12.00!

As always keep on lifting and stay strong! 🏋️🏋️
Let us know what you think in the comments below ⤵️ #TXWomans #TWU21 #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining

This week's workout is a killer bicep workout! 🔪💪 This exercise utilizes 3 positions to toast 🔥 the biceps, allowing you to continue to lift the same weight by putting you into stronger positions. This is also known as a mechanical dropset.

This workout is excellent for building a muscle and taxing it completely while minimizing time and equipment requirements.
Stick to 10-15 reps per exercise, trying to match reps for each position. Make sure form is as controlled as possible, trying to keep the elbow in the same position during the whole curl.
Tell is what you think in the comments below ⤵️
And as always, stay strong and lift on! 🏋️🏋️ #TXWomans #TWU21 #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining

This workout Wednesday we are addressing a common problem that occurs during the squat.
Due to either anatomical or mobility restrictions many people lack the ability to keep the heels driven into the ground.

While working to improve mobility of the ankle should be prioritized, specifically working on stretching the calf. Utilizing plates under the heels can provide a safe environment to squat while moving forwards.
Enjoy the tips and tricks and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below⤵️ As always stay strong and lift on!
#TXWomans #TWU21 #BoldlyGo #TWUPersonalTraining

This week we have some ideas for you to shake your workouts up. By performing certain movements with one side of your body while keeping the other side engaged you can double the GAINZZZZ 💪💪💪 The isometric tension on the non moving side allows continuous activation of those muscles. The switching of movement sides also allows greater activation of supporting muscles such as the abdominals and stabilizers to keep you in place.
If your looking for something new to try, or are wanting to up your workouts these are a must try!
Let me know what y'all think in the comments below⤵️
And Lift Strong! 🏋️ #TWUWorkoutWednesday #TWUfitandrec #TXWomans #TWUPersonalTraining

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