I just want to take a moment to talk about 2 second transformations. I find myself looking at other women's instagrams and comparing myself and questioning my progress. The thing about social media is that it is all about perception.
These photos were literally taken 2 seconds apart. The first photo is a flattering angle, I am flexing, and in good posture. The second photo, I am relaxed, at a little different angle, and slouched. Same woman, same body in both photos.
It's easy to get caught up in social media and comparisons. One of my goals of this page is to remain as transparent as possible.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Real quick #twosecondtransformation from this morning. Instead of obsessing about how bloated I've been feeling lately, I'm going to celebrate the fact that I benched body weight for a triple today, and that's amazing.
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a reminder that angles can really make a difference. The body will hardy ever look exactly how someone is posed in a picture. It hardly exists, which is why it’s so easy for us to get lost in social media comparisons. I probably only ever look like the first picture 1% of the time, it’s a food-love thing. #TwosecondTransformation

Feeeel Good Friday 🌻 Booty lookin real cute in both these pics. It’s important to always remind yourself that no one walks around 24/7 posing and flexing and in bomb ass lighting. But regardless if you are posed & flexed or standing straight or slouching or sitting you always are and always will be a beautiful work of art. Love your body for all that it is 💗 tagging all my babes to remind them they are beautiful just as they are so tag yours too and spread some love this wonderful Friday ✨

#twosecondtransformation 🤷🏼‍♀️
Puurogram ❤️ alkaa nyt! 🍓
Ootteko kokeillu seata puuroon kinuski-karpalon makuista sokeroimatonta mehukeittoa? On hy-vää! 😍
Protskut Keso- raejuustosta ja rasvat maapähkinävoista 😋 päälle mansikkaa ja naminami! #puuro
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My name’s Amanda and I don’t lift.
Oh wait, yes I do!
Here’s the deal guys...
No one walks around looking like their best flexed IG pic. We take those pics after a good workout when our muscles are pumped and we’re feeling good. Nothin wrong with it.
The rest of the time, most people walk around looking fit or in shape, but nothing like their best flex.
To get straight to the point,
Don’t compare yourself.
95% of what’s posted on IG is someone’s highlight reel.
Their best flex, their best hair day, their best makeup, etc.
Take those progress pics, celebrate your accomplishments, and above all please know that the process works as long as you do,
and you’re doing awesome.

Happy Tuesday!
Reality check.
If you or someone you know struggles with body image then keep on reading!
I hope this helps just one person today who struggles with body image. Social media along with the support it provides is amazing BUT sometimes it eats you alive at the same time when it comes to comparison.
There is nothing wrong with posting photos that you are happy and confident with! I try my best to be honest, real, and transparent with you on here. That being said, what you do see on social media is not always 100% true.
⬅️Left photo - first morning photo, no flex, full bladder.
➡️Right photo - two seconds later, flexed, full bladder still🙈

You want to know something - I am happy and healthy in both of these photos! I have two strong legs, two strong arms, and a powerful body all together that allows me to walk, run, lift, dance around when no one is watching.
And THAT is more than enough to be grateful for the beautiful and strong body that you have been blessed with.
Embrace every part of your body and filter out those who thing differently.
Embrace lean morings - today that was me! - but embrace your full nights!
Embrace EVERY PART of your journey.
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#TransformationTuesday Hopping on the 2 second transformation bandwagon to talk about a little something that happens after you’ve had kids. Diastasis recti is defined by a gap between the abdominal muscles, giving the illusion of permanent bloating. While I am super lucky I don’t have a serious issue with muscle separation or restricted exercise due to this condition, this is the most common cause of the “mom pooch” and I have to remind myself daily to have good posture in order to disguise it while I continue to heal at 4 months postpartum. I also try and engage my core during weight training, especially heavy lifts to strengthen my muscles that were weakened during pregnancy. Progress is a process!
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Because lifting heavy will make you SO huge 💪🤣🤦‍♀️ Don’t forget photos also make you look larger, can’t tell you how often people see me in real life and say “you are tiny” 😡 I’m 5’3 and 126lbs and I wear a size 2/4 🙈 let’s get real folks!!! I wish I were bigger, would love to have more muscle but it’s a process for me 😆 anyways, all those numbers I could give two craps about they don’t define me, I love who I am and that’s all that matters 😜

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1️⃣ First pic: I’m sucking in and leaning back.
2️⃣ Second pic: I’m slouching and relaxed. 🐷
Moral of the story: don’t believe everything you see. This is a two second transformation. People can EASILY make their bodies look a certain way. Although that way they are posing may look good, they don’t always look like that. Don’t let social media fool you. Posing can work wonders, y’all. 😌
Be proud of your body, posed AND relaxed. Happy Friday, babes! 🌷 I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 🌞
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The Power of Angles 📸Not every angle is going to be your best angle. 🤷🏻‍♀️The camera angle plays a huge role in how your body appears, and whether it distorts your appearance by making you appear top or bottom heavy, or taller and leaner. Posing also plays a huge part in how you may appear in a picture. 💃🏻Images can be VERY deceiving because of how a person poses. I can significantly ‘lose’ mass by tilting my pelvis forward, leaning back slightly, and pushing my hip to the side with a knee bent. If I turn and place most of my weight on my legs and glutes: Bam 💥 instant booty lift. If I lean back onto my hips, I can appear to have more of an hourglass shape because most of my weight is now centered in my hips. My point: Depending on the angle shot, your position to the camera, and posing, you can significantly add or lose ‘weight’. So don’t get “bent out of shape” (pun intended 😂) if you see an image of yourself and you feel like you don’t look your best. Truth is, no one looks their best all the time, in every angle and every light. We only see posts of the best, flattering angles because that’s how most people want to portray themselves. No harm or foul there, but it’s important to realize that no one looks “perfect” all the time, and that IS perfectly normal. ❤️ #fitfam #bodybuilding #fitmom #fitness #photography #posing #camera #angles #gym #truth #bodypositivity #selflove #twosecondtransformation

Food for thought in this rainy Thursday.. Only believe half of what you see, the difference in many of these #transformation posts is often angles or just standing tall and flexing as opposed to slouching and pushing out. Healthy looks different for everyone and that look doesn't define your self worth. We all dont look like the typical #fitspo posts but that doesn't mean we're not all #strong #badbitches 😘 and yes, I totally have a hole in my pants #fitchick #bodypositive #strongnotskinny #healthylifestyle #healthy #selflove #reality #twosecondtransformation

Two Second Transformation!
Remember lighting, posing and positioning of clothing can have a huge affect on pictures
Here’s your reminder that Instagram is someone’s highlight reel! Don’t look at someone’s pictures and immediately judge how you look based on them. Keep working each and everyday to be the best YOUyou can be!
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Soooo it's been too long since I've actually posted. Sorry accountability partners, this tweaked neck is being STUBBORN!.
Got my first run in for the week, 3 left for the whole event 😮. Where did the month go??! Feeling better from my video yesterday. #twosecondtransformation
Thanks for all the love and support!! Now go have an amazing 🐪 day! .
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Different kind of #transformationtuesday.
Like everyone else says, DON’T FALL PREY TO THE SMOKE & MIRRORS of Social media.
I wish I had smooth skin & a great complexion, but due to hormones & stress, instead I’m stuck with pretty white teeth I work hard to keep pretty 😁. .
So many of us get caught up in what we *think* is “reality”, but really we’re just chasing rainbows 🌈 baby. 💁🏻‍♀️ .
STOP destroying & dehumanizing yourself. #treatyoself for who you really are: smart, awesome-looking, talented, kind, generous, witty, clever, able to ride a unicycle, good with people, a great public speaker, a skilled gymnast, artistic, able to create things like programs & websites and apps from scratch (JEALOUS✨). But most importantly realize that God made YOU for a unique, special purpose. .
You go do you & be PROUD no one else can.☺️
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I'm pushing myself WAY outside my comfort zone sharing this but I know other people who have shared similar things have helped me immensely so I'm going to do the same in the hope that I can contribute something helpful and positive to the world and to anyone who needs to know they're not alone.

The photo on the left is me all done up for a music festival and the one on the right is me right now.
I have spent the last few hours on and off crying for absolutely no reason. Prior to this I couldn't remember the last time I cried. I'm not usually a big cryer.
But the reason I am crying tonight is because I have just recently started taking the contraceptive pill again to clear up my skin. Unfortunately a big side effect of the pill for me is feeling depressed and having massive, irrational mood swings.

What the pill does is puts more oestrogen into your body... which obviously I'm not used to and it causes me to turn into a giant cry baby.
Apart from feeling sad, it can also be a massive struggle because it's super confusing to be feeling this way with no particular cause. It can come on suddenly and it can really affect your whole day.
I cried earlier because my lemon wouldn't grate properly (yes, really).
It's also frustrating that you have no control over it.
And when you suddenly combine sad, confused and frustrated emotions all together into one little human it's a lot to deal with at once.

Basically I'm sharing this to tell you that it's okay and it's normal to go through this stuff. It can be tough dealing with all these hormones as a woman and I want anyone struggling, whether you're on the pill or not to feel free to come to me if you need to talk about anything or if you need support; whether you know me or not.

Every single person looks like the left photo at some point and that's okay.

I've been inspired by some wonderful ladies who have shared their unfiltered honesty over the time I've been following them and I've tagged them in the picture. You should definitely check them out because they are bloody awesome.
Thank you to those who keep it real on social media ✌🏼

Angles and lightning can make a huge difference 😂🤨 I’ve perfected the 2nd pose- hides the bloat, makes the booty pop, and conceals my acne lol

YOLO ✌🏼. Fact: I have always hated (such a strong word) my legs. I hesitate to wear shorts because my legs have always been “thick” and it’s where I carry my extra weight. @kendall.fletcher showed me a post by @deliciouslyfitnhealthy regarding positioning, lighting and angles. And how we all put our best photos out on social media. @pryncezyo and @byrdrn recently opened my eyes to how much our legs do for us and to love our bodies for exactly how they are 🙌🏼. We all are our own worst critics. And the pressure to be “beautiful” has exploded due to the types of images that we see everyday. I carry fat. I have cellulite. My legs jiggle. But beauty is and always will be more than skin deep 💖💯 #loveyourflaws #twosecondtransformation #lovetheskinyouarein #embraceyourbody #beautyinside #quietyourmind #benicetoyourself #yolo #shutupandweartheshorts

Happy #flexfriday everyone! I wanted to post a different #flexie today to show you as always to never compare yourself to photos on social media! This is a #twosecondtransformation 👌

I hear so many people talk about wanting “abs” and it is definitely possible but also to a certain degree it is hard to maintain that level of leanness all the time, now some people may be more genetically blessed than others and can stay lean a bit easier, but many people have to become extremely lean to see defined abs without flexing! This is me on the left standing naturally and obviously on the right I am flexing and pulling chest up 🙈 but again I wanted to show you that it’s ok to walk around with or without abs! You are amazing and beautiful and strong abs or no abs, so don’t forget and don’t compare people are fake as hell out there 🤣🤣😘😘

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