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“Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don't think about yesterday, and they don't think about tomorrow. They just exist in the moment.”
—Jessalyn Gilsig
POWER STANCE to try to rectify this week. Yesterday I let the weight of the world and the worries of unknowns bog me down. I look at these beautiful photos of my son photo-bombing my attempt at a self timer power stance shot and I LOVE what this burst captured!!!! Him smiling up at me, mimicking my goof stance, and just amped up to be posing like his momma!!! It made my fake posed courageous stance contagious, it made him brave and in turn it made me STOP and just BE GRATEFUL for this moment... all of these moments that together make up our life. So here is a 2 second transformation filled with raw joy and authenticity inspired by my 4.5 year old boy. Happy transformation Tuesday babes. Remember:
abs or skin rolls— you’re beautiful.
posed or photobombed— it’s IG worthy.
live transformed, you are enough as you are where you are!
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diz me 👈👉 diz also me #twosecondtransformation

ville bare slenge inn et bilde til ettertanke. vinkel og 'posering' har mye å si for hvordan man ser ut på et bilde; også jeg har krøll på magen! hva jeg velger å legge ut er jo noe annet, men sånn ser jeg altså ut sånn litt framoverbøyd etter en runde med intervaller på mølla ✌ og det er min kropp, den er frisk, sterk og sunn, den er med på det jeg vil, og jeg er glad i den, krøll eller ei! 🦄💪 #ekteogdirekte

No filter whatsoever. I see this going around a lot. This is my body and both of these are ME. Can I pull up my pants and make my stomach look flatter? YES. And before I would have just posted the first picture. I wouldnt want anyone to really see the work I still gotta do. But this is me. Raw and BEAUTIFUL. This body carried two amazing babies. So heres my 2 second backwards transformation. 31 lbs till goal. #ketosis #ketoOn #ketoaf #keto #thisisme #twosecondtransformation

Relaxed ➡️ Flexing ➡️ Posing
▫️Just a reminder that Instagram is not an accurate representation of real life▫️

Another 2 second transformation 😂
➡️I could cry all day about how my body doesn't look like the one on the left or I could appreciate my actually body and all that I've achieved!!
➡️I could be sad that my proportions weren't more like the photo on the left, or I could be happy that I am alive, breathing, able to run and walk, lift weights, be kind to other people, be a good friend, girlfriend, loving person!! ➡️Be grateful that I have had the opportunity to go to university, to get an education while so many people in the world never get that opportunity!!
➡️And many others things...just..take a step back from social media sometimes and realize all that you have. Be content, not envious. ➡️ and also just made a video about setting realistic goals for yourself which you can watch by clicking the link in my bio. So many people set completely unrealistic goals and give up when they don't reach them....and images on social media are probably the root cause of this problem !!!!! 💕💕💕💕Okay....let love and light shine into your life and recognize what you DO have, not what you don't. And stay REAL! As always...keep your wits about you when navigating this space !!!

Day 2 of the #selflovebootcamp is #embracethesquish {hashtag created by the beautiful @nourishandeat} also thanks to @alipriitchard for pushing me to post this💕

This is by far the most vulnerable picture I have posted as I typically do not even post pictures in my swimsuit. I decided to #embracethesquish while also doing a #twosecondtransformation. These photos were taken SECONDS APART‼️
Left Photo: high waisted leggings pulled up and standing relaxed.
Right Photo: high waisted leggings rolled down and embracing my body💕

Both photos are me. Both photos are beautiful. ✨The take away message from this post is to embrace your REAL SELF ✨



See how the first picture my butt looks like a damn shelf, super full and plump? My quads look bigger and my hamstrings more full. In the second picture... not so much? Don’t get me wrong, there is some mass back there... but one angle is definitely more favorable for social media standards. -
Please remember when you’re scrolling through social media’s that it is a highlight reel. Most people only post the best angle, the best lighting, the best days. -
We all have flaws, we all have bad days. So please remember that the next time you start picking yourself apart because you saw someone online who is better in xyz way.
You are beautiful. #bestself #twosecondtransformation #beforeandafter #progresspicture #legday #glutes

⏪FLEXED VS UNFLEXED⏩ 2 SECOND TRANSFORMATION PIC ⏪2% of the time VS 98% of the time⏩ I could have cheated in this and trained arms before this photo so I have an even bigger pump on the left and more natural definition on the right. Buuttttt, that wouldn’t be realistic. I train arms once a week and focus on different exercises that isolate my biceps and triceps. Do I have crazy bulging giant biceps? Nope. My arms are strong, and they are toned. But does that show all the time? Absolutely not. After Christmas, I’m going to be working really hard on stripping down on fat and by that point, yes my arms will look more toned when not tensed. My two points in this are 1️⃣girls, don’t be afraid to train arms and don’t be afraid to train weights. It won’t make you look like Popeye I promise! 2️⃣ the pictures of all the amazing Instagram fitness models are what they look like probably 2% of the time. Do they train really hard and deserve recognition? Absolutely yes! But still, just remind yourself every once in a while that like all of us, they too know their angles and will pose and flex for the photo. They are being scrutinised by millions on social media so Ofcourse they’re going to put a picture of of themselves looking amazing, because let’s be honest, who wants a bad pic of themselves splashed across the internet? Today’s society could find faults with a golden retriever. So let’s all just have a little reality check and remember, 99% of us including them will be sat on our asses majority of Christmas stuffing our faces with chocolate biscuits 90% of the time. You’re not alone chicks, you’re not alone ♥️ #PT #training #health #fitness #girlswhotrain #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #gymgirls #gymbunny🐰 #fitspo #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #glutes #humpday #bootygains🍑 #workforthebooty #gains #progressiskey #progressnotperfection #strongnotskinny #fitstagram #realityfocusedphotography #twosecondtransformation #transformation #flexedvsrelaxed

Just a little #twosecondtransformation throwback to remind you that our bodies squish. It’s normal. And not everything (actually most things) you see on Instagram looks like that all the time.
Those #fitspo accounts that you follow are probably only showing you their best angles. Social media can be a great tool of your worst enemy. Don’t let it control you.
Feeling brave? Tag me in your #twosecondtransformation photo! 💖

POSED VS RELAXED I love everyone who posts photos like this. Thank you for reminding me that nobody is perfect. Thank you for reminding me that weight and size can fluctuate during the day and one is not more important than the other. Thank you for reminding me it’s okay to be yourself and not put on a social media front!
#twosecondtransformation #instanttransformation #posedvsreality #selfiestick #fitness #realitycheck #bodypositivity #keepingitreal #workout #gymlife #healthy #gettingfit #XOsweaty 💦

A real-time 2 second before and after “transformation”. It is easily faked so just be mindful of some of the people trying to sell you programmes/diets with no link to see the person’s journey (which should take some time!)
#twosecondtransformation #lies #fakegains #transformation #womeninfitness #real #womenempowerment #abs #fakeabs #easilydone #letsgetreal #beforeandafter

diz me 👈👉 diz also me #twosecondtransformation

ville bare slenge inn et bilde til ettertanke. vinkel og 'posering' har mye å si for hvordan man ser ut på et bilde; også jeg har krøll på magen! hva jeg velger å legge ut er jo noe annet, men sånn ser jeg altså ut sånn litt framoverbøyd etter en runde med intervaller på mølla ✌ og det er min kropp, den er frisk, sterk og sunn, den er med på det jeg vil, og jeg er glad i den, krøll eller ei! 🦄💪 #ekteogdirekte

So after an in-depth heated debate (argument) about insta photos the conclusion was.. “but you only post the good pictures” .. (and a few other harsher comments I won’t share), but that’s not entirely true, I never go out of my way to take the ‘perfect’ picture. Sometimes I find a ‘good’ angle that I like so I put my best foot forward and other times the picture I share just happens. Don’t be deceived by what you think you see, I am super tired today I haven’t done my hair, I have zero makeup on and I am really grumpy.. the right is immediately after a wet and windy walk home from work, the left is ten seconds later when I stopped slouching and brushed my mane of hair out the way... that’s it that’s the only difference! I haven’t filtered or edited either in any way. I don’t want to share perfectly lit, made-up, hair perfect pictures that took me an hour and 300 photos to achieve. Sure I prefer the left picture, but honestly I will share either. If you don’t like what you see then just stop looking, just keep your ridiculous and somewhat immature and unnecessary opinions to yourself. I am not offended by your opinions, but to some they may be hurtful and no one ever deserves to be made to feel inadequate. And girls (and guys) just remember you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but to the right person you’ll be the best brew ever made!!
#beyou #behappy #rantover

Unposed & relaxed vs. posed and flexed. And if you’re thinking “Aye girl this has been done 384652729 times”... I know 😜I think we all need reminders to STOP COMPARING ourselves to what we see on social media. Comparing our reality to snapshots of people’s best angles with all the right filters can be super toxic and discouraging. So, screw perfection and false advertising- set some goals and go crush them every day. Be proud of yourself and remember how far you’ve come. #TransformationTuesday #TwoSecondTransformation

Me in real life vs body bending and high waisters.... in real life, I’m chubby, I eat fat too many cookies and I have a muffin top 😑 (trying to cut back on the cookies) BUT if I arch my back so much that it hurts and pull up my pants over the love handles... you’d never know 💁🏼 it’s what’s in the inside that counts.... so I guess im screwed either way 🖤 ***disclaimer*** that’s a joke. I am a nice person, I just hate people. #realityvsinstagram #instagramvsreallife #instagramvsreality #twosecondtransformation #transformation #dontbefooled #masterthepose #highwaisted #muffintop #overindulging #cookiesarelife #extrafluffforwinter

It’s two second #transformationtuesday !

Me after having a delicious expensive dinner. A reminder that tummy bloat is natural after consuming food and drinks.

✨”Comparison is the thief of joy”✨ I actually just taught my kids this saying the other day in the car and I think it’s so important to internalize.
All of us get to pick and choose our photos to tell the story we want to tell. These photos were taken minutes apart - the only difference? The lighting. Side lighting - what abs? Overhead lighting - boom, there they are!
If I wanted to talk about how to get a six pack I could throw up the photo on the right (or a photo from a year ago - don't even get me started on people posting throw-back photos and letting you believe they always look that lean) and post a caption about how you need to do XYZ to work on your six pack too.
If I wanted to talk about bulking and adding muscle and some fat to your body overtime I could throw up the photo on the left and talk about how being lean isn't everything.
Instagram is 80% visual. We see tons and tons of photos and only sometimes actually stop to read the whole caption. And even then we seem to think that the person only took one photo, in normal lighting, didn't edit it at all, and walks around the world looking exactly like their photo. NEWS FLASH - it's just not true.
What you are comparing yourself to is WHAT THAT PERSON WANTS YOU TO SEE. Myself included. I aim to be transparent with things I post, but I've talked before about how I have taken almost 100 photos for a post before picking the best one. This is a visual platform and good photos help you reach more people.
As you scroll today, try to hold off on the comparisons. Use social media to connect with like-minded people and to get inspired, not to compare yourself to whatever someone chooses to highlight in their life.

When girls who lift put on real clothes and go out... 💃💁 #alwaysflexing #youcanttakemeanywhere #relaxedvsflexed #twosecondtransformation

IG vs. REAL LIFE 🤷🏼‍♀️
Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel! I would’ve much rather just posted the pic where my leggings smooth out all my insecurities, but I’m not here to make someone else feel less than adequate just bcs I have a magical pair of high waisted leggings! I loved my body at 300lbs and I love it now. Jiggly stomach and all 💕✨

No filter whatsoever. I see this going around a lot. This is my body and both of these are ME. Can I pull up my pants and make my stomach look flatter? YES. And before I would have just posted the first picture. I wouldnt want anyone to really see the work I still gotta do. But this is me. Raw and BEAUTIFUL. This body carried two amazing babies. So heres my 2 second backwards transformation. 31 lbs till goal. #ketosis #ketoOn #ketoaf #keto #thisisme #twosecondtransformation

Alright, I'm JUMPING on this IG bandwagon like 💁🏼 TWO SECOND TRANSFORMATION.
You all know my "classic fasted cardio pictures" aka the same shots I take every morning lol. FAR LEFT: Pushing my stomach out, rolled hips under and forward, not flexing my legs or arms. I am totally "relaxed" and slouchy. MIDDLE: Posed, flexed shoulders, chest & legs. Pulling my abdomen into a "vacuum". FAR RIGHT: Posed, flexed shoulders, glutes and legs, abdomen is twisted and pulled in. • I never want any of you to think I'm perfect, no one is. I battle my insecurities everyday. Standing like I am on the left ... is "unacceptable" to me and maybe it is to you too. But why? Because it's not "ideal"? For me it stems from my weight (like most things) and how .. I would ONLY stand a certain way, so maybe people wouldn't notice how big I really was... like that was gonna work. SMDH🤦🏼‍♀️ STOP BEING ASHAMED OF YOUR BODY. All of us, and I mean ALLLL OF US, struggle with this because we live in a world that PROFITS from our insecurity. We are told it's "unacceptable", "not cute" or "gross"; it's engrained. TIME TO UN-ENGRAIN THAT SHIT 🙏🏽 So here I am sharing this picture and y'know what: I'm SUPER FUCKING PROUD of ALL 3 of these bodies. This body loves me more than I have loved it, and why? Because it isn't perfect? NO ONES BODY IS PERFECT. Flexed, unflexed = SAME BODY. SAME WOMAN. SAME DRIVE. - different outlook: my body IS perfect because it was GROWN FOR ME, BY BOTH MY PARENTS, to keep me safe and not alone in this world. STOP SHUNNING YOURSELF. Stop hating your vessel. Stop being superficial.
Stop defining your worth, self love and self respect based on OTHER PEOPLE. 🙅🏼
We as a society need to empower this. How do you make something socially acceptable? GET SOCIETY to ACCEPT IT. Make it normal, expose it. 🤘🏽
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twO sEcuNd TrANsForMaYshUN 👾

What did I do differently?
Correct my posture • Twist my body to get the perfect angle • Adjust/Hike up pants to create an even greater illusion • Suck in that gluttonous dinner 🍝🎃🧀🍞🍨 •.• .•. #bonappetit #twosecondtransformation #fitness #gymrat #nutrition #bodybuilding #muscles #train #weightlifting #fitspo #athlete #lift #fitchick #curves #fitlife #health #weights

Relaxed vs posed ‼️‼️#twosecondtransformation ‼️‼️ I see a lot of these kind of posts and I for one know that it's so so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others on Instagram. I'm not slating people that use these posing techniques because - why not show off what you've worked hard for?! It's just so important that people look at these pictures and realise that there's a slim chance of you looking like the pic on the right all time! Am kind of nervous about posting something like this but this message is something that's so close to my heart 💕 stay motivated girlies!

I cleansed my social media this morning instead of my face.. best beauty swap out there, I highly recommend #twosecondtransformation #whogetsme

Let's talk #TwoSecondTransformation on this lovely #HumpDay ! How many times have you scrolled through your page and compared yourself to some fitness girl Account and said some not nice things to yourself? Or wished you looked more like them? Or wanted your legs, or your waist, or your Glutes, to look like theirs? Show if hands ✋✋✋ I know I have ! But what we tend to forget so many times is all the pictures we're seeing are the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, the photo that that girl feels BEST about, but only looks like .001% of the time. Now, there is NOTHING wrong with posting those photos and showing off hard work, AS LONG AS we know that that's EXACTLY what they are when were looking at them so we don't beat ourselves up! 🙌 For example, though the photo on the left is a typical post leg workout booty pump picture, the photo on the right is what I normally looks like and stand like because #Duh. Can you imagine how goofy it would be if all these fitness girls stood like that on real life when they were like browsing at the grocery store or in line ? 😂😂🙌 Don't let good angles, good lighting, and posed pictures fool you or make you think ANY less of yourself. You are beautiful just the way you are and all the highlight reels on social media aren't exactly as they seem 💞🍑🍑 Happy Wednesday! Comment below if you made it through my whole rant 😂🙌💞💞💞💞 .
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#TwoSecondTransformation 🍑▶️🥞
Update on my own progressions:
1️⃣ I will never fail to be amazed at how many unrealistic photos and twists this social media platform brings us. However, I also enjoy twisting from time to time, especially when I've gained some weight 🤘I've decided as of last weekend to knuckle down to really try bulk for some time. I had been just taking things at my own pace, but with bootcamps back in action it will be important for me to ensure I am getting enough fuel, and to keep hormones in check. Started off this week with 2550/2650 intake (approx) daily ❤️
2️⃣ I feel myself again. UP UP UP we go. It feels good, to feel good. Far too often we get caught up in the little things, until reality hits and you realise, man we complain too much about first world physique problems and judgements with all that's going on in the world. (Thoughts with Florida 💗)
3️⃣ After posting my last progress photo, I was inundated with messages of girls also underweight, afraid to gain, suffering from over exercising, and many that were in denial they were too small and over exercising. So this is me about to show all of you over the coming weeks (that I do not feel qualified to give advice back too) that it's ok to gain weight, don't be afraid ❤️ I'll post some health reasons as to why you should, or that are a sign you should, this week! 💗
Happy #TransfromationTuesday

Another mango smoothie bowl topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries & banana, toasted & crumbed cinnamon rice cakes, & a cashew cream sauce. 🍓🌿🍌
Today's weather had me saying "Gooooodbye winter, I'll cashew later!"🌞🌬️❄️
#somelikeithot #smoothoperator #bringbacksummer

Let's play #TwoSecondTransformation. These photos were literally taken seconds apart. Scrolling through your feeds, you need to know that what you see is the best angle and the best lighting and the flexed and turning and squeezed and sucked in, and the list goes on. I'm guilty for sure! But at the end of the day, I want to be transparent and relatable. I want YOU to know that I have soft skin, and cellulite, and Bloat, and stretch marks, and rolls, and my thighs touch and jiggle, just like so many other women. My body CAN say fitness , but it also says HUMAN. I promise you NO ONE walks around perfectly flexed in perfect lighting, all day every day. Under all that there's a NORMAL girl, just like everyone else 💕 PLEASE do not compare yourself to the highlight reels of others on social media. You are beautiful and perfect, and at the end the day, they're probably just like you anyways 💕😘😘 Tag a friend who needs to hear this 💕 Happy #TransformationTuesday Beauties! 💕 -----------------------------------------
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Watch the vid 🎥 just in case you forgot anyone can suck in & clench their abs for a picture 🤷🏼‍♀️
This is me after a full day of eating and one happy belly
I know this is preached constantly on social media
But it's SO important
I used to become so frustrated with my bloating
And feeling like I could never look like the "fitspos" I followed
There's nothing wrong with posed pictures
HOWEVER this becomes a problem when you start to think that people walk around with flexed muscles and flat stomachs all the time
Love the skin you're in and embrace the food babies
And don't try to make your reality look like someone's posed IG pics
You are beautiful just the way you are

@alphapackfitness ambassador || LINDSEY
@imprettyfit supps || LINDSEY10

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So some of my followers might be uncomfortable with this post, but I think it's important. We constantly see pictures of perfectly posed people, and then we think that we are somehow less "attractive." Seriously, look at the difference of these pictures taken two seconds apart.. 👀👀👀... Somebody once said to me "Is it exhausting attempting to live up to an expectation that doesn't exist?" When you see a man or woman who is "perfect" to you, and you start to compare them to yourself or others, remember that most people only portray the their best image on social media. That picture or movie, whatever it may be, took work, time, and a lot of effort--they didn't just snap one relaxed picture on their phone and post it. That's why I love @annavictoria she shows all of her sides! I love it! Don't be so hard on yourself or others, people 💕. #annavictoria #fbg #fbggirl #fbggirls #fbgcommunity #fitbodyguide #fitnotskinny #strongnotskinny #2secondtransformation #twosecondtransformation

Flexed vs Relaxed
Progress pictures are one thing, but here's why I don't post many ab selfies/booty pics/half naked photos👇
1️⃣Anyone can make themselves look like a fitness expert by using their body. Scary thing is, some of these women work out 4 hours a day and make you believe you can reach their level of fitness too 😥
2️⃣I want to share good knowledge, information, and success... not make people feel like they have to look a certain way.
3️⃣I want people to appreciate the process and realize that how they feel, move, and perform matters much more than the way they look.
*️⃣So #fitchicks keep posting your bikini pics... to each their own. But ladies, take a look at the fitness accounts you follow and ask yourself "Am I following them because they have a positive impact on my life, or because I'm striving to have their physique?" 🤔

Hey there 👋🏽
I've been inspired by some beautiful people keeping it real and I've decided to jump on the bandwagon.
Just reminding you how easily manipulated we can be by photos on social media.
Lately I've been forgetting what's important to me in life which is living it to the fullest and being happy and healthy, not how I look.
I don't know about you but I've spent far too long staring at girls' photos on Instagram studying them wondering why I don't look like them.
Remember that nobody looks how they do on Instagram 24/7. It's not possible.
Sometimes we eat big bowls of pasta, bloat and then stand with terrible posture. In fact that's probably me most of the time.
And that's perfectly okay. Because no matter what, I know I'm beautiful as long as I continue to be genuine, kind and happy ✌🏼
Love yourselves silly everyone. Choose happiness every goddam day 🌈

2 second transformation- Knee popped, pushing my bum out, sucking my tummy in, then standing straight up and down, and how my tummy really looked. Social media is only the best bits of people in most cases!! Rather than getting down about how much better that other person looks than you, remember they don't even look like that 90% of the time💕 (I know these are posted a lot but I think it's always important to be reminded! Please excuse my face in picture 2🙂) #strengthfeed #ukfitfam #gym #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #fitness #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #transformation #twosecondtransformation #posedvsunposed #everyBODYisbeautiful #selflove

#transformationtuesday ? More like #twosecondtransformation 🙃 obviously this is flexing 💪🏼vs not flexing. 99% of the time I'm letting it alllllllllll hang out lol like the left. I bloat like everyone else, (it's normal to bloat) there's no amount of core strength that could keep me looking like the right all day 👀 and looking cut 99% of the time is very hard to maintain. Not saying it's impossible lots of top athletes and many fitsporations of mine are always walking around shredded but I still love Taco Bell 💀 it's delicious and dangerous lol. That other 1% social media sees is like the right. Everyone always wants you to see the best versions of themselves and then you stress out about what they look like vs what you look like all the time it's insane. I say fu€k it. What's the point of doing anything if you're not happy with yourself? Every BODY is different and every BODY is impressive in their own way, shape, and form. Learn to embrace what you have. Nobody can use your own insecurities against you if you learn to love them. 🙏🏼 love your body. Love what you do. 💕 #gainingweightiscool #ilovetacobell #namaslay #thestruggleisreal #fitfam #fitspo #thesweatlife #bigbeefin

When people ask me what the secret to a "flat stomach all the time" is. I'm not sure but I can imagine it's tough 🤷🏼‍♀️
Enter me, after a full day of eating and drinking 100+ fl oz. Bloating (within reason) is normal. There's a variety of reasons.
✖️ Food sensitivities: grains, dairy, sugar
✖️ Cruciferous veggies
✖️ Fluid retention
✖️ Ladies, that time of the month 🙄
I used to think that when my stomach looked like this at the end of the day it meant I had eaten poorly and/or lost progress.
Don't freak out.
Appreciate the food baby.
Wait until morning.
You'll be just fine. 🤗💕
#twosecondtransformation #bloatedaf #instavsreality #lindseylivingwell #alphapackfitness #alphapackwomen #SummerStrongS2BM #LoveYourEveryBody #healthybodyhappymind #perfectlyimperfect #unguardedandunbothered #shewhobelieves #buildyourownbeauty #postgradlife #strongnotskinny #strongissexy #iifym #iifymwomen #macrosbypao #S2BM #S2BMSQUAD #igfitgirls #girlswholift #womenlitforchrist #litforchrist #fitnessjourney #fitgirlfollow #motivation #fitjourney
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Wollte auch mal so cool sein und meine "2 Sekunden-Transformation" zeigen 🤓😂
Da sieht man mal, was ne Pose und dazu gutes Licht so ausmacht.
Aber da ich auf Malle nicht durchgehend mit angespanntem Bauch und langgezogenem Körper rumlaufe, sehe ich da wohl eher so aus wie links - Fressmodus 😂 Nach ein zwei Sangria sowieso egal 🍷😂
Bis Weihnachten versuch ich mal ein bisschen aufzubauen, aber cleaner als momentan 🙄😂 Und danach wird durchgezogen, weil ich endlich mal sehen will, was ich so aus mir rausholen kann 💁🏼
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Gotta hit you guys with a #twosecondtransformation post. Okay, more like two minutes because I changed my pants and hair. But you get it.
My explore feed just really pissed me off today. Maybe it's because I'm in the whole "fitness" field and, in society's definition, being "fit" is fitting a certain aesthetic. But I'm really over my explore feed being filled with twisted booty shots and flexed abs. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about taking pictures at your best angle. I do it all the time. But there is so much more to fitness and health than booty and meal prep pictures. Hell, there's so much more to LIFE!
I want to see your double chin snapchats you send to the people you trust. I want to see you running around with your dog on at the park. I want to see your "treat meal" after a long week. I want to see your struggles, your good days, your slip ups, your PASSION. Yes, it makes you vulnerable. But more importantly, it makes you GENUINE.
Enjoy my belly rolls, thick thighs and adorable dog. I take much pride in all of them. 💚💚💚#transformation #transformationtuesday #edrecovery #recoveryispossible #recovery #healthy #healthylifestyle #personaltrainer #personaltraining #keepgoing

Be a woman of SUBSTANCE. Be a REAL Woman. It is Difficult to break down a Real Woman because she WiLL LEARN from her Mistakes; Gather her STRENGTH from Her STRUGGLE and Overcome the OBSTACLES COURAGEOUSLY 💪🏼👊🏼 🤳🏼👀to be honest.. some days I have no idea how I'll do it.. but, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It gets Done....🙅🏼
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2 second transformation - 👈🏻👈🏻neutral spine vs. arched back 👉🏻 called "hyperlordosis" by chiropractors, called "gains" in the fitness industry 😝 HOWEVER, there are accounts that emphasize the role that posing, lighting, food intake/bloating has on how our bodies look in pictures and try to genuinely represent themselves. Check out @amandabuccifit @hannahbower2 @chessiekingg to name a few 👟👚 I swear by these leggings by @officialbetterbodies and this sports bra by @victoriassecret (the most flattering bra and leggings I've found!)

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De nos jours, à cause des réseaux sociaux, des magasines et télés-réalité, l'acceptation de soi est devenue très difficile. On veut nous faire croire qu'il n'y a qu'un seul type de corps qui est considéré comme "bien" ou "parfait", on veut nous faire croire qu'une femme doit obligatoirement être grande, fine et longiligne pour être belle. Les rondeurs, les défauts (que nous avons toutes, même les plus fines) sont généralement masqués, modifiés, supprimés. Est-ce donc cela la définition d'être belle ? Non. Pas pour moi. Mais pour beaucoup, c'est le cas. J'essaye donc, à travers mes photos, de vous faire passer des messages, de vous mettre en confiance avec votre corps, avec vous-même. PERSONNE N'EST PARFAIT, pas même le plus grand des mannequins, sachez-le !! Il n'y a Rien de mieux que d'être en confiance avec soi-même, croyez moi.
Pour celles qui ont du mal avec leur corps, faites tout pour être une meilleure version de vous-même si vous ne vous sentez pas bien dans votre peau, agissez car personne ne le fera à votre place et ce sera toujours mieux que de s'apitoyer sur son sort. Croyez moi, le sport aide beaucoup à ça, il aide à être plus en confiance avec sois-même, il aide à s'aimer, à apprécier les bons cotés de votre personne. Faites tout simplement ce qui vous rend heureux, ce qui vous rend bien, ce qui est bon pour vous !
Personnellement, depuis que j'ai commencé le sport (en 2015 avec le TBC), j'ai appris à aimer mon corps (même si il m'arrive d'avoir des moments plus difficiles mais C'EST LA VIE!), j'ai appris à apprécier mes qualités plutôt que de m'attarder sur mes défauts... depuis, je suis beaucoup plus en confiance (même si le travail n'est pas fini) et mon entourage le ressent.
Et même si ce ne sont que des paroles et que parfois le mal-être va beaucoup plus loin que ca, j'espère que ce post en aidera et motivera certaines 🙏🏼 - je ne peux m'étaler plus sur le sujet car je vous écrirai un livre 😂 mais juste :
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I've always been so inspired by the girls on instagram who are brave enough to do pictures like this so I hope this helps someone too. A two second transformation that only I would have known about if I only posted the first picture, which is what my old self would do. Yes I can still flex and have abs but that doesn't mean their always there and that's okay! These past couple months I've been forced to tone it back in the gym... starting with breaking my toe then switching gyms and not to mention changing my entire schedule... And while it all felt like it was continuously pulling me back, I now feel like God's only drawing me closer in. Before I was never satisfied when I looked in the mirror. There was always something I would have changed about myself and as embarrassing and sad as that is to say, it's true. I've always wished for bigger boobs, a smaller waist, and clearer skin just to name a few. And while I'd been constantly thinking about what I wished I could change, I never truly appreciated what God had given to me. Self love is not easy and right now I'm pretty disappointed with how much muscle, strength, and endurance I've lost but I'm so thankful for what I've learned along the way 💒🌌💕🕆🤗 #lifeslessons #thankyougod #youdabest #loveyourself #andyourflaws #godmadeyou #perfectlyyou #rememberdat #flex #noflex #twosecondtransformation #fitfam #apicturenevertellsthefullstory #fitness #vegan #veganbodybuilding #bodybuilding #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitmoms #momswholift #backtothegrind #earlymorningworkouts

The magic of high waisted pants is a 2 second transformation. They give the illusion that my abs are flatter than they are. There are many tricks to presenting your best self on social media from good posing to the best lighting and wearing flattering clothes. While there's nothing wrong with that because who doesn't want to look their best, it's important to keep in mind that what you see on IG isn't always real life.
The picture on the left isn't any better than the one on the right. It's the same body-healthy, strong, capable of more than it's ever been able to do. That's what matters.

Don't let all the posing, lighting, etc. fool you or make you feel any less beautiful than you are.💗 For daily workouts👇🏻

Wanna see something crazy? This is me (in both pictures) on the same (bloated) day. Bloating happens for plenty of reasons, but this picture was taken only seconds apart. So to everyone who feels horrible about themselves because of people's unrealistically sexy bodies on social media... DONT FEEL BAD. You're human. Your body changes due to so many different reasons through the days and weeks... and most of all... what you see on the internet is usually not an accurate representation of reality! It takes two seconds to pose in a way that hides my belly, makes my boobs look bigger, etc. After a HORRIBLE day with body image I'm sharing this so that I can help even one person not feel bad about themselves in these poisonous Instagram feeds. supporting one of the only "trends" I think is worth something... #bodypositivity #twosecondtransformation #bodydysmorphia #edrecovery #bodyimage

❗️❗️❗️READ❗️❗️❗️ .
It's so important to understand that so many pictures you see on Instagram can be so misleading. It's so easy to change or touch up a photo in just a couple of seconds. No photoshop was used here and that's even scarier because this change happened in a matter of seconds from one movement in the hip. I used to look at all my idols and make myself feel like shit because I didn't look the way they did, even when I tried the 'butt pose'. It's taken time for me to learn it and find my 'right' angle. But really, there is no right angle. I love my body in both pictures because of the hard work I've been putting into it. Don't let instagram pictures deceive you or put you down. Remember where you started and how what you are now used to be a goal. Keep setting new goals and push yourself, but in the process love yourself always and only get inspiration from your idols, not desperation.
#twosecondtransformation #realstagram #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation

Little different transformation Tuesday post today. 💁🏼💃 literally 2 seconds difference 😜 Remember to not believe everything you see on social media because people will post the pictures they want to post- the best angles, the most flattering pose, etc. Don't get caught up in comparing yourself to others- focus on being the best version of YOU. I often have to remind myself to not compare my Chapter 5 in my fitness journey to someone else's Chapter 35. Also- I like to think I always look like the smiley one on the right, but almost positive I look like the left picture at least 75% of the time. 🤣💁🏼 #transformationtuesday #transformation #twosecondtransformation #dontbelieveeverythingyousee #weallknowourbestangles #angles #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #fitmom #fitfam #motivation #consistency #fitspo #crossfitmom #crossfitnewbie #doitforyou #bethebestversionofyou #goaldigger #nevergiveup #neverquit #trusttheprocess #enjoythejourney #momstrong #momswholift #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #nopainnogain #ipostwhatiwant

I've seen about a hundred of these by now and they all have something in common ☝️ one is "normal" and the other is "also normal" ☝️ problem here is you have a misrepresentation of the term 'normal'. Including "also" only gives off the depiction of that image being the least flattering of the two and that is should "also" be viewed the same. .
I understand these are only put out for good intentions but that was something I noticed and always felt some type of way about. Your body is your body. One way or another, overweight or under, love it at every state. .
↖️Top left is a more flirty picture. •
↗️Top right is slouched. •
↙️Bottom left is uncomfortably full. •
↘️Bottom right is twisted and also uncomfortable. •
All of these are me - they are solely different versions of me. Depending on the type of mood I'm in (hence the different fonts), how much and what I've just consumed, whether I just woke up, am hitting my time of the month, am happy/stressed, all this and so many factors go into the way you feel and look every day. **On this particular day I had just eaten half a large pizza along with a pint of Ben & jerrys ice cream and BOY was I feeling sluggish and uncomfortable**
All I'm saying is take time to love yourself at every state because if you're human, you're going to be going through many different phases for as long as your alive. 🌹🎴🖤💋 #twosecondtransformation #fitness #gains #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #strong #muscle #nolimit #aesthetic #training #getfit

Another 2 second transformation 😂
➡️I could cry all day about how my body doesn't look like the one on the left or I could appreciate my actually body and all that I've achieved!!
➡️I could be sad that my proportions weren't more like the photo on the left, or I could be happy that I am alive, breathing, able to run and walk, lift weights, be kind to other people, be a good friend, girlfriend, loving person!! ➡️Be grateful that I have had the opportunity to go to university, to get an education while so many people in the world never get that opportunity!!
➡️And many others things...just..take a step back from social media sometimes and realize all that you have. Be content, not envious. ➡️ and also just made a video about setting realistic goals for yourself which you can watch by clicking the link in my bio. So many people set completely unrealistic goals and give up when they don't reach them....and images on social media are probably the root cause of this problem !!!!! 💕💕💕💕Okay....let love and light shine into your life and recognize what you DO have, not what you don't. And stay REAL! As always...keep your wits about you when navigating this space !!!

Two second transformation.
No way do I have a bubble butt (...yet) but it just goes to show how different poses can enhance what is already there.
#twosecondtransformation #bumprogress #bbg #dontbelieveeverythingyousee #legday #glutepump #quadsfordays

Authenticity and honesty are the backbones of what makes me... well, me.

Being a part of the fitness industry, I see a lot of things that I don't agree with, and have a hard time sitting back and letting people get away with shady behavior.

One of the things that bothers me the most? Photoshopping, altering photos, etc just to get more followers and push coupon codes or supplements.

It's amazing, really... These two photos (left original- took in November) and the one on the right was a two second job in Facetune just using the resizing tool alone.
I know side by side it may seem obvious, but many of you guys probably wouldn't know if I just posted it... And that's the problem. It's so easy to do, and so easy to get away with. So why not, right? I get it

Since my very first post on here years ago, I made the conscious decision to not alter my photos in any way: Photoshop, filters, etc. And guess what? I still inspire and help people everyday regardless.
I just wish more people would realize this and integrate it into their own personal and professional branding. Photoshopping and editing photos doesn't help anyone. I know that people love having something to aspire to... But when it's truly unrealistic, it's just a waste of everyone's time. •

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Two second "transformation" - both are FINE! But stop letting all of the posing and contorting on social media fool you OR make you feel any less beautiful than you are ❤
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Following on from yesterday, another, very unstaged post. I'm not a fitness guru and I'm not a fitness model (I know right wtf?! 😂😂) But this is me, I've just done a 3.8 mile run, my knee is tender but it doesn't hurt and I am hot.
I'm sat infront of the fan cooling down and totally okay with how I look (this wouldn't always have been the case). Then there's me standing up, still post run, pre shower, with a flatter tummy, but, my head's turned so I have excess chin. But look I'm smiling so why the hell not share it. 🌻
Like I said, I'm not someone with a million followers and able to encourage and support hundreds of girls to feel okay with themselves. If I can just help one person feel a little bit more self love and confidence for themselves than they did yesterday I'm beyond happy with that. .
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My relax versus flexed. Let's face it, everyone looks better when they flex and pose for a picture, but we are more real when we act natural. Sure, I like how flat my stomach looks and how nice my ass is when I pose, but I like my tummy and arms when I am not, because it's a work in progress and I'm not gonna let the fat in my body make me think I am fat, because I just have it, everyone does. #notfathavefat #twosecondtransformation #fitness #fitspo #workinprogress

How many times have you scroll through your feed and seen a shredded fit girl in a perfect picture and looked down at yourself and maybe pulled on your tummy skin a little bit and felt defeated? How about scrolling through the pages where the perfect girl always seems to be traveling all over the world, lying on a tropical island somewhere salty and sunkissed, with the "perfect life". Her life may be good, but I promise it's not perfect, and all the effortless "candid" photos , are not candid at all, trust me. As someone who has had their page for a while , I'll let you know, behind all those nice looking photos, there's tons of takes , retakes, filters, cropping, and they take a LOT of time. They may come out looking natural, but girllll there's nothing natural about them! It's an art, really. And there are girls everywhere comparing themselves and their lives to these photos of the "perfect body" or the "perfect life" , when in reality, their IG accounts are just showing you the "finished products". Those photos could have literally taken over 100 shots, different poses, thought out positioning, planned lighting, the right angles, filters, colors and tones to produce this perfect image that we sit here and compare our NATURAL state to! How is that fair?! I'm so guilty of it too, believe me. Just the other day my sweet hubby had to reel me back into reality when I stumbled upon an account of a fitness girl who was my height but in my opinion was is such better shape than me. And you know what picture of hers I was looking at ? Her at the beach with a professional photographer with all those things I mentioned before , while I was sitting in our bedroom in our home, looking at myself WITHOUT all of those things. I felt like crap...and I know I'm not the only one who does this. We CANNOT do that ! It's not fair to our confidence, it's not fair to our joy, and it's not fair to our journey! These photos were literally taken 6 seconds apart,I guess I just wanted to show you something REAL and let you know it's OKAY to be real and to STOP comparing yourself to the perfect posts on social media, because odds are, they aren't so perfect 😘 Happy Thursday Beauties 💕

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