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S&M take on ugly sweater tuesday part 2

Sorry had to post this #twoinarow #perfect

Years not over yet but already would be happy with finishing it on this note with @psharry1. Back to back championship. Proud to be in the position to sponsor and also lucky to be involved with such a group who have an unbelievable vision #success #twoinarow

in 💗 w her #twoinarow

Una noche más junto a ti, una noche mas celebrando, una noche más de amor y locuras, una cita con el destino #twoinarow , reviviendo y viviendo cosas hermosas... 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 más que nunca! Te amo @pekaparra


"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary" - Vince Lombardi
Two years in a row; first district, now county. Onwards and upwards for #QueensSchool rugby, and the coaching staff that are better at decision making than pretending not to notice a picture being taken. 😂🙈 #twoinarow #grassrootsrugby #england #Teachers #coaches #stressed #worthit #trophyhunting #morehashtags #ThankidsOnTheTeam

A few days ago @raeblock and I ate at one of my favorite breakfast joints, Day by Day Cafe. Our menu had an article on it about the owner Greg Ekbom, who opened up the first version in 1975. Our waiter came by, and I jokingly said that we were just reading up on the owner, and how he was passing on the responsibilities of the restaurant on to his daughter. He says, "yeah that's my dad!" And goes on to state that both he and his sister are taking over the restaurant, and that article was written about five years ago. When asked how he got into the restaurant business, Greg said, "I was a drug addict going nowhere, and the county sent me into treatment. I had had a handful of cooking jobs and was enrolled in 916, now Century College, in chef training. So, one of the counselors in the treatment center asked me if I wanted to open a restaurant and cater for the treatment center. It was the place on West Seventh Street where Chris and Rob’s is now, but it was all boarded up back then and a real dump. We opened in 1975. We split the profits, and they paid all the bills. The treatment center went out of business in 1978, and I took over the restaurant. In 1980, I moved the Day by Day up to where it is now." I found the restaurant probably close to 20 years ago, and discovered that they had cream cheese and scrambled eggs, a breakfast masterpiece I didn't know existed. I had heard that the restaurant employed recovering addicts and the name made perfect sense as my father has been in AA for over 30 years, and one of the slogans is, "one day at a time." I meant to ask Greg's son about this, and we simply forgot. If you haven't been, they have these beautiful blonde wood booths, and a great backyard patio in the summer. I would recommend trying the cream cheese scrambled eggs.

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