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First time fishin 👌🏽 did pretty good! #15inches #twofishes

Missing my ~quack!~ 💛🐥🐣 #duckface #twofishes 🐠 #fishkiss 🐟 #loveyou

Sunday night fishin' with this champ.🎣 #twofishes #sloughsharks #cousins #lakedays

ปลาทูทอด #twofishes #twinfishes #yumplatwo

Yin and Yang...you never know which one you're gonna get haha #Tupac #Sade #PiscesProblems #TwoFishes


Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee and a great multitude followed him. A great multitude followed Him because they saw His miracles which He did on those that were diseased. He realized the multitude were hungry and he blessed the two fishes and five barley loaves and fed them. Later, Jesus left and the people the people came seeking for Jesus in Capernaum. When they found Him, they wanted to know why did He come to Capernaum? Jesus told then you seek me not because of the miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves and were filled. Labor not for the meat which perished, but for the meat which endures unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you, for him has God the Father sealed.
John 6:1-35. We too, must make sure we are not following God just for the materials things, cars, homes, money, wife, husband, wealth, etc.. Jesus wanted them not to love Him for the material things or come to Him for what they can get for their flesh. We must come to God because we love Him. The fishes and the loaves are alright, but we need the bread of God, the true bread which come down from Heaven. He promised that He would supply all of our needs. Jesus is the bread of life. We need the spiritual food for our souls. Are you laboring for the fishes and loaves, or for the meat which endures unto every lasting life? #crumbsfromthemasterstable #labor #labornotforthemeatwhichperish #spiritualfood #naturalfood #miracles #miraclesodchrist #john6 #twofishes #fiveloaves #spiritual #motivation #inspiration #quotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #truth #spiritualquotes #christlike #christian #godisgood #materialthings #worldly #worldlythings #trustingod

Two Fishes ♓and a Gemini♊

This is the tale about
the two fishes I met
Both have the same sign
yet they're so different.
One is black;
the other is white
You're the day;
he is the night.
Both have told me
things to discern
But I have no clue
whose truth I should learn. .
He told me not to love him,
He warned me not to fall... He told me to choose someone else,
Coz he couldn't love at all.
And he said he isn't worth it
For his past is scarred and bruised,
and in the end I'd just be hurt.
It's as if my heart can choose. .
But I continued trying
to solve his mystery
And I continued longing
of what's not meant to be.
But he doesn't like attachments
For they break so easily. "Coz nothing's really permanent"
was what he said to me.

So I started to believe
that what he said was true
But my heart did not perceive
that I'd run into you.
You came without a warning,
my life's in disarray.
What a perfect wrong timing
so I kept pushing you away.

Even though I know you're kind
I'm convinced that we don't match.
With his words still on my mind
I was scared to be attached.
So I told you not to love me,
I warned you not to fall... I told you to choose someone else,
since I don't know "love" at all.

You're confused why I'm afraid. "There are times we lose and win.
Life is like a bet" you said.
That's how life has always been.
Then you said you won't turn back
coz you'll be the one to tame me,
solve the puzzle that I lack
and will unravel my mystery. .
Now I started to believe
that what you said were true
but who would have perceived
that those were just lies too?
Just when I've started opening,
thought all will fall into place... it's you who is now wavering
And it's you who needs more space.

I doubted you at first
But you said I need to trust
But now that I fell really deep
You watched me as I crashed
Now I'm really wondering
Who's the day and who's the night?
Who's really lost and running?
Who's the dark and who's the light?

That's my home...🌴🌴🌴 Pensacola Beach , FL🏖🏖🏖 Life's always been a beach🌊🌊🌊 #lifesabeach#pensacolabeach#florida#myhome#whitesand#bluegreenwaters#piscesgirl#starbornwaterbred#wayerlover#twofishes#lightworkersarelit

The dreamy and intuitive Pisces.....a true personification of the calm yet deep waters.
#pisces #twofishes #zodiacsigns #zodiac #westernzodiac #watersign #art #sketch #pencilwork #shading

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