Inglenook Kisses and Flying Babes 💋

#johnjohnandb #twovsinapod #twinmama

Another NY trip in the books. JohnJohn's EUA today revealed a small area of his first tumor that wasn't calcifying with the chemo so we decided to treat it with a laser to make sure it doesn't continue to grow. The second tumor did not need any additional last treatment. But most importantly no additional tumors were found in this exam and no more chemo (hopefully forever!) Both boys have been amazing this week even though B was fighting a cough and cold, and we even got to squeeze in a little trip to the #centralparkzoo (they loved the sea lions and of course the penguins 🐧 just like their Mama!) #eyefightforjohnjohn #eyefightforkids #johnjohnandb #twovsinapod #citykids

We're 7 Months Old today!!! We're getting so big (16 & 17lbs and 26 & 27 inches, B is still the peanut... except for his head which is almost in the 90th percentile) probably because we've started eating lots of real foods (our faves are avocados 🥑 and almond 🌰 butter) B is way more into the eating game and loves holding his own spoon and making a mess. He's an adrenaline junkie and loves playing crazy games with Daddy that give mommy a heart attack (like the roll off the bed game!) JohnJohn's favorite game is "zombie baby" (aka eating Mama's face) and we swear he gave daddy a few kisses on the cheek. He loves telling good morning stories to wake everyone up and is a babbling machine throughout the day.

We're both trying our best at sitting up and have made a few good attempts, and we're pretty good at getting around by rolling and scooting. (Daddy tried teaching us to crawl today which we found hilarious!) #johnjohnandb #twovsinapod #7monthsold #twinstagram

Bollywood/hip-hop fusion dancers! #twovsinapod #latergram #indianwedding #dance

More gorgeous details from the wedding of the century! #twovsinapod #latergram #art

Close up on the baller hotel art limo. #latergram #twovsinapod #art #louisvilleky

The ponies at the paddock. #latergram #louisvilleky #twovsinapod

One of the ABSOLUTE best wedding weekends in #Louisville getting to celebrate @viniters! What a jam-packed weekend- full of beautiful cultural influences and LOTS of bourbon. My heart is still so full, and my feet still hurt from dancing! #twovsinapod

Black light Toast #twovsinapod #indianwedding #cheers

Feeling a little prickly that Mom and Dad left me to go and get hitched this weekend down south! #idomypricklydance #hedgehogsofinstagram #twovsinapod

What a wonderful and FUN wedding weekend (with lots of bourbon too). We ♡ you V! #twovsinapod #nofilterneeded #juniorleague

The albino hedgehog cookies because everything about this #indianwedding is perfect! @kokonut_the_hedgehog #twovsinapod #dessert

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