The Tykes love #halfmoonbalance
I think it's because it makes them feel like they are upside down. Also it's just fun to take up that much space and stretch yourself In all directions.
What are some poses your littles just can't get enough of?


I hope everyone is as ready for #TwistedTykes today as this little nugget. 😁🕉💖🌱 #om

I'm so happy to be back with my Tykes today for #twistedtykesthursday
I'm having a kind of rotten morning so far and these sweet babies always lift my mood. (Though the 1/2 a Hunny Bun I just ate is helping too.)
Class is at 4:00PM at the Groves Activity Building. $5 per child. Ages 4-12. See you soon!

Mommy&Me acro-yoga for the win!

This little nugget is one of my favorite #twistedtots
I'm constantly amazed by how much she grows each week.
(Also, she has great hair. 💁) #twistedtykesthursday #namaste

To say I love my job would be an absolute understatement.

Who's ready to #gettwisted ?
Today is our #TwistedTykes #stpatricksday party!
See you at #PortNechesPark at 4:00PM for this $5, all-ages class!

I love our #sensorybottles so much! Watching these #TwistedTykes settle in and use their concentration, focus, and imagination to tell me all the things they see floating through each bottle is such a joy, and a perfect reminder that every now and then we all need to #slowdown.

I get by with a little help from my friends. (Especially my 5 year old photographer)

#TwistedTykesThursday #trianglepose

Few things in life are more exciting than a new mat!
Who's ready to roll out and play with me today?

My little yogi is so proud she is going to the "big kid" yoga class now.❤️ #twistedtykes #twistedtykesthursday

We've been working hard on our #halfmoonbalance
Come and play with us on this beautiful #TwistedTykesThursday
Family class at 10:30AM and Kid's class at 4:00PM.


Who's ready for some #toega this #TwistedTykesThursday?! This is one of my favorite games, it focuses on fine motor skills, balance, and concentration (and it's good, silly fun). #doyogawithme

It's #TwistedTykesThursday and our #endoftheyearpajamaparty
This month we've been playing a lot of new games that involve breath work or #pranayama and playing with the straws and pom-poms seems to be everyone's favorite. Maybe we'll get to play a round or two today!

My coloring skills grow exponentially when I'm with the 4 year olds.
#TwistedTykesThursday #itschristmastimeagain

My little light bows to your little light.
We've got another #kidsyogainthepark event with #wholemotheringcenter this Saturday. Come join me for some FREE #familyfun and make all of our lights shine a little brighter this holiday season.

"Like reading, yoga allows us to go on a magical journey using our imagination." - Betty Larrea
It's #TwistedTykesThursday so
Here's a #throwbackthursday from class last month.
See you all soon for a Rainforest adventure!

#twistedtykesthursday at the @midcountyvictorygarden . Lennon did some yoga, checked out the garden, picked and tried some carrots, and got to plant some seed!

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