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Throwback to last weekend in #nyc with @dreabella3 visiting @heatherseet and @toria_loves - #wickedonbroadway #timessquare #dippindots #twintowermemorial , lunch with @dal3xa7 , and the best/nicest dinner I've ever had (thanks cussi!) - all made for a great weekend! I love spontaneous trips!

Shhhhhhhhhhhtacked with my bb's #honeymoon #memorial #twintowermemorial

So thankful for this trip and the memories made with these amazing in-laws. Thanks for being your generous, loving, and adventurous selves. #family #nyc #twintower #twintowermemorial #springbreak


Ground zero <3 I think visiting sites where there was great tragedy is important for many reasons. From Hiroshima to Pearl harbour to the Twin Towers I have learned many things but some of the most important are these. One, war leads to the senseless killing of innocents. War is fought by those in high towers that cause loss that is unnecessary beyond all belief, those that suffer are the ones caught in the crossfire. Two, that mankind will always rise from the ashes. I love this memorial here at the site of the twin towers, such a beautiful way to pay tribute and just next door is the freedom tower. Taller, strong, and beautiful to show that dawn will come. Hiroshima was the same. They said nothing would grow there for years and within months plant life was growing. From tragedy we rise. I can only hope we learn from these moments of darkness to contribute to moments of light <3 #twintowers #groundzero #twintowermemorial #freedomtower #hiroshima

Remember the past, see the present and feel the Future.. .. great Experience! #worldtradecenter #1worldtradecenter #twintowermemorial #gaytrip #newyork #feelfine #enjoylife

9/11 museum 🏙

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