If you ever need me, I will always be there for you #love #unconditionallove #twinsoul #twinsoulascension #1111

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✨ "From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to bed, [Y.O.U.] 👈🏼 are the in-between." 🌙🌎💙✨
-Andrew Durst 🖊 #alwaysmyforever ➰♏️
Art by 🎨 unknown **(Please comment below if you know! 😊⬇️)**
☁️ Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT!!! 💖☁️

I pull cards whenever I start missing you so badly. And it alleviates the sadness knowing that in the end, it will still be you and me. #NineOfPentacles #Death #TheLovers #TwinSoul #Someday

“Fucking Hell, you are beautiful. I love you so much.” He normally doesn’t swear. And I actually rarely think of myself as beautiful. I really don’t. But when he tries to describe how he sees me - he swears. And he opens my eyes so that I can see what he sees. I have been with this King for 3 years in october. Out of those days, there has been 1 or maybe 2 days where he didn’ t express how in awe he is over me. It has taken me this long to be able to fully recieve and feel worthy of recieving love at this caliber. #soulmate #twinsoul #blessed #wynforddore #ninkabernadettemauritson #syncronicity

Maja ❤️ #twinsoul #family #fun #love


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